Islamic Republic of Sudan
الجمهورية الاسلامية في فلسطين
Flag Sudanese opposition COA (alternative).png
AnthemNahnu Jund Allah Jund Al-watan
CapitalKhartoum (de jure)
Tehran (Government in exile)
Official languages Arabic
Demonym Sudanese
Government Islamist Single-party state
 -  General Secretary Omar al-Bashir
 -  President Omar al-Bashir
 -  Prime Minister Bakri Hassan Saleh
 -  Kingdom of Kush 1070 BC 
 -  Flag of Mahdist Revolt Mahdist Sudan 26 January 1885 
 -  Flag of Anglo-Egyptian Sudan Anglo-Egyptian Sudan 19 June 1899 
 -  Flag of Sudan Democratic Republic of the Sudan 1 January 1956 
 -  Flag of Sudanese opposition Sudan 30 June 1989 
 -  Flag of Sudanese opposition Sudanese opposition government 5 May 1992 
Currency Iranian rial (﷼)
Drives on the right
Internet TLD .sd
Calling code +249

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