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The Confederate States of America claims 18 states. Most of the states were former states of the United States of America while some states were formed from Confederate Territories. 


Flag State ISO Code Population Date formed Capital
Alabama 1861 Obverse Alabama AL 4,800,000 Feb 4, 1861 Montgomery
Flag of Arkansas (Southern Independence) Arkansas AR 2,950,000 May 18, 1861 Little Rock
Flag of Confederate Arizona (Southern Independence) Confederate Arizona AZ 3,300,000 Feb 4, 1912 Tucson
Flag of Cuba (Southern Independence) Cuba CU 11,000,000 Nov 25, 1884 Havana
Florida 1861 Florida FL 20,000,000 Feb 4, 1861 Tallahassee
Flag of the State of Georgia (1956-2001) Georgia GA 10,000,000 Feb 4, 1861 Atlanta
Flag of Kansas Kansas KS 3,000,000 Sep 13, 1864 Wichita
Flag of Kentucky Kentucky KY 4,400,000 July 11, 1864 Lexington
Flag of Louisiana (January 1861) Louisiana LA 4,600,000 Feb 4, 1861 Baton Rouge
Flag of Mississippi Mississippi MS 2,900,000 Feb 4, 1861 Jackson
Flag of Missouri Missouri MO 6,100,000 July 6, 1864 Jefferson City
Flag of New Mexico (Southern Independence) Mew Mexico NM 2,000,000 July 4, 1891 Roswell
800px-North Carolina 1861.svg North Carolina NC 9,900,000 May 21, 1861 Raleigh
Flag of Oklahoma Oklahoma OK 3,850,000 April 10, 1907 Tulsa
SC-SovFlag South Carolina SC 4,775,000 Feb 4, 1861 Columbia
Tennessee 1861 proposed Tennessee TN 6,500,000 July 2, 1861 Nashville
Flag of Texas Texas TX 27,000,000 Mar 2, 1861 Austin
Virginia 1861 Virginia VA 8,200,000 May 7, 1861 Richmond


In addition to the 18 states that make up the Confederacy, the CSA also claims three territories.

Flag Territory ISO code Under CSA control Population Capital
Flag of Puerto Rico (Southern Independence) Puerto Rico PR Mar 11, 1898 3,700,000 San Juan
Flag of the Dominican Republic (up to 1844) Hispaniola HS April 24, 1898 9,500,000 Santo Domingo
Flag of the Bahamas (Southern Independence) Bahamas BM Oct 5, 1961 340,000 Nassau

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