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Styria was a duchy in the eastern Alps, originally under the Babenberg dynasty which also ruled Austria.

After the Babenberger died out, in 1254 Hungary "divided" Styria with king Vladislav of Bohemia, who had inherited Austria. Hungary got the better part, only a few border cities became Austrian.

Vladislav's uncle Otakar Przemysl however wanted to change this. 1275, after being elected Roman King, Ottokar lead the Empire against Hungary, defeated the new king Laszlo IV and got Styria back for the HRE. Styria was divided: Western Styria became part of Austria (thus connecting the Przemyslids' possessions), the rest (two thirds) become (Upper) Bavarian.

During the Twenty-Year War / Bavarian-Austrian War, Eastern Styria went to Austria, because Bavaria received all of Salzburg instead.

In the Austrian-Seljuk War (1505-09), the Rum-Seljuks invaded Austria, took Vienna, restricted the duke to mountainous Styria and Carinthia. Shortly after, in 1511, Ottokar III of Carinthia died, thus ending the Przemyslid dynasty. Via his daughter Maria, who had married the duke of Württemberg, the electorate, Carinthia and Styria (and theoretically Austria) went to her husband.

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