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Margaret Thatcher 295

Margaret Thatcher 1925-1984?

In this timeline, Margaret Thatcher survived an attempted assassination whilst staying at a hotel in Brighton on 12 October 1984 for a Conservative party conference the next day. According to media reports, she narrowly avoided the explosion. What if she hadn't?

Point of divergence

On 12 October 1984, a member of the Irish Republican Army placed a time bomb inside the Grand Hotel in Brighton, with the intention to kill Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who was staying overnight because of a party conference the next morning. At 2:54 AM the bomb exploded. Whereas in our timeline Margaret Thatcher was in the sitting room of her room, in this timeline she was in the bathroom, the most badly damaged area. When the firemen arrived shortly after the blast, she was rushed to hospital. Margaret Thatcher had been injured and was reported to be a "Critical, but stable" condition. It was agreed that the party conference would be postponed until Margaret Thatcher was released from hospital. However, she died in the early hours of the next day.

The result is a Britain which is different, yet similar. This timeline is a work in progress and has only just started.

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