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Atlas of Colombia bol

A map showing the states of Colombia.

The Federal Republic of Colombia is divided into 17 states and one federal district.


Flag State ISO Capital Area
Population OTL equivalent
Acre CO-AC Puerto Alonso 152,581 646,962
Argentina CO-AR Buenos Aires 2,766,890 40,134,42
Bolivia CO-BO Sucre
California CO-CF Sacramento
Centroamerica CO-CA Guatemala
Chile CO-CL Santiago
Cuba CO-CU Havana
Ecuador CO-EC Quito 283,561 13,625,000
Hispaniola CO-EP Santo Domingo
Mexico CO-MX Mexico
  • Mexico (excluding the Baja Californias, Chiapas, Tabasco, and the Yucatans)
  • Portions of Arizona (US)
  • Portions of New Mexico (US)
New Granada CO-NG Bogotá
O'Higgins CO-OH Puerto Covadonga
Paraguay CO-PY Asuncion
Peru CO-PE Lima
Uruguay CO-UY Montevideo
Venezuela CO-VE Caracas
Yucatan CO-YC Merida

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