Sumerian Empire

Sumeria in Sumerian Cuneiform
Sarrutum-kinu Ki-en-gir

Timeline: Celestial Ascendance

OTL equivalent: Iraq; parts of Saudi Arabia, Syria and Turkey
Sumerianflag Arms of Sumeria
Flag Coat of Arms

Mighty and Everlasting

Anthem: "The Divine Empire"
(and largest city)
Other cities Assur. Uruk. Eshnunna.
Language: Sumerian
Religion: Dingir
Ethnic group: Sumerians
Type of government: Absolute, divine, elective monarchy
Sarru-kinu: Ur-Shara
Area: 1,500,000 km²
Population: 104,000,231 
Established: 2030 BC
Currency: Sumerian anu
Organizations: United Nations
Sumeria or Sumer, also called Ki-en-gir (its native name), officially the Sumerian Empire, is a sovereign nation in Western Asia. Sumeria is located east of Kemet and Alexandria; and west of Sassania. The capital of the nation and its largest city is Kadingira, a global city and important financial hub. Sumeria is the second oldest nation in the world, after Kemet. Sumeria is an elective monarchy, in which the Sarru-kinu rules with nearly absolute power, though the Supreme Council of has the power to depose him or her.

The oldest civilization in the world, the Sumerian civilization dates back to more than 4,000 years BC. Sumeria was unified by the great Sarratum-kinu, Kug-Bau.