Suez War
Part of Cold War and Arab-Israel Conflict
Dynamap suez
Map of the canal
Date 29 October, 1956-7 March, 1957
Location Gaza Strip and Egypt
Result Coalition victory:
  • Suez Canal remains under British control
  • Israeli occupation and annexation of Sinai
  • Anthony Eden reelected
Flag of Israel Israel
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
Flag of France France
Flag of Egypt Egypt
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Israel David Ben-Gurion
Flag of Israel Moshe Dayan
Flag of Israel Asaf Simhoni
Flag of Israel Haim Bar-Lev
Flag of Israel Avraham Yoffe
Flag of Israel Israel Tal
Flag of Israel Ariel Sharon
Flag of Israel Uri Ben-Ari
Flag of the United Kingdom Anthony Eden
Flag of the United Kingdom Gerald Templer
Flag of the United Kingdom Charles Keightley
Flag of the United Kingdom Hugh Stockwell
Flag of the United Kingdom Manley Power
Flag of France René Coty
Flag of France Guy Mollet
Flag of France Pierre Barjot
Flag of France André Beaufre
Flag of France Jacques Massu
Flag of Egypt Gamal Abdel Nasser
Flag of Egypt Abdel Hakim Amer
Flag of Egypt Saadedden Mutawally
Flag of Egypt Sami Yassa
Flag of Egypt Jaafar al-Abd
Flag of Egypt Salahedin Moguy
Flag of Egypt Raouf Mahfouz Zaki
Flag of Israel 175,000
Flag of the United Kingdom 45,000
Flag of France 34,000
Casualties and losses
  • 231 killed
  • 899 wounded
  • 4 captured

United Kingdom:

  • 16 killed
  • 96 wounded


  • 10 killed
  • 33 wounded
1,650–3,000 killed

1,000 civilians killed 4,900 wounded 5,000–30,000+ captured

The Suez War was a conflict fought for control of the Suez Canal, fought from 29 October, 1956-7 March, 1957.

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