The United States of America (USA), commonly known as the United States (US), is a federation made up of 35 states. It is located between Asia and Europe in the northern half of the Western Hemisphere. As of 2010 there are 194,407,577 residents in the nation. Its total land area is 2,027,991 square miles.


Flag State ISO Capital Area (sq mi) Population OTL equivalent
Flag of California California CA Sacramento 163,696 37,253,956 California
Flag of Colorado Colorado CO Denver 104,094 5,029,196 Colorado
Flag of Connecticut Connecticut CT Hartford 5,543 3,518,288 Connecticut
Flag of Delaware Deleware DE Dover 2,490 897,934 Delaware
Flag of Hawaii Hawaii HI Honolulu 10,931 1,360,301 Hawaii
Flag of Idaho Idaho ID Boise 83,570 1,567,582 Idaho
Flag of Illinois Illinois IL Springfield 57,914 12,910,409 Illinois
Flag of Indiana Indiana IN Indianapolis 36,418 6,483,802 Indiana
Flag of Iowa Iowa IA Des Moines 56,272 3,046,355 Iowa
Flag of Kansas Kansas KS Topeka 82,2773 2,853,116 Kansas
Flag of New Mexico Lincoln LI Santa Fe 131,457 2,129,603 Northern NM and AZ
Flag of Maine Maine ME Augusta 35,385 1,328,361 Maine
Flag of Maryland Maryland MD Annapolis 12,407 5,773,552 Maryland
Flag of Massachusetts Massachusetts MA Boston 10,555 6,547,629 Massachusetts
Flag of Michigan Michigan MI Lansing 96,716 9,883,640 Michigan
Flag of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands Micronesia MC Palikir 906 407,455 Federated States of Micronesia, Guam, Marshall Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, and Palau
Flag of Minnesota Minnesota MI St. Paul 86,939 5,303,925 Minnesota
Flag of Montana Montana MT Helena 147,042 989,415 Montana
Flag of Nebraska Nebraska NE Lincoln 77,354 1,826,341 Nebraska
Flag of Nevada Nevada NV Carson City 110,561 2,700,551 Nevada
Flag of New Hampshire New Hampshire NH Concord 32,020 4,012,012 New Hampshire
Flag of New Jersey New Jersey NJ Trenton 8,721 8,707,739 New Jersey
Flag of New York New York NY Albany 54,556 19,378,102 New York
Flag of North Dakota North Dakota MT Bismarck 70,700 672,591 North Dakota
Flag North Missouri NM St. Joseph 21,309 1,670,604 Missouri north of the River
Flag of Ohio Ohio OH Columbus 44,825 11,536,504 Ohio
Flag of Oregon Oregon OR Salem 98,381 3,831,074 Oregon
Flag of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania PA Harrisburg 46,055 12,702,379 Pennsylvania
Flag of Rhode Island Rhode Island RI Providence 1,214 1,053,209 Rhode Island
Flag of South Dakota South Dakota SD Pierre 77,116 814,180 South Dakota
Flag of Utah Utah UT Salt Lake City 84,899 2,763,885 Utah
Flag of Vermont Vermont ST Montpelier 9,620 625,741 Vermont
Flag of Washington Washington WA Olympia 71,300 6,724,540 Washington
Flag of West Virginia West Virginia WV Charleston, WV 24,230 1,852,994 West Virginia
Flag of Wisconsin Wisconsin WI Madison 54,981 5,686,986 Wisconsin
Flag of Wyoming Wyoming WY Cheyenne 97,814 563,626 Wyoming

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