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The states of the Republic of Cascadia consist of nine political entities that share equal responsibility with the Cascadian federal government, as stated through the 1965 Constitution, modeled directly after the Constitution of the United States. State Defense Forces – the Cascadian analogue to the United States' National Guard – have been the mainstay of the nation's peacetime military since the 1970s and are firmly established in multiple air force and army bases across all nine states.


Name Flag Postal code Admission Population (1997) Capital Largest City Preceding Entity
British Columbia Flag of British Columbia BC May 17, 1965 407,000 Prince George Kamloop British Columbia
Vancouver Flag of Vancouver (Canada) VC May 17, 1965 3,500,000 Vancouver Vancouver British Columbia & Alberta
Cascades A World of Difference Flag of Hudson CD May 17, 1965 205,000 Dawson Ft. Nelson British Columbia (Canada)
Haida Gwaii 100px HG May 20, 1965 12,000 Queen Charlotte City Queen Charlotte City British Columbia (Canada)
Upper Prairie Flag of Yukon (New World) UP June 28, 1965 290,000 Claire Claire Alberta (Canada)
Alberta Flag of Alberta AB June 28, 1965 1,805,000 Edmonton Edmonton Alberta (Canada)
Athabasca Flag of the Northwest Territories AT July 8, 1965 1,500,000 Pasfield Wollaston Saskatchewan (Canada)
Naskapi NK July 10, 1965 1,700,000 Churchill Churchill Saskatchewan (Canada)
Assiniboia Flag of New Caledonia (No Napoleon) AS July 14, 1965 2,300,000 Saskatoon Regina Saskatchewan (Canada)

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