Timeline: Von Schlieffen plan

October 31 1914
Vistula river

The German Vistula River offensive on the Eastern front has failed. Troops are back in their starting positions.

November 11 1914

The German 9th army attacks Russian forces north of the Vistula and routs them, creating a gap in the Russian lines.

November 13 1914

The German 1st and 2nd armies attack south in the area of Tannenberg. The 3rd and 4th army supported by Austrian armies start an offensive aimed at Warshaw.

November 14 1914

The 2nd battle of Tannenberg is a disaster for the Russians: they retreat in disorder.

November 17 1914

German pincers meet at Warshaw. Three Russian armies are cut off.

November 21 1914

Within one month the situation has changed drastically on the Eastern front. Three Russian armies have surrendered and 400,000 Russians become prisoners of war.

December 5 1914

The Russian front is split in the middle. German armies attack in the direction of Brest-Litovsk.

December 30 1914

Brest-Litovsk falls to the advancing Germans. The lines have moved 300 km since the beginning of the war and now the Russians are in serious difficulties.

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