The Summer Olympic Games are a quadrennial athletic competition contested every four years by the IOC (International Olympic Committee).

List of Olympic Games

Olympiad Year Host City Host Nation Main Venue
I 1896 Athens Greece
II 1900 Paris France
III 1904 Chicago United States
IV 1908 Milan Italy
V 1912 Stockholm Sweden
VI 1916 Berlin Germany Cancelled due to WWI
VII 1920 Antwerp Belgium
VIII 1924 Berlin Germany
IX 1928 Philadelphia United States
X 1932 Copenhagen Denmark
XI 1936 Moscow Russia
XII 1940 Peking China Cancelled due to WWII
XIII 1944 Stockholm Sweden Cancelled due to WWII
XIV 1948 New York United States
XV 1952 Stockholm Sweden
XVI 1956 Alexandria Egypt
XVII 1960 Madrid Spain
XVIII 1964 Beijing China
XIX 1968 Buenos Aires Argentina
XX 1972 Marseille France
XXI 1976 Los Angeles United States
XXII 1980 London British Union
XXIII 1984 Munich Germany
XXIV 1988 Pyongyang North Korea
XXV 1992 Vienna Austria
XXVI 1996 Athens Greece
XXVII 2000 Mexico City Mexico
XXVIII 2004 Rome Italy
XXIX 2008 Tokyo Japan
XXX 2012 New York United States
XXXI 2016 Istanbul Turkey

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