In this alternate timeline that greatly diverges from our own, an Egyptian engineer has developed a powered exoskeletonal armor suit for the Egyptian army. Because of this greatest invention, the Suez Crisis becomes completely diverge from our own timeline's Suez Crisis.

Khan Yunis salvation

During the Israel Defense Forces operation to reopen the Egyptian-blockaded Straits of Tiran, Israeli soldiers were about planning to shoot two hundred Palestinians in Khan Yunis and Rafah. But before they could carry out their ordeal by planning to shoot a number of Palestinian men in their homes and lined up others and executed them, a strange group of Egyptian soldiers wearing strange exoskeletonal body armors developed by Amaanullah Darwish came in the nick of time to stop to the massacre from happening in the first place. The Israel Defense Forces soldiers soon ran into them and a battle erupted between them. At first, the Israel Defense Forces soldiers thought they could take them down, but they were soon proven wrong. Even their snipers who were suspected of lying in wait, or where sites might have been booby-trapped couldn't stop them. After, the battle was over, the strange Egyptian body armored-soldiers had won the battlefield.

The SC

This was the ‎Israel Defense Forces.

The Battle of Nicosia

After the incredible defeat in the Rafah salvation, both the French and British began a retreat in the island country of Cyprus to plan a next assault on the Egyptian soldiers wearing the strange body armors. Meanwhile, the Egyptian government has secretly sent spies in that region as well as beginning a mass productions of the ADEA-Mk I for their soldiers. The plan was to attack in the island country of Cyprus.

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