Timeline: Celestial Ascendance

Princess Sumdaravana
Portrait of Sumdaravana

Crown princess of the Khmer Empire
12 March 2005 – present

Born: 12 March 2005 (aged 9)
Imperial Palace, Angkor, Khmer Empire
Full name: Sumdaravana Vishnuloka
House: Vishnulokasurya Dynasty
Father: Chakravarman I
Mother: Sayrana
Religion: Hinduism
 Princess Sumdaravana Vishnuloka is the crown princess and heiress apparent of the Khmer Empire, she is the daughter of Emperor Chakravarman I and Empress Sayrana. If she ascends the throne, she will be the empire's first empress regnant in more than 500 years.


  • 12 March 2005 - present: Her Imperial Highness The Crown Princess of the Khmer Empire, Sumdaravana
Preceded by:
Heiress apparent
Line of succession to the Khmer throne
1st position
Succeeded by:
Princess Vichara

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