Sukarno (6 June 1901 - 21 June 1970) was an Oceanian civil rights leader, sometimes known as Achmed Sukarno, who was instrumental in the granting of full legal rights to the Malayan peoples of Oceania and the formation of states within the individual territories. Due to his peaceful work in Malaya, especially his home island of Sumatra, Sukarno is credited as one of the great leaders of Oceania, especially amongst the Malayan left. His policies of non-violent protest influenced civil rights leaders in the United States from the 1940's and onwards, and the changes he brought about in Oceania in the early 1940's created a watershed in regards to civil and minority rights in other countries soon thereafter. In his honor, Prime Minister John Suharto - a fellow Malayan and longtime supporter of Sukarno - created Suharto Day in 1983, making it a national holiday. The Islamic Party of Oceania credits Sukarno as its spiritual founder, despite Sukarno never having represented or identified with a political party.

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