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The states of Colombia.

The Colombian Confederation is a federation made up of twelve states.

  1. Bandeira da Terceira República do Acre Acre (Puerto Alonso)
  2. 23px Amazonia (Mitu)
  3. Bolivien 1826-1851 Bolivia (La Paz)
  4. Flag of santacruz Chaco (Santa Cruz)
  5. Flag of Guyana Guayana (Angostura)
  6. Flag of New Granada (proposal) New Granada
  7. Flag of Peru North Peru (Lima)
  8. Flag of Panama Panama (Panama)
  9. Flag of Ecuador (1822) Quito (Quito)
  10. Civil Ensign of the Dominican Republic Santo Domingo (Santo Domingo)
  11. Flag of South Peru South Peru (Tacna)
  12. Flag of Venezuela (1836-1859) Venezuela (Caracas)

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