The Federal Republic of Central America is comprised of eight states and a single federal district.


Upon its independence in 1823, the republic was initially comprised of five states (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica). The sixth and seventh states of Los Altos and Soconusco were created in 1838 and 1841, respectively, from portions of western Guatemala. In 1895, Great Britain ceded its' Mosquito Coast protectorate to Central America; a majority of it was admitted later that year as the eighth state of Miskito (the remainder was added to Honduras). The federal district of San Salvador was created in 1842, with territory taken from El Salvador, in order to deny any one state from gaining excessive power by claiming the national capital.

States of Central America

A map of the states of Central America.

State Flag Admission Population (1997) Capital Largest City
Guatemala Flag of Guatemala (1838-1843) 1823 10,500,000 Guatemala City Guatemala City
El Salvador Flag of El Salvador (April 1865) 1823 4,500,000 San Miguel San Miguel
Honduras Flag of Honduras (1839-1866) 1823 6,245,000 Tegucigalpa Tegucigalpa
Nicaragua Flag of Nicaragua (1839-1858) 1823 4,700,000 Léon Managua
Costa Rica Flag of Costa Rica (1840-1842) 1823 3,750,000 San José San José
Los Altos Flag of Los Altos 1838 735,000 Quetzaltenango Quetzaltenango
Soconusco Central America (Day of Glory) 1841 500,000 Tapachula Tapachula
Miskito Flag of the Mosquito Coast 1834-1860 1895 200,000 Bluefields Bluefields

Federal District

Name Flag Creation Population (1997)
San Salvador Flag of El Salvador 1842 1,500,000