Sultan Kemalh, the most successful of all of the Sultans of the Ottoman Federation, ruled with the Federal Congress from 1930-1937, and the, following the death of Louis Dupond, the last President, seized power and ruled the country entirely autocratically for another year. His heavy handed dealings with insurgents and terrorists caused his reign to be a firm one, but his well-judged discretion with regards to the Second Eurasian War made him unpopular and ultimately lead to his premature assassination in 1938. Had he stayed in power, he could have led Turkey to greatness; as it was, the Federation was plunged into the depths of two civil wars and a World War it could not hope to win.


Kemalh was born in the turn of the century, at a time where the Ottoman Federation was still recovering from the former empire's defeat in the Third Global War. He was the nephew of Omar II, making his succession an indirect one; but since the Sultanate had been generating increasingly sickly monarchs of late, he came to the throne by pure chance. His political idol was the Japanese president of the Federation at the time he was growing up, Shimazu Koboyakowa, although, by the time he was in full control, his own ideals were very different to Shimazu and his fellow politicians.

Rise to Power

Kemalh was 30 years old when he came to the Sultan's throne, a title which by now had become so dilapidated it was a wonder anyone thought it worth having. But Kemalh silently persevered through the stagnant presidency of Julian Petain, gradually making more and more out of his limited influence as Sultan. When Petain was outvoted by a far stronger candidate, Louis Dupond, Kemalh saw his chances of eventual autocracy float away before his eyes. He shouldn't have been so pessimistic.

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