Sultan of Mamluk Sultanate
سلطان سلطنة المماليك
Coat of Arms of Cairo (modified)
Seal of the Sultan
Ahmed-ad-Din Yusuf
since 1441-42

Style: His Imperial and Most High Majesty
Heir apparent: TBD
First monarch: Baqruq
Formation: 1382 (Burji Ascension)
Residence: Cairo

The Sultan of the Mamluk Sultanate, is the autocratic ruler over the Mamluk Sultanate. The Sultan is the highest noble of the entire nation, and its affiliated vassal states. All vassals swear allegiance directly to the Sultan frequently (typically at least every 5 years). He is both the Head of State and hte Head of Government of the Sultanate. The official heir to the titles of the Mamluk Sultan is the Grand Sultan of the Mashriq.

Full Title

The official title of the current Mamluk Sultan, Ahmed-ad-Din Yusuf, is:

His Imperial and Most High Majesty, Grand Sultan of Egypt, Syria, Arabia and Nubia; the Most Holy Sultan of Baghdad and Mesopotamia; Guardian of the Nile, the Tigris and the Euphrates; Defender of the Caliph and the True Muslims of Arabia; and Heir of the Burji and Jalayirid Dynasties, Sultan Ahmed-ad-Din Yusuf.


In order to be a candidate to ascend to the Sultanacy, one must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Be a Muslim
    • Be a True Hajji
  • Be able to trace ancestry back to Muhammad
  • Be from noble blood
  • Reside in, or be willing to reside in, Cairo

As an unoficial requirement, the candidate must also:

  • Be the closest kin to the most recent Sultan
  • Be the primary heir to the Burji Dynasty
  • Be the primary heir to the Jalayirid Dynasty

The current Sultan must have a designated heir selected prior to his ascension, and then he must update the list every two years. The list of succession is kept with the Grand Vizier.

List of Sultans

Name Life Span Reign Span Notes
Sayf-ad-Din Barquq 1367-1399 1382-1399 First Burji Sultan
Nasir-ad-Din Faraj 1386-1420 1399-1420 Also Jalayirid Regent
al-Mansur Mostafa Hazem 1405-1441 1420-1441 Burji-Jalayirid Sultan
Ahmed-ad-Din Yusuf 1428- 1441-

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