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Storage Media are the medium through which games are delivered to consoles. They vary based on construction and design, and the exact form of storage often affects the nature of the game held within.

List of Consoles and their Storage Media

System Company Media Type Maximum Storage (MB) First Used
Nintendo Entertainment System Nintendo Cartridge 1 1983
Famicom Disk System Nintendo Floppy Disk 0.1 1983
Master System Sega Cartridge 0.25 1985
TurboGrafx-16 NEC Cartridge 2.5 1987
Genesis Sega Cartridge 16 1988
Game Boy Nintendo Cartridge 1 1989
Neo Geo SNK Cartridge 89 1990
Super Nintendo Entertainment System Nintendo Cartridge 16 1990
Mega-CD Sega CD-ROM 500 1991
Neo Geo CD SNK CD-ROM 750 1994
Saturn Sega CD-ROM 800 1994
Nintendo 64 Nintendo Cartridge 64 1996
Neo Geo Pocket SNK Cartridge 1 1998
Game Boy Color Nintendo Cartridge 4 1998
Neo Geo Pocket Color SNK Cartridge 2 1999
Dreamcast Sega GD-ROM 1,200 2000
Game Boy Advance Nintendo Cartridge 32 2001
Neo Geo Portable SNK Cartridge 64 2001
GameCube Nintendo Mini DVD 1,400 2001
Neo Geo Gold SNK Cartridge 250 2005
Game Boy Nitro Nintendo Cartridge 1,000 2006
Pluto Sega DVD 8,500 2006
Revolution Nintendo DVD 8,500 2006
Game Boy 3DS Nintendo Cartridge 8,000 2012
Eclipse Sega Blu-ray 50,000 2012
Stream Nintendo Blu-ray 50,000 2012

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