Suez Canal Zone
Timeline: Twilight of a New Era

OTL equivalent: Suez Canal
Alternative Flag British Suez Canal zone
Dynamap suez
Anthem "God Save the King"
Capital Port Said (HG British Authority)

Ismailia (HQ Suez Canal Company)

Largest city Port Said
Other cities Ismailia, Port Fuad and Suez
English (official) and French (co-official)
  others Arabic
Secular state
  others Islam, Catholicism and various Christian
Government Constitutional monarchy (Territory)
Currency Egyptian pound (E£)
Organizations Imperial Commonwealth Federation (Territory)

The Suez Canal Zone, also known by the nickname "The Highway to India", is an artificial sea-level waterway in Egypt, connecting the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. Opened in November 1869 after 10 years of construction work, it allows water transportation between Europe and Asia without navigation around Africa.

The canal is owned and maintained by the Suez Canal Company (French: Compagnie de Suez). Under the Convention of Constantinople (1888), it may be used "in time of war as in time of peace, by every vessel of commerce or of war, without distinction of flag.

The Ismailia Airship Port and Air Facilities is one of the stops of the airship route London-Capetown-Wellington. It is an important airship and airplane hub.

Suez Canal

Air photo of the Suez Canal

The territory occupied by the Canal is administered by the Suez Canal British Authority. It has civilian and military powers over the Canal.

The British Forces in Suez consist of Royal Navy Bases (Suez and Port Said), barracks of the British Army (Port Said, Port Fuad, Ismailia and Suez) and Royal Air Force bases (Port Fuad, Ismailia and Suez). All military personal comes from UK or ICF.

The Suez Canal Constabulary is in charge of keeping public order.

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