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A list of all states of the United States in Alternative 2014, in order of statehood.

State name Flag USPS Admission to Union Preceding Entity OTL Entity
Delaware Flag of Delaware DE December 7, 1787 Delaware Colony Delaware
Pennsylvania Flag of Pennsylvania (13 Fallen Stars) PA December 12, 1787 Pennsylvania Province Pennsylvania
New Jersey Flag of New Jersey NJ December 18, 1787 New Jersey Province New Jersey
Georgia Flag of the State of Georgia (1956-2001) GA January 2, 1788 Georgia Colony Georgia
Connecticut Flag of Connecticut CT January 9, 1788 Connecticut Colony Connecticut
Massachusetts Flag of Massachusetts MA February 6, 1788 Province of Massachusetts Bay Massachusetts
Maryland TMNA maryland MD April 28, 1788 Province of Maryland Maryland
New Hampshire Flag of New Hampshire NH June 21, 1788 Province of New Hampshire New Hampshire
Virginia Flag of the United Republic of Virginia (13 Fallen Stars) VA June 25, 1788 Virginia Colony Virginia and West Virginia
New York Flag of New Netherland (13 Fallen Stars) NY July 26, 1788 Province of New York New York
Carolina Flag of the Confederate States of America (March 1861 – May 1861) CR November 21, 1789 Province of Carolina North and South Carolina
Rhode Island Flag of Rhode Island (1882-1897) RI May 29, 1790 Rhode Island Colony Rhode Island
Vermont Flag of the Vermont Republic VT March 4, 1791 Province of NY and NH Grants Vermont
Kentucky Flag of Kentucky KY June 1, 1792 Split from Virgina with consent Kentucky
Tennessee Flag of Tennessee TN June 1, 1796 Southwest Territory Tennessee
Ohio Flag of Ohio OH March 1, 1803 Northwest Territory Ohio
Louisiana Flag of Louisiana (January 1861) LA April 30, 1812 Orleans Territory Louisiana excluding the Florida Parishes
Indiana Flag of Indiana IN December 11, 1816 Indiana Territory Indiana
West Florida Bonnieblue WF December 3, 1817 Republic of West Florida Coastlines of Alabama and Mississippi including the Florida Parishes
Illinois Flag of Illinois IL December 3, 1818 Illinois Territory Illinois
Mississippi Flag of Mississippi MS December 10, 1819 Mississippi Territory Mississippi excluding coastline
Alabama Alabama 1861 Obverse AL December 14, 1819 Alabama Territory Alabama excluding coastline
Maine Flag of Maine ME March 15, 1820 Massachusetts' District of Maine Maine excluding the formerly disputed area between New Brunswick and the United States
Missouri Flag of Missouri MI August 10, 1821 Missouri Territory Missouri
Arkansas Flag of Arkansas AR June 16, 1836 Arkansas Territory Arkansas
Michigan 685px-Flag of Michigan.svg MC January 26, 1837 Michigan Territory Michigan excluding Superior
Florida Flag of Florida (Alternative 2014) FL March 3, 1845 Florida Territory Florida
Texas Flag of Texas (1836–1839) TX December 29, 1845 Republic of Texas Texas
Iowa Flag of Iowa IA December 28, 1846 Iowa Territory Iowa
Wisconsin Flag of Wisconsin WI May 29, 1848 Wisconsin Territory Wisconsin
California California independence flag 2 CA September 9, 1850 Directly admitted from Mexican Cession California excluding portion of Northern California
Minnesota Minnesota North Star Flag MN May 11, 1858 Minnesota Territory Minnesota
Kansas Flag of Kansas KS January 29, 1861 Kansas Territory Kansas
Nevada Flag of Nevada NV October 21, 1864 Nevada Territory Nevada excluding the former Arizona-Nevada border
Nebraska Flag of Nebraska NB March 1, 1867 Nebraska Territory Nebraska
Colorado Flag of Colorado CO August 1, 1872 Colorado Territory Colorado
Cuba Flag of Cuba CU August 2, 1874 Cuba Territory Cuba
Baja California Flag of the Republic of Lower California BA September 27, 1876 Baja Territory Baja California and Baja California Sur
Dakota Flag of Dakota (No Napoleon) DA November 2, 1889 Dakota Territory North and South Dakota
Montana Flag of Idaho (Russian America) MT November 8, 1889 Montana Territory Montana excluding the Oregon Country-Montana border
Wyoming Flag of Wyoming (No Napoleon) CH July 10, 1890 Wyoming Territory Wyoming excluding the Oregon Country-Wyoming border
Utah Flag of Utah UT January 4, 1896 Utah Territory Utah
Hispaniola Civil Ensign of the Dominican Republic HS February 9, 1903 Hispaniola Territory Dominican Republic and Haiti
Oklahoma Flag of Oklahoma OK November 16, 1907 Oklahoma and Indian Territories Oklahoma
South Arizona Flag of New Mexico SA January 6, 1912 South Arizona Territory Confederate Arizona, modern day southern counties of Arizona and New Mexico
North Arizona Flag of Arizona NA February 14, 1912 North Arizona Territory Arizona Territory, modern day northern counties of Arizona and New Mexico
Philippines Flag of the Philippines (1943-1945) PH July 4, 1946 Commonwealth of the Philippines The Philippines
American Virgin Islands Flag of the United States Virgin Islands VI July 22, 1954 Virgin Islands of the United States Virgin Islands of the United States
Puerto Rico Flag of Puerto Rico PR June 9, 1960 Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
Palau Flag of Palau PL January 1, 1981 Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands Micronesia
Marianas Flag of the Northern Mariana Islands MR July 21, 1984 Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands Northern Marina Islands plus Guam
Marshall Islands Flag of the Marshall Islands MS October 21, 1986 Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands Marshall Islands
Micronesia Flag of the Federated States of Micronesia MI November 3, 1986 Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands Micronesia

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