Austria-Hungary TwilightOfANewAge 1920

States of Austria-Hungary (1920)

The States of Austria-Hungary are:

  1. German Austria (Capital: Vienna)
  2. German Bohemia (Reichenberg)
  3. Silesia (Troppau)
  4. Bohemia (Prague)
  5. Slovakia (Bratislava)
  6. West Galicia (Krakow)
  7. Ruthenia (former East Galicia) (Lviv)
  8. Hungary (Budapest)
  9. Szeklerland (Marosvásárhely)
  10. Transylvania (Cluj)
  11. Trentino (Trento)
  12. Istria (Trieste)
  13. Slovenia, formerly known as Carniola (Ljubljana)
  14. Illyria (Zagreb)

Brief summary

Details of the States of Federal State of Austria-Hungary
N State flag Name (Name in official language) State Capital Official languages Coofficial languages Main religions Notes
1 Flag of Austria German Austria (Deutsch-Österreich) Vienna German n/a Roman Catholic
2 German Bohemia Flag (TNE) German Bohemia (Deutschböhmen) Reichenberg German Czech Roman Catholic

Alternative Flag of Silesia Moravia

Silesia (Schlesien) Troppau German Czech Roman Catholic
4 Flag of Czechoslovakia Bohemia (Čechy) Prague Czech German Roman Catholic
5 Flag of Slovakia Slovakia (Slovensko) Bratislava Slovak German Roman Catholic
6 Alternative Flag of West Galicia West Galicia (Galicja Zachodnia) Krakow Polish German Roman Catholic and Judaism
7 Flag of the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria (1800-1849), the Duchy of Bukovina (1849-1918) Ruthenia (Рутенія/Ruténiya) Lviv Ukrainian (Ruthenian) Polish and German Roman Catholic, Greek Catholic and Judaism
8 Flag of Hungary Hungary (Magyarország) Budapest Hungarian German Roman Catholic, Protestant and Judaism
9 Flag of Szekely Land Szeklerland (Székelyföld) Marosvásárhely Hungarian Romanian Roman Catholic, Protestant and Greek Catholic
10 Flag of Transylvania before 1918 Transylvania (Transilvania) Cluj Romanian Hungarian, German and Ukrainian Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Greek Catholic and Protestant
11 Flag of Trento Province Trentino (Trentino) Trento Italian German Roman Catholic
12 Flag of the Free State of Fiume Istria (Istria / Istra) Trieste Italian and Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian Slovene Roman Catholic
13 Flag of Carniola Slovenia (Slovenija / Kranjska) Ljubljana Slovene German Roman Catholic
14 Flag Illyria Yugoslavia South Slavic (TNE) Illyria (Ilirija / Илирија) Zagreb Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian Italian, Hungarian, German and Romanian Eastern Orthodox, Sunni Muslim and Roman Catholic

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