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Main Point of Divergence

April 6th 1987. 

The Pacific Northwest declares itself the independent nation of Cascadia, this comes after the US government has started to exploit the region for its trees and in general started neglecting the areas and its citizens health after the biggest business boom in history in North Dakota led up to 16,301,000 of the west coasts then 37,402,000 population left for Texas, and up to 70% of Idaho and Montana's population left. The residents became wary as protesters started disappearing. The movement, which started before the army presence gained support and within two months the numbers for supporting succession went from 4% to 88%.


April 6th - Cascadia declares itself a nation.

April 10th - Jefferson declares itself a country.

April 18th - Constitution of Jefferson is started.

April 19th - Dawson City burns to the ground.

April 21th - A bomb goes off en route to Washington from extremist Jefferson Independence group, J.I.N. This incident is called the 221 train explosion.


detailed timeline

The World before the nuclear war of 1992

North American nations and US states (US states referred to as unionized)

European countries.


The countries of Europe

Unlike North America many European countries joined together to make alliances.

Asian countries

Asia alt

Asia after the final succession/joining

African countries 

Africa alt

South America

South america alt


Central America

Central america alt


Mecixo alt.

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