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The Subantarctic Community is a loose political organization linking various territories of the Subantarctic islands. Founded in 1997, the SC was originally formed to coordinate the territories' policies on fishing, which forms a vast proportion of the subantarctic economy. Since that time, it has become more active in broader politics, campaigning for national governments to pay more attention to the needs of their subantarctic territories. The SC has informal representation in the Antarctic Assembly and the Antarctic Forum; and is responsible for organizing the Subantarctic Games.


Membership to the Subantarctic Community is very informal, and there is no official membership roster. In this table, dubious members are listed in italics; and the locations of the two SC Headquarters are in bold.

Nation Territory type Subantarctic Territories
Flag of Australia Australia Dependency Flag Heard and McDonald, Flag Macquarie Island
Flag of France France Overseas Region Flag of Kerguelen (Great White South) Kerguelen
Flag of Maudland (Great White South) Maudland Territory Flag Bouvet Island
Flag of New Zealand New Zealand Autonomous Nation Flag of Antarctica by Dave Hamilton Balleny Islands[1], Flag of the Ross Dependency (unofficial) Ross and Scott[1]
Flag of Ognia (Great White South) Ognia State Flag Ugranoplar, Flag Yaghar[2], Flag Zalacar
25px South Africa Territory Flag Prince Edward Islands
  1. 1.0 1.1 This territory is predominantly south of the Antarctic circle, and is generally not considered "subantarctic", but has had representation in the Subantarctic Community.
  2. This territory is geographically a part of South America, and is generally not considered "subantarctic", but has had representation in the Subantarctic Community.

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