This page is for anyone to make suggestions, comments or proposals for the We timeline. Please, keep all potential additions related to one idea under the same heading, and separate unrelated ideas into another section.


I suggest a few things:

  1. I suggest the European Revolution be put into its own page, since putting it in the History of the French Republic just does not sound right.
  2. For the European Revolution, Eastern and Southeast Europe are the most hard hit area of the European Revolution. Uprisings, riots, and boycotts all plague Eastern and Southern European Countries. During this time, the European peoples of the Ottoman empire rebel for independence. In Russia, the nation falls into a civil war, with victory for the rebels and the end of the Tsar. With the exception of Russia and Britain, all of Euopre unites to form to European Union.
  3. The European Revolution effects Britain, when Ireland and British India begins to rebel for independence. Taking advantage of this, the US declares war against Britain to seize its empire in the Americas and the Pacific. The British fought the Americans around Canada, but due to the Irish and Indian reblleions eventually, the British lost, and was forced to hand over its overseas empire to America, while Ireland and India became independent.
  4. The European revolution also effected European colonies, causing independence wars in the Americas, Africa, and Asia. In the Americas, wars and revolutions pitted the colonies against their Motherlands. By the end of the European Revolution, the colonies gained Independence. In the Americas, the Americans funded the new countries and help promote and develop democracy.

RandomWriterGuy 22:42, October 21, 2011 (UTC)

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