Strom Thurmond
Timeline: Two Americas

Strom Thurmond
Portrait of Strom Thurmond

18th President of the Confederate States
March 4, 1957 - March 4, 1963

Predecessor Harry S. Truman
Successor Lyndon B. Johnson
Vice President
Born December 5, 1902
Edgefield, South Carolina
Died June 26, 2003
Edgefield, South Carolina
Political Party Constitutionist
Profession Lawyer and politician

James Strom Thurmond (December 5, 1902 – June 26, 2003), a Major General in the CS army, was the 21st president of the Confederate States who had formerly served as state senator, Governor of South Carolina. After serving in the executive branch, he would return to Richmond as a Senator, serving the rest of his long life (to the age of 100).

Having a degree in horticulture from Clemson Agricultural College (now Clemson University), Thurmond eventually studied under his father to become a lawyer, state senator and then judge. After resigning the bench to enter the army in World War, he returned to politics in 1946 running for and winning to become the 103rd governor of South Carolina. As governor of South Carolina, he retained his rank of general in the CS Army reserves, and as such supported Constitutionist candidate General Dwight D. Eisenhower over the democratic nominee. In what some saw as a "military coup" against the leadership of president Truman, Eisenhower chose Thurmond as his vice president. In his role as "president of the Senate," Thurmond successfully thwarted efforts started by Truman towards integration of the black population into Confederate society. With the black vote practically nullified by various voting laws, Thurmond was elected to follow Eisenhower as president. After successfully implementing the Federal Aeronautical and Space Administration and its 'space race' with the Soviet Union, president Thurmond left office only to return to the CS Senate chambers as a Senator - where he would serve to within months of his death at age 100.

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