The Sultanate of Amman (Arabic: سلطنة عمّان‎ Salṭanat ʻAmmān), was a medieval Ishmaelite Arab state in Northwestern Arabia and Sinai Peninsula based on the city of Amman. It existed from 832, when the emir Hamid ibn Khalid al-Judham was proclaimed sultan of Amman and declared the independent empowerment of this city from the Persian Empire, to 1018, when the city was conquered by the Almohads.

List of sultans of Amman

  • Hamid ibn Khalid al-Judham, 832–857
  • Abd al-Husayn ibn Hamid, 857–860
  • Hisham ibn Abd al-Husayn, 860–861
  • Nasir al-Din ibn Hamid, 861–889
  • Abu'l Qasim ibn Abd al-Ali, 889–925
  • Ali al-Marwah ibn Abu'l Qasim, 925–936
  • Abd as-Salam ibn Abu'l Qasim, 936–958
  • Nu'man ibn Abd as-Salam, 958–969
  • Barakat Allah ibn Nu'man, 969–975
  • Nur al-Din ibn Abd as-Salam, 975–998
  • Abd ar-Rahman ibn Nur al-Din, 998–1012
  • Ja'far ibn Abd ar-Rahman, 1012–1018

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