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The following is a list of the States of the United States of America, as well as demographic facts.


States of the US FTBW numbered

The States of the US. The number corresponds to their placement on the list below.

# Flag Name USPS Population (2010 Census) Year Entered Union Capital Largest City
1 Flag of Maine Maine ME 1,382,019 1820 Augusta Portland
2 Flag of New Hampshire New Hampshire NH 1,316,470 1788 Concord Manchester
3 Flag of Vermont Vermont VT 648,234 1791 Montpelier Burlington
4 Flag of Massachusetts Massachusetts MA 6,897,127 1788 Boston Boston
5 Flag of Connecticut Connecticut CT 4,145,398 1788 Hartford Bridgeport
6 Flag of New York New York NY 21,278,985 1788 Albany New York City
7 Flag of New Jersey New Jersey NJ 10,875,147 1787 Trenton Newark
8 Flag of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania PA 15,147,285 1787 Harrisburg Philadelphia
9 Flag of Delaware Delaware DE 915,247 1787 Dover Wilmington
10 Flag of Maryland Maryland MD 4,897,245 1788 Annapolis Baltimore
11 83DD-virginiaflag Northern Virginia NV 2,157,894 1920 Charleston Charleston
12 Flag of Ohio Ohio OH 13,897,124 1803 Columbus Columbus
13 Flag of Kentucky Kentucky KY 4,814,251 1922 Frankfort Louisville
14 MichiganFlag-OurAmerica Michigan MI 11,875,347 1837 Lansing Detroit
15 Flag of Indiana Indiana IN 7,148,950 1837 Indianapolis Indianapolis
16 Flag of Wisconsin Wisconsin WI 6,178,352 1842 Madison Milwaukee
17 Flag of Illinois Illinois IL 15,478,368 1818 Springfield Chicago
18 MinnesotaFlag-OurAmerica Minnesota MN 5,715,975 1867 Saint Paul Minneapolis
19 Flag of Iowa Iowa IA 3,178,958 1847 Des Moines Des Moines
20 Flag of Missouri Missouri MO 6,207,307 1821 Jefferson City Kansas City
21 Flag of Dakota (FTBW) Dakota DA 1,437,950 1888 Aberdeen Fargo
22 NebraskaFlag-OurAmerica Nebraska NE 2,124,375 1868 Lincoln Omaha
23 Flag of Sequoyah Sequoyah SH 2,578,172 1900 Sequoyah City Sequoyah City
24 MontanaFlag-OurAmerica Montana MT 847,356 1921 Helena Helena
25 75px Colorado CO 6,002,478 1920 Denver Denver
26 Flag of Cimarron Cimarron CM 2,154,834 1887 Cimarron Armarillo
27 Columbian Chiefdoms Flag Columbia CL 1,314,897 1925 Boise Boise
28 Deseret (maple uprising) Deseret DT 2,478,350 1928 Salt Lake City Salt Lake City
29 Alternate Oregon Request02 Oregon OR 1,935,607 1929 Portland Portland
30 Flag of California California CA 17,894,235 1954 Reno San Francisco

Former States

See States of the Confederate States of America for full article

The following is a list of States that had joined the Union before the establishment of the Confederate States of America. States like North Virginia, Kentucky and Missouri later rejoined the US, while Texas became an independent Nation.

States of the CSA numbered (1858)

States of the Confederacy that had been part of the United States until 1858. The number corresponds to their placement on the list.

# Flag Name CSPS Population (2010 Census) Year Entered Union Year Left Union Capital Largest City
1 Flag of West Virginia West Virginia WV N/A 1852 1861 Charleston Charleston
2 Flag of Virginia Virginia VA 6,224,189 1788 1858 Richmond Richmond
3 Flag of Kentucky Kentucky KY 4,814,251 1792 1860 Frankfort Louisville
4 North Carolina Flag (FTBW) North Carolina NC 9,214,756 1789 1858 Raleigh Charlotte
5 TennesseeFlag-OurAmerica Tennessee TN 5,978,231 1796 1858 Nashville Memphis
6 Flag of South Carolina South Carolina SC 6,789,214 1788 1858 Raleigh Charleston (CS Capital)
7 Flag of the State of Georgia (1956-2001) Georgia GA 12,857,231 1788 1858 Atlanta Atlanta
8 Arkansas FTBW flag Arkansas AR 4,785,963 1841 1858 Little Rock Little Rock
9 Flag of Mississippi Mississippi MS 3,124,759 1840 1858 Jackson Jackson
10 Flag of Louisiana Louisiana LA 4,927,235 1840 1858 Baton Rouge New Orleans
11 Flag of Florida Florida FL 15,378,254 1837 1858 Orlando Miami
12 TexasFlag-OurAmerica Texas TX 29,785,314 (National Census) 1847 1858 Fort Worth Houston

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