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The Republic of Santiago is comprised of eight states.

Atlas of Santiago

An atlas of Santiago.

Flag State ISO Capital Area rank Population Incorporation
Berkner ST-BKN 4 700,000 1901
Esparcidia ST-EPC 7 300,000 1901
Islas Meridionales ST-IMD Esperanza 6 250,000 1958
Kaiws Flag Kaiws ST-KWS Ciudad Kaiws 2 50,000 1973
Nueva Patagonia ST-NPT Cresta de Palmerston 3 200,000 1901
Pensacola ST-PSC Delenva 1 100,000 1965
Flag of San Martin (Great White South) San Martín ST-SMT San Martín 8 500,000 1948
Ubézice ST-UBZ Ubézice 5 8,000 1990
State Etymology Incorporated from
Berkner English. Named for James Berkner, who discovered the island in 1859. Original
Esparcidia Spanish. From "esparcido", meaning "scattered", in reference to the state's islands. Original
Islas Meridionales Spanish. Literally "southern islands". Esparcidia
Kaiws Kaiws. Literally "we are fishing", the name of the AIP nation who traditionally inhabit the state. Nueva Patagonia
Nueva Patagonia Spanish. Literally "new Patagonia". Named by early Chilean and Argentine settlers who felt the local terrain resembled that of Patagonia. The original origin of the word "Patagonia" is unclear. Original
Pensacola Muskogean. Literally "long-haired people", named for Pensacola, Florida, the hometown of Lionel Parker. Nueva Patagonia
San Martín Spanish. Literally "Saint Martin", named for José de San Martín. Berkner
Ubézice Russian. Transliteration of "убежище" ("ubéžišče"), meaning "haven" or "shelter". Pensacola

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