By "Stuart Line" I of course mean the Stuarts of England and Scotland. They were forced from there throne after King James II and VII lost his crowns to William of Orange and ironically his own daughter Mary. This would be a good POD (if James had managed to keep his crowns) though I feel its been done too many times so what about this: Charles II and Catherine of Braganza have children. If this happened then the Duke of York (James) would not have been a problem, Charles would not have had to dissolve Parliament over quarrels of succession, an entirely different royal family would reign today...


1660- Charles Stuart is restored to the English, Scottish and Irish thrones following the collapse of the republican commonwealth

1662- Charles II marries Catherine of Braganza

1663 POD- Catherine gives birth to a healthy baby boy, they name him James

1664- In the Colonies there is unrest after Parliament announces direct control from London, Catherine gives birth to her second child, Henry, Duke of Edinburgh

1665- England avoids war with the Dutch Republic after signing the Treaty of the Hague. James, Duke of York, secretly coverts to Catholicism while on a trip to France

1666- Queen Catherine gives birth to her third child, Charles, Duke of Suffolk. The Great Fire of London takes place and destroys most of the city, the King and his court stay in the city despite the dangers

1667- The Norwegian War on Independence begins

1668- After four years of serious unrest the New England rebellion takes place and is harshly put down by the English army, it is burned into the minds of the colonists

1669- Catherine gives birth to twin girls, Catherine, Princes Royal and Elizabeth, Duchess of Lancaster

1670- The Duke of York's conversion to the Catholic faith becomes known to the public (though its likely the Royal Family knew for some time). The Queen gives birth to her final child, John Stuart, Prince of England

1671- Parliament passes the Test Act banning all Catholic's positions in government, the Duke of York is dropped from the line of succession, he cannot inherit the throne but his two daughters, both Protestants, can

1674- Following seven years of war, Norway is granted independence by Denmark after getting Swedish and English help. Henrich of Prussia, the son of the Duke of Prussia, is elected King of Norway, he takes the name Haakon VII

1676- The French invade the Netherlands, England joins in to help the Dutch, the 1st Anglo-French War begins

1677- Mary, daughter of the Duke of York, marries William of Orange

1678- Mary, now Princess of Orange, dies in child birth, her child William Frederick, dies one week after her

1680- The 1st Anglo-French war ends in English and Dutch victory, though England is almost bankrupt after the war

1682- John Stuart, Prince of England and the Kings youngest legitimate child, dies of fever, Charles goes into mourning

1685- King Charles II dies at the age of 56, he is succeeded by his son as King James II and VII. The Monmouth Rebellion takes place later that year between the government and James, Duke of Monmouth. Monmouth believes he has a better claim to the throne but is defeated, he is beheaded for treason

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