Strategic Defense Coalition
OTL equivalent: N/A
SDC flag Heraldic coat
Flag Coat of Arms

Through the Darkest Night (Multi-Lingual)

(and largest city)
De Facto Headquarters in Seoul Korea
Language Multi-Lingual
Legislature SDC Council
Population Military alliance over 3 million troops 
Currency No Set Currency

== ==


The Creation of the SDC was brought about by an Emerging World Power of Japan. The need for Japanese allies brought about the Reconciliation with China, contact with South America and membership being sought by Members of the European Community. This lasted until the first very disunited World war in which many major powers went to war, but did not ally or even request assistance from their resident alliances. The War became Inconclusive but maintained a large loss of life and the Further Emergence of Japan as a world power and Russian Reemergence after years of Stagnation

Issues with the Coalition

The SDC suffered from critical Membership issues early in its life as the British Empire, and Germany both went into an Unsanctioned, unwarranted war with Russia among many other nations throughout Europe. This Left Japan, China, and Argentina as the only members of the SDC until recently


With the Emergence of small but potent Nations in Europe the SDC began to regain ground in Europe, the Japanese and Chinese power had been recognized as world powers enough to establish bases in Europe giving extra reach to the Alliance. 

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