Stephen Allen Benson (May 21, 1816-January 24, 1865) served as the 2nd Governor of Liberia from 1855 to 1863 and before this he was the Lt. Governor under Governor Roberts.

Benson was born in Cambridge, Maryland, United States, to freeborn parents. In 1822, his family expatriated to the newly created commonwealth of Liberia, on the ship Brig Strong. Shortly after his arrival in August 1822, the colony was taken over by African natives, holding Benson and his relatives captives for four months.

For four years, he was a military shopkeeper. He was also a private secretary to Thomas Buchanan, the last of Liberia's white governors. Benson later became a successful businessman. Benson joined the militia in 1835 and in 1842 became a delegate to the Colonial Council. After the 1846 Constitution he became a judge. He was also a Methodist preacher.

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