There has always been Rumors of lost continents, Plato had theorized the ancient continent of "Atlantis" which is the most popular example today. The Mayans had created the "Mu" and ancient Tamil civilizations had created "Kumari Kandam"

Atlantis World

What if these continents existed? (The world at the time of the Unification of Atlantis)

300,000 BCE

Humans migrated to Atlantis in this era when the Γέφυρα Οικόπεδα Land Bridge had not been over taken by water. There were thousands of varieties of Mega Fauna on Atlantis, Tamable fauna, and Grain to farm. The land was so fertile the humans of Atlantis learned to farm by 150,000 BC. The Land Bridge goes under water in 285,000 BCE

Atlantean Land Bridge

200,000 BCE

A group of hunter gatherers move into Kumari Kandam and use the entire continent as their hunting grounds. The extremely fertile land has countless numbers of animals to hunt and can support this tribe bringing it to 150,000 Hunters.

150,000 BCE

Atlanteans discover farming.

145,000 BCE

The city of Atlantis is created. Small villages had already arised around the continent so it was nothing new, but it was in the perfect location to become the largest city in the known world.

45,000 BCE

The Great Unification war of Atlantis started.

44,985 BCE

Atlantis is united with the City of atlantis Taking control of the whole island.

44,500 BCE

Civilizations on the other Lost continents settle down, but are extremely behind Atlantis

43,000 BCE

The Colonial Age of Atlantis Begins.


Atlantis is the last continent to sink. World wide Anarchy with her colonies insues, many declaring independence or disappearing.

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