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In this timeline, the Stresa Front is never founded by France, Britain and Italy.

Historical Overview

Because of the failure to sign the Stresa Front, there was not even an attempt by the allies to enforce the Treaty of Versailles. This was viewed, by Germany and the world, as a de facto recognition of Germany's freedom from the Treaty. Because of this, Austria was annexed by Germany in 1935 with the consent of the Austrian Patriotic Front. This annexation was mainly opposed by Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia, who then form a mutual defense pact in secret, because the agreement failed to create the proposed Czech-Slovene Corridor.

Italy, which used the Stresa front as justification of its invasion of , continued its policy of expansion. However, due to there being no need for Great Britain to be friendly with Italy to maintain the Stresa Front, upon the declaration of war the British navy blocked Italian access to the Suez Canal. Emboldened, the League took much more significant steps in Sanctioning Italy - and Italy was forced to back down in late 1936. Abyssinia begins modernizing its army after the war. German relations with Italy began to cool at this point.

The Sudetenland War then occurs when Germany declared its intent to annex the Sudetenland. Although Britain and France agree at the Munich conference to allow Germany to annex this territory, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia consider the annexation an act of War. Germany then launches Operation Fall Grun, supported by Hungary and Yugoslavia invades German Austria. The Sudetenland War ends in May 1939, with the surrender of the Sudetenland to Germany, significant loses to the Czechoslovakian, Hungarian and German armies, and the creation of the Czech-Slovene corridor. Notably, the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact failed to be signed during this time.

In late 1942, Germany and Italy begin demanding that German and Italian speaking areas of Switzerland be given to their respective nations. Although Britiai opposes this diplomatically, France agrees on the condition that French speaking areas be annexed by the French Republic. Switzerland is subsequently invaded, and although the Swiss Army puts up potent resistance, the country is overrun in late 1943. This alarms the neutral countries of Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. They and Britain found the North Sea Treaty Organization in early 1944 as a mutual defense pact. After Finnish victory in the Second Soviet-Finish War in 1944, Finland is allowed to enter this pact. At this point, the Anti-Comintern Pact and the North Sea Treaty Organization are effectively on the verge of a cold war.

In 1945, the British Dominion of Newfoundland joins Canada. The alliances in Europe also dramatically shift; France, under a conservative government, joins the Axis, and the nations of the Treaty of Silesia join the North Sea Treaty Organization, renamed the Eurasian Security and Cooperation Council.

Hitler is assassinated by a Sudetenland Jew on New Years Day, 1948. Germany mourns, and returns to democratic government, albeit with only approved parties. The Nazi Party is unable to choose a new leader, and splits into two. Herman von Göring, with his German Conservative Alliance, manages to claim and uneasy grip on the presidency.

Map of Europe in 1948- Work in Progress

Great Britain, eager to defuse growing tensions between ESCC and the Axis, allows unlimited Jewish immigration to the Mandate of Palestine. Germany and the Soviet Union use this to deport large numbers of their Jewish communities, including many prominent Zionists. This same year, the League of Nations formally passes a bill encouraging decolonization. During this year, Russia emerges victorious from multiple minor rebellions in the Caucus.













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