What happens when the Incas invade the Far East?

Point of Divergence

The year is 1109. A Castillan merchant is working diligently to make a profit in the busy Chinese city of Peking. But secretly, he is working for the Castillan king as a spy, working to steal the secrets of gunpowder and other technology from China, and ship it to Europe. He knew the technology in the safe in his ship could change the course of history, should it reach its destination.

Having made a meager profit, he walks to his ship, barrels of what is supposedly silk in tow, and shoves off. Both the barrels and the safe containing the documents were bought rather shadely from a Venetian trader, supposedly "built to last the harshest seafaring conditions". He hopes it is true, the technology had to reach its destination at Castille- the nation's fate depended on him.

Unfortunately, the stolen technology never reached its destination. The ship was caught and sank by the Chinese navy a few hours after leaving port. Neither the captain, the safe, nor the gunpowder barrels were recovered.

History in the Old World continues relatively unchanged. The safe and barrels are supposedly lost at sea, and the documents of the theft were burned in rebellion many years later.

Butterfly Effect

To be continued

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