Frisia is a federation which, since April 13 2007, consists of 23 states (Frisian: Steaten). They are also known as the constituent entities of the Frisian Federation. In 1877, when the Constitution of Frisia was adopted, there were 30 states listed. By 2007, the number of federal subjects had been decreased to 23 because of several mergers and the loss of colonies in the former Frisian Empire.

The states are of equal federal rights, with equal representation - five MPs each in the Denkern and one State President - and equal degrees of autonomy.


  • The 15 First States (Frisian: Earst Steaten) are the most common type of federal subjects with federally appointed governor and locally elected legislature. Commonly named after their administrative centers.
  • The 6 Second States (Frisian: Twadde Steaten) are represented by the federal government in international affairs; is meant to be home to a specific ethnic minority.
  • The 2 City-States (Frisian: Stêd Steaten) are major cities that function as separate regions.

List of States

See: List of States of the Frisian Federation

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