The year is 1860. What is happening? Slavery is a big issue in the United States. Some people are actually thinking about seceding from the USA. In November, Abraham Lincoln is elected President. South Carolina secedes on the grounds that Lincoln is an abolitionist.

In 1861, Lincoln is shot on his way to Washington to be inaugurated. (An attempt on his life was actually made OTL along the way. It failed and only shot his hat.) The USA collapses into anarchy. Seizing the chance, more states secede. The southern states of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, North Carolina, Texas, and Virginia secede. Days later, Northwestern Virginia secedes from Virginia and forms West Virginia which is reunited with the Union.

After a national emergency, Incumbent President James Buchanan leaves late in May to be replaced by Vice President Elect Hannibal Hamlin, who becomes the President. His Vice President is William H. Seward of New York.

However, several other states secede in the gap between March and May on the ground that the USA is weak.

On October 1, 1861, the United States was dissolved by New York, New Jersey, Maine, Indiana, and Ohio.


  1. Read slowly, don't hurt yourself
  2. One state per player
  3. Follow the algorithms and the rules
  4. Do not expand too fast - New York and Texas should not be battling for control of North Carolina within three turns
  5. No profanity - we get it, it's frustrating, but please keep it to yourself. IF YOU FEEL THE NEED TO YELL, PUT IT IN CAPS!!!
  6. Please, please, please, do not make this ASB. California should not be making nuclear weapons by 1900.
  7. Read the previous posts so you know what is happening.
  8. Turns will be in three months, meaning that there will be four turns per year
  9. Thou shalt have no other mods before us - just listen to the mods, we (hopefully) know what we're talking about
  10. Don't take anything personally, it's just a game
  11. No secessionist states can be forming alliances until the USA officially dissolves.
  12. A majority of slave states must secede before the other states can.
  13. No inventions before they are invented in OTL (You cannot have nukes in 1870).


This page is where we will run the outside powers:

Mod Page (States of America 5 Map Game)


We will have a War Algorithm for this game. This will need to be completed for every turn that your nation is in a military conflict to determine the outcome. Highest amount of points wins.

Algorithm (States of America 5 Reloaded Map Game)

Historical Figures

If you want to bring in a historical figure, use the dichotomous key below. Also, if they invent something, it cannot be before it is invented in OTL and it will be available to everyone (to avoid monopolies). When you bring a figure into the game, post their name as a new heading on the talk page, then the numbers justifying their entrance - (Example: Say Thomas Edison - 1, 3, 5 - Justifying a move to New York). This will work on a first come first serve basis.

  1. Where was the person born? Is it a strong nation? (If Yes, go to #2, If No, go to #3)
  2. Then they will stay there. Did they do something important? (If Yes, you are done, If No, go to #4)
  3. It is a weak nation. Did they go anywhere that was a strong nation in their life? (If Yes, go to #5, If No, go to #6)
  4. OK then, forget about them. (You Are Done.)
  5. Then they will stay in the first strong nation the lived in. (You Are Done)
  6. Then they will stay in the weak nation. (You Are Done.)


Claimed Nations

  • Flag of the Republic of New York SOA5 Republic of New York: IMPERIAL NY-SPQR 1Regen Flag Syngraféas Enallaktikí̱ Istoría, Dic mihi lingua Anglorum. 04:35, April 12, 2012 (UTC)
  • California: Enclavehunter 04:46, April 12, 2012 (UTC)
  • Florida: Bobalugee1940 21:36, April 12, 2012 (UTC)
  • Texas Flag of North Carolina CourageousLife 23:36, April 18, 2012 (UTC)
  • US flag with 7 stars by Hellerick United States (Pennsylvania) - Monster Pumpkin 21:39, April 12, 2012 (UTC)
  • Carolina - Wegscuba 21:58, April 12, 2012 (UTC)
  • CSA Flag Confederate States of America - TacoCopper 22:06, April 12, 2012 (UTC)
  • 542px-619px-FSAFlagSoA6stars Federated States of America: Kdavis005 22:53, April 12, 2012 (UTC)
  • MassFlagCheese Massachussets: GunsnadGlory 18:42, April 19, 2012 (UTC)
  • RNE Flag Republic of New England: Octiman10 02:27, April 13, 2012 (UTC)
  • Ohio: Flag of South Korea PitaKang- (Talk|Contribs) 20:06, April 20, 2012 (UTC)
  • Pacifica flag Pacific Republic: CrimsonAssassin 20:25, May 2, 2012 (UTC)
  • Great Plains Republic: Althistoryman11
  • States of America Arkansas Flag Arkansas: Yank 01:48, May 4, 2012 (UTC)
  • Northern Federal Republic: Nrodby
  • Northwestern Union: (OTL Yukon, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, and British Columbia minus Vancouver.)Whosonefirst? 00:26, May 9, 2012 (UTC)
  • 800px-Flag of Colorado svgGCP Greater Colorado: GRSGov
  • Flag of Quebec Confederation of Quebec: Blocky858
  • Greater Sonora: Willster22 15:49, May 19, 2012 (UTC)
  • 110px-Flag of the Three Guarantees svg Federation of Mexico: DeanSims 17:00, May 15, 2012 (UTC)
  • Transmississippi: Angry birds12 17:22, May 20, 2012 (UTC)
  • Manitoba: Lynxes21
  • Flag of the Republic of Yucatan Republic of Yucatan:Bfoxius 15:35, May 28, 2012 (UTC)Bfoxius
  • Republic of Durango:sasafred12 16:30, May 29, 2012 (UTC)

Available Nations

  • Veracruz Republic:
  • 125px-Flag of the Republic of the Rio Grande svg Republic of the Rio Grande:

Defunct Nations/States

  • US flag 33 stars United States of America
  • Missouri: Now part of FSA and Texas
  • Maryland - Divided between Delaware, Virginia and Pennsylvania
  • Maine - Annexed by Massachusetts
  • West Virginia - Split by Virginia, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee - Split by North Carolina and Kentucky
  • New Jersey - Split by New York and Pennsylvania
  • Ohio - Now part of Mideastern Republic
  • Indiana - Now part of Mideastern Republic
  • Rhode Island - Now part of Republic of New England
  • Connecticut - Now part of Republic of New England
  • Vermont - Now part of Republic of New England
  • New Hampshire - Now part of Republic of New England
  • Washington Territory - Now part of Pacific Republic
  • Oregon - Now part of Pacific Republic
  • Idaho Territory - Now part of Pacific Republic
  • West Montana Territory - Now part of Pacific Republic
  • Kansas - Now part of Central American Union
  • Nebraska Territory - Now part of Central American Union
  • Minnesota - Now part of Northern Federal Republic
  • Wisconsin - Now part of Northern Federal Republic
  • Iowa - Now part of Northern Federal Republic
  • Dakota Territory - Now part of Northern Federal Republic
  • East Montana Territory - Now part of Northern Federal Republic
  • South Nevada - Now the Free State of Nevada
  • North Nevada - Now part of California
  • West New Mexico Territory - Now Part of California
  • East New Mexico Territory - Now part of Texas
  • Oklahoma Territory - Now part of Texas
  • Utah - Now the Free State of Deseret
  • Colorado - Now part of the Great Plains Republic
  • Wyoming - Now part of the Great Plains Republic
  • Illinois - Now the Federated States of America
  • Alabama - Now part of the Confederate States of Dixie
  • Mississippi - Now part of the Confederate States of Dixie
  • Canada - Split between France, New York, Michigan, Republic of New England, Pennsylvania, Pacific Republic, Massachusetts and remainder transformed into Northwestern Union.
  • Mideastern Union - Indiana taken by Illinois to form the FSA.
  • Michigan - Mostly taken by New York and Massachusetts. May join the FSA.
  • Delaware - Invaded by the United States (Pennsylvania).
  • North Carolina - Invaded by a bucketload of nations.
  • Georgia - Also invaded by Republic of Carolina and Confederate States of Dixie.
  • South Carolina - Became Republic of Carolina.
  • Confederation States of Dixie - Merged with Kentuckistan into the CSA.
  • Kentuckistan - Merged with CSD into CSA.
  • Free State of Nevada - Now part of California
  • Free State of Deseret - Split between Texas, California, and Greater Colorado
  • Louisiana - Now part of Arkansas
  • Virginia (Country) - Conquered by Pennsylvania

Nation Page

Each nation also needs a nation page so that we can track your progress. Please be realistic, and a little research never hurt. Here's a template -

The United States of Obamastan (Nation Page States of America 5) <This should be the name of the page that you create>

The United States of Obamastan

Population: 127,000


  • Bushstan
  • Clintonstan
  • Reaganstan

Trade Partners:

  • Bidenstan
  • Cheneystan
  • Gorestan

Military (Percentage)

  • 3.5% (No military over 4% of total population)

Stability (Nation Algorithm)

  • Urbanization (in past two years): +150 or 0
  • Resources (in your country): +150 (Lots) +75 (Some) 0 (Almost None)
  • Technology: +500 (Best) +375 (Good) +250 (Decent) +125 (Lacking) 0 (Almost None)
  • Territory (Number <#> of states/territories, whole or partial, you control x 5): +#x5
  • Alliances (Number <#x5> of Allies): +#x5
  • Supplies (Number <#x5> of Trade Partners: +#x5
  • Infrastructure: +100 (Great) +75 (Good) +50 (Fair) +25 (Poor) 0 (Non-existent)
  • Total: Add All (If Total is under 300, Country is susceptible to collapse, revolt or other mod action)

List of Nations

Just a note: Every number in the algorithm should be a multiple of five. If your total is not a multiple of five, then you may have done some math wrong. If you need some examples, let me know or check out the Texas or Pennsylvania pages, because they are correct.

Another Note: You are not going to be a major superpower right off the bat. Keep your numbers moderate. You are not going to have the best technology and the most resources and the best infrastructure when you first secede. Keep them realistic, because it only takes one person to ruin a Map Game.


The Republic of Virginia


United States (Pennsylvania)


Strong Republic of New York

The Commonwealth of West Virginia

Republic of New England

Kentucky Republic

Free Republic of Arkansas


Veracruzano Republic

Northern Federal Republic

Republic of the Yucatan

United Liberal Republic of Massachusetts (ULRM)



Comments, Changes, and Complaints

Durango should be with the Entente side, since practically all their enemies are Allied side.





If I mixed it up, then correct me. TacoCopper


1861 - 1870



  • CSA: A large debate erupts in Congress over what to do over Slavery. Many Politicians from regions near the north and cites wish to do away with it, while many Plantation Owners, Racists, and Hardcore Southerners are against banning the practice. The Abolitionists state that banning Slavery will improve relations with our neighbors, while Pro-Slavers state that our Allies should accept us for who we our. In the end, nothing gets done. Meanwhile, the nation continues to Industrialize in the More Northern Regions, because the Southern Regions are refusing to have Factories in their cities since they are pro-Abolitionists.
    • RNE D: The RNE invites the CSA to join the league of nations, if you agree the page is here League of Nations
    • CSA Diplomacy: We accept.
  • Texas: Seeing the slave rebellions in other countries, Texas begins improving living conditions for slaves, and requires monthly inspections of plantations to make sure that slaves are being treated fairly. The abolitionists in congress begin the push to abolish slavery in Texas. Texas, while it does not yet declare war, is deliberating about Pennsylvania's invasion of its ally Virginia, which was unprovoked and unnecessary.
    • FSA D: Request an emergency meeting to discuss the situation in Europe.
    • Texan Diplomacy: Texas agrees (right now is good for me)
    • FSA D: Right now we are leaning towards Prussia, what is your stance?
    • Texan Diplomacy: Also Prussia, since France initiated the war. Also, the thought of an empire is startling and alarming.
    • FSA D: That is our belief. Be prepared to fight New York.
    • TD: What are your thoughts about Pennsylvania and Virginia?
    • FSA D: Don't like the invasion. Nor trust Pennsylvania, a bit upset they invaded Ohio while we where in negotiations with the state officials. Still they think they may try to invade us.
    • RNE D: The RNE invites Texas to join the league of nations, if you agree the page is here League of Nations
    • TD: Texas accepts
    • FSA D: We would like to expand our navy is it possible to use on of your ports to build our ships using our workers and your workers?
    • TD: Texas accepts under the condition that for every two ships that the FSA builds for itself, it builds 1 for Texas.
    • FSA D: Deal. While we start building our ships is it OK that some of our citizens get proper training on your Navy??
  • 'Manitoba': Improves infrastructure and education. Railroad is complete and the economy is booming. Manitoba asks for a trade agreement and alliance with the Pacific Republic. Winnipeg is growing rapidly.
    • RNE D: The RNE invites Manitoba to join the league of nations, if you agree the page is here League of Nations
  • FSA: The FSA is now accepting anybody who flees the CSA, Carolina, and Transmississippi from slavery with no questions asked. More freeman schools is set up within the country to help the former slaves to integrate into society. Also the former slaves is joining the Federated military service. The FSA starts building a highway system within the country. The FSA is going to announce who they are going to support in the great war. Talk is that the FSA will support Prussia. Despite the US invading Virginia, Federated troops in Ohio are on high alert in case the US launches a two front war. Also the rest of Federated Military is also on high alert once an announcement has been made.
  • New England: The RNE invites Virginia and various other nations to discuss the slavery issue in the League of Nations peacefully, same as issues dealing with the war in Europe. The military is boosted and weapons production increased in order to keep itself safe. The RNE's part of the trans continental railroad is complete and a national road system proposed to congress, and it is passed.
    • FSA D: Agreed to the meeting. Things are getting close to a tipping point.
  • United States: The United States promises other nations that its period of expansion will end with Virginia. The state government proposes a military alliance to the FSA if we don't have one already. Weapons shipments to Prussia increase due to the war. Voting rights are granted to Women, Native Americans, and African Americans with the fourteenth amendment to the Constitution.
    • FSA D: Agreed to a military alliance.
  • Great Plains Republic: Great Plains republic expand their Military forces, Upgrades infrastructure and Amps up Technological Research. Urbanization continues and More Farms are built. Some old Farms that are still good are used for Science and Technological research in the Great Plains Republic. GPR Military is starting to find ways to make Bio Gases for war but is kept a secret from the public.
  • Canada: Infrastructure is improved and military is expanded. It stays neutral in the Europe conflict (Anyway, would I be allied to France or Britain?) It offers an alliance to Manitoba.
  • Pacific Republic: As Seattle and Vancouver expand in size and population, the Pacific Republic amps up its military.
  • Federation of Mexico: The FOM continues its massive military buildup and asks Texas and all other Player Controlled Nations in Mexico and bordering Mexico if Mexico can be divided between
    • TD: Again, Texas refuses to attack another legitimate government unprovoked. It will defend those nations if the FOM attacks them.
  • ULRM: Continues sending aid to France. Reminds FSA that France saved it, and warns again that it will back up NY if war is declared. Offers alliance to the Great Plains Republic. Builds several armored vehicles.
    • ​Great Plains Diplomacy: GPR accepts Alliance.
  • Transmississippi: The president announces that he worries over the fights between slave and non-slave nations. While the nation sits firmly in its pro-slave position due to it being in the Deep South, a small abolitionist movement is forming. Meanwhile infrastructure is improved and the nation sets up iron works in Natchez, Jackson and Corinth. Meanwhile heavy artillery is set up in Vicksburg to shut down travel on the river if necessary. Vicksburg is also stocked with provisions and extra supplies.
  • Arkansas: The Arkansans continue to expand their industry through their country. The Arkansan railway continues to expand into Arkansas's new territorial additions.


  • FSA: Once the Federated Government has received word from the US that they will not invade the FSA, the troops on Ohio is off red alert, however at least two divisions of the army is near the border and two more in Columbus and Cincinnati is nearby in case things change. President Hammond spoke to a joint session of Congress and spoke to them that the Federated States will support Prussia. The entire Federated military is on high alert. Now that the Federated states has a port near the ocean, they start building the first ship. It will be called the FSS Enterprise. It will be latest in Naval technology and ready for duty in 1872. With the slaves running away to the Federated States more freeman schools is setup. President Hammond ask the allies of the Federated States who is supporting Prussia to have join military exercises.
    • NFR D: The Northern Federal Republic is willing to sign interlocking military alliances with the FSA's allies.
  • Carolina: The president and leader of the pro-slavery forces is assassinated. Meanwhile, anti-slavery forces take control, and secure victory. many pro-slavery advocates hop the border fence into the CSA. Many Carolinians dislike the new regime. The only reason they are able to keep power is because the freed former slaves make up most of the population. most former slaves are also uneducated. Meanwhile, a notorious group known as the KKK surfaces in postbellum Carolina. Its aim is to disrupt the new regime in any way possible. The navy begins to be rebuilt, as most vessels were sunk to keep them out of rebel hands.
    • FSA D: Applaud the new anti-slavery Government in Carolina. We offer any assistance (short of military help) in anyway possible. We would like to send teachers from the Freeman schools to help out the former slaves.
    • NY D: New York promises aid in any may possible and an alliance with the New Carolina government. National Guard troops are deployed to eliminate the KKK before they get out of hand.
  • Northern Federal Republic: By a very narrow margin President Custer beats his rival candidate Tucker Peterson. Rioting breaks out in Keystone and in Minnesota and Wisconsin, where most of Peterson's support was. The Home Guard are deployed to battle the riots and after several days the riots are suppressed with thousands arrested. Custer, to placate the crowd, officially announces that the NFR will support Prussia if war ever reaches North America. A delegation is sent to the League of Nations to discuss alliances with the European powers.
  • ULRM: Applauds the people of Carolina for overthrowing slavery, and offers an alliance, in trade and full. Continues armed forces buildup. Builds three more ironclads (the MSC Courage, the MSC Audacity, and the MSC Illustrious. Officially announces support of France and sends 1000 troops as an expeditionary force to aid them. Builds artillery emplacements on the coast, as well as fixing 'Floating Fortresses', which are basically ironclad forts fixed to the continental shelf (where possible).
  • Manitoba: Manitoba begins to build up its military and supports the overthrowing of slavery in Carolina. They are still improving the economy and infrastructure. With the new railroad, the standard of living has increased. Manitoba will allow any escaped slave to live in Manitoba. Manitoba begins building a weapons factory and Ironclads in the James Bay. Winnipeg still is growing.
  • New England: The RNE applauds Carolina for getting rid of slavery, but wished it could have been achieved more peacefully. More guns, artillery and ammo are produced. A series of forts with large artillery pieces capable of severely damaging or destroying ironclads, are built along the coasts of Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and New Lawrence. Several smaller defensive fortifications are placed on various islands in RNE waters. The RNE calls a meeting at the League of Nations, (All Member States Must attend), Slavery and European Alliances will be discussed and declared and a charter must be made. League of Nations Hall
  • CSA: With the large increase of Pro-Slavery Advocates from Carolina, and many go to the cities since most of the land in the country is already taken. A large fight started out in Montgomery between several Abolitionists and PSAs (Pro Slavery Advocates). 11 Abolitionists and 10 PSAs were killed, and dozens more were injured. A large debate irrupts in Congress over what to do about the Slavery issue.
    • FSA D: We will help the legit Government of the CSA, however, if a civil war erupts we will not invade.
  • Transmississippi: A large debate erupts in congress over whether to send money to the KKK to help them topple the freedman government in the end, Congress signs a bill stating that they will help them but the President vetoes this and the congress fails to overrule the veto. More factories are set up and the nation improves infrastructure. Meanwhile the city of Vicksburg hits a huge population increase and it soon turns into a prosperous port on the Mississippi River. Transmississippi is also slightly offended it was not invited into the League of Nations
    • RNE: All you had to do is ask, but you are officially added to the league of nations
  • United States: The United States continues its campaign in Virginia, and support for Prussia and Britain in the war increases.
  • Why are you supporting Prussia and Britain? For god's sake, France saved your sorry rear end from invading Britain, and can invade you all the same. In fact, Britain would have run over the entire eastern seaboard had it not been for France and Spain.
  • Most of Pennsylvania's population are German or British, so they would support where they originally came from. Furthermore, we defeated the British on our own, we didn't ask for France's help and we didn't receive any, anyway. I doubt that Britain could have overtaken everything when attacking so many nations at the same time. Furthermore, most of your population is either British or German as well, so you might want to re-think your move. We also said support, we still haven't gotten involved in the war yet.
  • First of all, you did indeed get French help in the war. France (and Spain actually) sent help and blocked British forces from coming in from the North. Second of all, this is 1871. Your people are of British and/or German descent. With that ideology, there would be no American Revolution, no Scramble of Africa, no colonization by Europeans at all. Why? Because they would count as African people, because all people hold origins from Africa. Furthermore, There is a lack of Germans in New York. Then there is the fact that tons of New Yorkers have Dutch descent. Then we have some Brits in Central New York, then when going into OTL Canada, we have Frenchies and more Dutchies. So yeah.
  • We actually fought and defeated the British in the north and south. The theory/fact that Humans came from Africa was not known at this time, so that holds no effect. Western New York State has many German people and most of the land you took from Britain was more British people than French People. You should be split on the issue at least.
  • This could be a problem for the NA ... and they wouldn't really be split, either ...
  • All it would be is that we would disagree on who should win. And I meant split politically, not actually have a civil war or anything.
  • New York: New York decides that the United States has no sense of honor, as it supports the Coalition when the nations of the Entente (France, Spain) saved the United States when Britain could have overrun the entire nation. The New York Embassy in the United States is closed. In respect of the LoN, however, New York will not completely join the war unless we fail to approach a resolution in New York. New York Congressmen vote in favor of the passage of the Sixteenth Amendment, which will remove habeas corpus during wartime only if major protest, rebellion, and other stuff breaks out. Also, it gives the President emergency powers during wartime. The Seventeenth Amendment is also passed, stating that alcohol and any other forms of intoxicating drinks cannot be consumed outside of a legal bar, saloon, or any other place of the sort.
  • Arkansas:The Arkansans continue to expand their industry through their country. The Arkansan railway continues to expand into Arkansas's new territorial additions.
  • Canada: Ask to join League of Nations. Ask to buy Alaska from Russia. Offers alliance to Manitoba.
    • Membership granted, your nation will be added to the list, please report to the league hall for participating discussions.
    • Manitoba accepts the alliance.
  • Are we moving on?
  • Yeah, I guess.


  • Transmississippi: The government begins a mass industrialization program that will make more cities, factories and military installations. The President also orders that the army size is increased. Meanwhile, two new ironclads are built, the TNM (Transmississippi National Military) Vicksburg and then TNM Natchez, both built to protect their namesakes from capture. A fort is set up in Natchez to protect it from attackers and is also given artillery guns to shut down the Mississippi River if necessary.
  • Arkansas:The Arkansans continue to expand their industry throughout their country. The Arkansan railway continues to expand into Arkansas's new territorial additions.
  • Carolina: The new government is generally disliked. However, they are able to retain power. Charleston is opened once again, and starts shipping goods out of the port.
  • Greater Colorado has started the construction of the Frigate GCS Colorado River and the Ironclad GCS Denver. These will be used for the protection of Colorado-Prussia and Austria military shipping supplies. Asks Texas to temporarily guard the shipping lanes. 1872 elections begin. President Adolf H. Freitag runs for reelection for the German-Coloradan Party. Kevin C. Wright runs for the Colorado Nationalist Party. Lawrence F. Riley runs with the American Unity Party. The Socialist Party of Colorado has James Kinsman running. Slavery is officially made illegal (not that anyone owned slaves at all). The German-Coloradan Party encourages people to name their children with German names. President Adolf Freitag and his wife have given birth to three beautiful children; Marie Freitag, Peter Freitag, and Erik Freitag.
  • RNE: New England expands its defenses. Elections are held and Julius Converse of Vermont and Russell Taft also of Vermont as his Vice President. They are inaugurated in Hartford and President Converse moves into the presidential mansion.
  • New York: Luther Bradish is elected President of the Republic of New York, defeating ABC and CBA of DEF. Bradish's new VP is ZYX from FED. (I'll get some names later.) New York commends the CSA on the abolition of slavery and offers help in any way possible.
    • GRSGov 02:29, May 26, 2012 (UTC)4
    • ... I'm using real people.
    • Luther Bradish died in 1863.
    • Althist, remember?
    • Thank you whoever! Although I do not always support "Because this is althistory," it works here because I kept him alive to serve under the Vice Presidency until 1872, wherein he was elected president.
    • Guns (grin)
  • CSA: Slavery is banned, following the change in rules in the League of Nations, and the nation begins to Industrialize to provide new jobs. People flock to the cities as farming is no longer profitable.
  • FSA: As the threat war is looming and with New York supporting France, more troops is sent to Michigan border in case things blow up. The FSS Enterprise launches to sea with President Hammond is seeing the ship being launched to sea. The fist mission is to go to Europe to see what is what going on and go to Prussia. However, the Enterprise is under orders not to participate in any military combat unless they are fired upon. Meanwhile the Union Party is gaining strength within the FSA, however, they are not strong enough to effect the upcoming Presidential Elections..
  • NY D: We're not supporting either side, we're just saying it's not right to side with Prussia and Britain, more specifically.
  • Manitoba: Infrastructure improves and so does the economy. Manitoba will stay out of all conflicts in Europe but will support the League of Nations if needed.
  • United States: The United States just about wraps up its war in Virginia, and slavery there is abolished wherever it is found. With the CSA's decision to abolish slavery, the U.S. government asks for a trade agreement.
    • CSA Diplomacy: We accept.
  • ULRM: keeps expeditionary force in France but doesn't reinforce it. Sends a naval force to scout the area. Offers alliance (full and Trade) to France. (1-5, accepted, 6-10, not. drew a 4.) The Liberal Party calls for an emergency referendum on the war (Federalists against entry, Liberals for) and most of the population wishes to enter but the ULRM will defer to the LoN for the time being. Builds another Ironclad, which is larger than any created before. Called the MSC Boston.


  • CSA: The nation continues to Industrialize to become self-sufficient, and to provide jobs for the new influx of people in the cities. Meanwhile, former Slaves across the nation are helped start their new lives as Freedmen.
    • FSA D: We would like to know if it is ok that companies from the FSA can setup shop in the CSA. They will follow the rules of the CSA. Also we would like to form a military alliance.
    • CSA D: We agree to both.
  • FSA: In a stunning upset the Union Party has a majority in the House, Richard Oglesby (Whig) of Centralia wins the Presidential election. Knowing that the Union party is a force, when President Oglesby is in office he will seek peaceful unification with other North American countries. He will not declare war on any North American country unless the Federated States is attacked. Also the FSS Enterprise returned from Europe stating that things are bloody. In that response, the President Hammond sends a division over to Prussia. Also a new ship called the FSS Illinois. Also in the FSA, the Freedman schools are shutting down now that slaves are being freed. President Hammond praised the nations that finally freed the slaves.
  • Transmississppi: The nation makes a huge landmark in freeing all slaves. A bill is passed stating that each county may vote if they want to be free or slave. Most counties in Tennessee and northern Mississippi decide to become free.
  • Greater Colorado President Adolf Freitag is reelected. GCS Colorado River, and the GCS Denver are almost completed. President Freiteg has announced "Greater Colorado is officially a German, Christian nation.
  • Republic of the Yucatan: Kane White, a foreigner from the Pacific Republic is exiled to the Yucatan Peninsula for rebellion. He sees the weakness of the region, and forms the Republic of the Yucatan, with him as president.
  • That is one of the greatest violation of the rules I have ever seen. A: You're controlling stuff in other nations by saying that "a foreigner from the Pacific Republic ... starts ... a rebellion" That never happened. B: Yucatan is already a republic. C: No Mexicans would rally up behind this white man. D: Yucatan is not weak by any means; in comparison to its direct neighbors, the FoM and the VR, it is quite strong. (Although not as strong as successors to the Union, especially the Atlantic powerhouses, NY, US (P), RNE, Mass, and/or FSA.)
  • Great Plains Republic: GPR continues with Industrialization and Urbanization, Military is expanded same as the economy. Technology and Infrastructure is upgraded. Military bases are being built with more fortifications in and around the country.
  • Texas: Seeing other nations starting to drift towards one or other of the sides in the European war, decides to send aid to Prussia. Texas realizes that this will make it unpopular with many nations, especially those who were aided by France against Great Britain, but one positive action, as in the case of France aiding them, does not justify a negative action, declaring war. Production is amped up, in anticipation of a declaration of war.
    • GC D We ask to send Coloradan troops to Texas to aide in a possible war with France.
    • TD: Texas accepts.
    • NFR D: The NFR proposes a military alliance between the two nations as we both support Prussia.
    • GC D The NFR and Colorado already have an alliance.
  • Pacific Republic: The Pacific Republic military is amped up as Seattle and Vancouver continue to grow and prosper.
  • New England: The RNE builds up defenses and infrastructure.


Mod Event 1: A United States shipment heading for Prussia is sunk by a French warship. France promises the whole of the United States to New York if it will (officially) enter the war on France's side.

Mod Event 2: Cuban nationalist Carlos Manuel de Cespedes begins a revolt for the freedom of Cuba from Spain (In OTL this begins in 1868 and fails, see Ten Year's War). He frees his slaves to fight in the militia and condemns the practice of slavery. He requests recognition and assistance from the American nations.

European Allegiances:

(Please add yourself as needed)



Greater Colorado



United States

Great Plains Republic





Southwest Republic





New York


Quebec (relies on France to stay alive, achieved independence with French help, French ally, although it hasn't posted in a while.)'

  • ''''''''''''''''''CSA: The nation continues to Industrialize in hopes of providing jobs for the influx of people in the cities. Unemployment is high, but FSA stores are helping bring that number down.
  • ''''''''''''''''''ULRM: Sends out Ironclads to intercept shipments to Prussia and England, stealing said supplies. The MSC' Boston is launched officially and work begins on the MSC Furious. After heavy fighting in Europe, sends another 100,000 troops to reinforce those still in France, and Spain. Expands army once more in preparation to enter the war. Promises allies that no matter what side they choose, the ULRM won't attack them, unless attacked themselves. Declares war and urges allies to do the same. sends 50,000 troops to attack Britain, partially succeeds due to British fighting in France, however they fail to capture London.
  • ''''''''''''''''''Whoa, you do not have all those troops, friend.
  • ''''''''''''''''''Are you kidding? Mass is one of the most powerful nations. Its stability index is Over 1000. It has 168,000 troops, and just off 3,000,000 people. It is so perfectly capable of doing that, its not even funny. You turned those numbers down to 1500 people? REALLY?
  • ''''''''''''''''''Don't control other nations.
  • '''''''''''''''Guys, stop fighting. Guns, your numbers are a little high. First, you have no nation page for me to check your stability index or population. Second, the maximum amount of soldiers allowed is 4%, which, for 3,000,000, is 120,000, so your numbers are high. Besides, that is your whole army. Are you going to send your whole army overseas?'
  • Yes, I do have a nation page. Its just not on the page (I'll add it in a sec). New York has a 5% draft (last time I checked, anyway). I adjust my numbers, but 1500 is WAY to low. And that new rule- I'm at war. 6% of 2,800,000 is 168,000, leaving many troops at home.
  • I didn't make that rule. Anyway, me and Scraw had this discussion before the game started and he said that the most that any country has ever had was 4%. I will allow this for now, and only for your nation, but the mods need to have a discussion on this. Sorry for the trouble. Sincerely, your loving mod, Flag of North Carolina CourageousLife 18:38, May 31, 2012 (UTC)
  • '''''''''Proposed New Rule: 'You're not supposed to have more than a 5% army power while this is raised to six or seven percent in wartime. Do the math.
  • ''''''''''''''''''Carolina: the anti-slave government sends troops and supplies to fight the Spaniards. only the freed slaves support the war, and violence begins when the draft is instated. The majority of the troops fighting in Cuba are freed slaves, and support the cause. The few non-abolitionists fighting begin to desert, disobey orders, and cause war crimes. The officers will not try them, because they do not support the war either.
  • ''''''''''''''''''New York: New York refuses France's offer and instead continues to send aid into Europe. New York also decides that, although he has the right idea, it is not right to help de Cespedes. However, there is nothing to stop the people and rich people in New York send aid to the Cubans and some other people even go there to join the fight. Updates on New York: Number of ironclads in navy: twenty three.
  • ''''''''''''''''''Attention! Y'all can start building pre-dreadnauts in 1887, since warfare technology is a bit faster here, by two-three years.
  • ''''''''''''''''''Texas: Texas secretly sends aids to the Cubans. For fear of war with Spain, the supply ships are disguised as merchant-class ships, and only unload the war contraband at night in private harbors. Texas grows more uneasy with France's recent acts of aggression.
  • ''''''''''''''''''FSA: With Richard Oglesby now President he keeps the current course of the FSA which will be a non aggressive country with other American countries unless they are attacked, however, he is open to unification with other American countries, with a condition that the name must be different than the current countries. When the troops arrived in Prussia, they are there to be trained by the Prussian army. They are not authorize to participate in any military operations until they are given the go ahead. Meanwhile the companies in the FSA is making profits with operations in the CSA, however there is concern about what is happening in the NFR since they have not heard anything from them for a while. President Oglesby notified the League of Nations that they would like to send an expedition into the NFR, lightly armed just to see what is going on in there. If everyone is OK with it.
  • ''''''''''''''''''Greater Colorado launches the GCS Colorado River and GCS Denver. Congress passes the Navy Production Act, which states "Every Six months, two ironclads will begin construction until the demise of this war." All unemployed workers are drafted into the production force. GCS Lesser Germany, GCS Lesser Colorado are in production. The Denver and Colorado River are sent into service to guard the Texas-Austria supply route. Future ships: Utah, Plainstate, Western Colorado, Pike's Peak, Dallas, and Cheyenne are scheduled. Yellow Journalism is made illegal.
  • ''''''''''''''''''Pacific Republic: Seattle and Vancouver continue to expand. Pre-dreadnoughts are manufactured as the military is expanded. Meanwhile, the Pacific Republic offers a major alliance deal with California. This alliance, dubbed the Pacific Alliance, will mean both nations can help each other out economically and militaristically.
  • ''''''''''''''''''New England: The RNE starts researching pre-dreadnoughts. More ironclads and ships are built, as are weapons and ammo. The RNE is still neutral in the European conflict, but will support France.
  • ''''''''''''''''''Durango: Durango request alliances with Texas,Greater Colorado, and The CSA. To start up and running again Durango helps with the Cuban war of Independence by sending cuba little to none supplies. Durango also got a new president named Jesus El Padro.
    • ''''''''''''''''''TD: Texas accepts
    • ''''''''No way! These are people who kicked out the Mormons and sent them packing! Alliance my foot.
  • ''''''''''''''''''Transmississippi: Sends aid to Spain to put down the revolution and refuses to recgonize the new nation, Transmississippi sends money and weapons to the Spanish Cuban military. Meanwhile, work is put into the TNM Jackson and TNM Memphis are put under construction. More iron works are set up to build more ironclads to completely update the navy. A bill is passed ordering all freedmen to move to the northern ocunties that voted to be free-counties.
  • ''''''''''''''''''Canada: Expands cities and infrastructure. Starts to invade unclaimed Nuevant. Stays Neutral in Europe but supports Cuba's independence.
  • ''''''''Nunavat is French, ye do not want to attack.
  • ''''''''''''''''''Manitoba: Manitoba stays neutral in the European affair. Military and infrastructure improve and so does their navy. Their economy also improves.
  • ''''''''''''''''''Northern Federal Republic: President Custer warns that any nation to militarily support France and thus bring the war to North America will meet the full might of the NFR. The navy is sent to patrol the coasts of the ULRM, New York and RNE (the Great Lakes shores) as a show of force. The army is amped up and the NFR asks the FSA if they can station troops in garrisons along the US-FSA border.
    • '''''''''''FSA D: I would have no problem with that.
    • '''How do you have a navy? Your only neighboring water is a small part of Lake Superior.
  • ''''''''''''''''''Southwest Republic: The Southwest Republic continues to stay neutral in the European conflict, and supports neither side. Meanwhile, the SWN launches the SWN Vegas. The Riverside, J.W North, San Diego, Baja California, and Arizona are scheduled to be laid down. Research begins on pre-dreadnoughts. The SWR agrees to the alliance with the Pacific Republic. Mining of ore, gold, silver, and an entrepeneur, J.W North, Jr. begins looking for oil with in California.
  • ''''''''''''''''''Great Plains Republic: The President of GPR declares war on France for its aggression on Nations in America. GPR sends troops to battle with French troops overseas via Texas. Meanwhile Military, infrastructure and economy increased.
  • '''''''''''''United States: The United States thanks New York for not getting involved in the war, although we understand that it probably was not for us. Control over Virginia solidifies, and the state is readmitted as the seventh state. The United States demands that France pay compensation for the goods and sailors that lost their lives. Work begins on better, more armored ships.
    • ''''''I don't mean to be picky but could you do an algorithm for this?'
    • ''''''Ugh, I really don't want to right now. How about I do it later?'
    • ''''''I need it before the end of the turn
  • ''''''Arkansas: 'The Arkansans declare neutrality in the Franco-Prussian War. The Arkansans begin sending military aid to the Cuban rebels.
  • ''''''Refresh my memory, what land does Canada control? '
  • '''Mod Event: Prussian ships battling the French in French Canada accidentally sink FSA ships in the Great Lakes, thinking that they were French.
  • (Let's just go with one country, there's no way that they would sink all of those ships and not know)


Mod Event 1: Spain demands that any American nations sending supplies to Cuba cease doing so immediately or a state of war will exist between themselves and Spain.

Mod Event 2: A rebel army forms in Pennsylvania-controlled North Carolina and southwestern Virginia. They request that other nations acknowledge their sovereignty.

NFR: All right guys. I'm going to be on a trip for 11 days so I'm giving control of my country temporarily to the FSA. But Mods please don't let anything too catastrophic happen in my absence. Thank you.

  • '''''FSA: After meeting with the cabinet President Oglesby sends a message to the Prussian Ambassador. Any more "mistakes" and we will support France. Meanwhile all military is on high alert and President Oglesby orders the troops in Prussia to leave and stay on the FSS Enterprise. In the FSA, all military is on high alert. He also addresses to the Federated Congress to that war is coming. There was a bill was passed by the Congress called the Sedition Act. However Preident Oglesby vetoed the bill. The veto was not overridden. He reasoning is that we should not get rid of any rights during the time of war. Period. The Federated economy is now geared towards a war-time economy. Also a draft was started for men between 18 - 30.
    • Prussian Diplomacy: Prussia sends its humblest apologies for the loss of the ship(s). It hopes that this incident will not affect their alliance, and wishes to pay reparations to the FSA for the ship(s) and sailors.
    • FSA D: The Fedederated States accepts the Prussia's apology and will accept a small amount of reparations. We also request to have some of our troops to be trained by your officers.
  • ''CSA: More Industry and Infrastructure are built in the nation. More people flood into the cities as the farming depression, as it is now known as, continues to devaste small rural towns. Meanwhile, we accept Durango's alliance request.
  • Carolina: The Carolinian troops continue to fight in Cuba. However, most are being shipped back home due to lack of support for the war. Carolinian diplomats meet with leaders of the rebel army. In a secret agreement, the rebels are told to move across the border into Virginian territory (no nations know of this), and leave Carolina. A few leave, but most stay, and begin to become a nuisance. Most are either NC secessionists, or former slave holders.
    • I think you mistook me (sorry) - the rebels are all in Pennsylvanian territory, none are in your country.
    • OK.
    • I apologize for not making that clear on my part Flag of North Carolina CourageousLife 18:01, June 1, 2012 (UTC)
  • ​ULRM: Asks the NFR to stop patrolling the ULRM coast (where do you have a navy larger than a couple of ships, anyway?). Pulls back 5,000 troops from France and sends the rest to England, to aid the invasion (145,000 troops there). The 51,000 troops still at home build defenses in case of a sea attack. Air Scouts and Navy patrols go through the sea, sinking Prussian warships. A law is instituted banning the death penalty except in case of High treason. Another one gets rid of Habeas Corpus, if and only if the nation is currently being attacked (not in a war- attacked as in enemy troops have surrounded them). Refuses to acknowledge the rebels. Starts a new Urbanization project, building up several new cities. Starts research into pre-dreadnoughts and, in Britain, discovers plans for the tank (which was invented by now, only the British government thought it was useless, like the machine gun, until in 1915, it was shown to PM Lloyd George and Winston Churchill).
    • NFR D: Wisconsin actually has a large shoreline and borders two lakes thus we can create a navy. And we will withdraw so long as no threats are made against any of our alllies.
    • ULRM D: That doesn't include Prussia, England, and the rest of the Allies? Because Mass is already at war with them, with the rest of the Entente.
  • Need an algorithm here. And it would be good if other mods could rate this as plausible or not.
    • No offense, but it is kind of iffy - not saying that because I'm on Britain's side, but you would not be able to make it to the British home islands.
    • Well, OK, I guess the conquering part doesn't work, but I could make it there. After all a lot of ships and troops are in the Continent. So I could invade, but not really conquer anything t ...
  • United States: The U.S. army begins a crackdown of the rebels, and most caught are given amnesty as fellow Americans, although a few that committed hardened crimes are imprisoned or killed. Relations with the ULRM to cease actions in Europe, as it makes our trading difficult with both Britain and France.
    • ULRM D: ... Why? Your trade with France and Britain isn't being stopped by us ... you're allies, we're not raiding YOUR ships ...
  • New England: The RNE builds up defenses and weapons production. The Military is mobilized as are the home guards, troops patrol the borders, ships patrol the waters and balloons patrol the air. Research on pre-dreadnoughts continues. The Winchester Rifle Company in New Haven, CT creates the 1873 Repeating Rifle, a prototype version impresses the military heads and they begin the immediate production of these weapons and their respective ammo (the .44-40 cartridge) and distributed to all branches of the military, they also produce a single shot sniper rifle that impresses too, It is produced and distributed to sniper troops and special forces.
  • NFR: Custer recalls the navy however the NFR banner is clearly flown on every ship to avoid any accidents with Prussia. Meanwhile President Custer forms the Department of Intelligence (DOI) to find spies and other agents. The army is amped up and 40,000 troops are sent to the FSA to be stationed in border garrisons. Meanwhile thousands of French immigrants leave the nation to Canada after dozens of terrorist attacks on French establishments and the lynching of three French merchants.
    • FSA D: We are going to start military action against France in mid 1874. Are you all set?
  • Manitoba: Manitoba improves economy and infrastructure. Military is also improved.


Mod Event 1: The Prince Consort Albert is captured by Spanish forces.

Mod Event 2: Prussia sends aid to the Cuban rebels since they are already at war with Spain. France asks Spain to call of the war threat and instead advises Spain to grant it dominion status.

Mod Event 3: Japan purchases the Philippines from Spain for the time being and offers it to any willing takers—except ye "fractured American states."

Mod Event 4: The President of the Pacific Republic is assassinated by a Yucatan immigrant.

Mod Event 5: Robert E. Lee leaves Pennsylvania since it has conquered his homeland and moves to Europe, joining the Entente war effort.

I protest this event. Lee was already dead by this time OTL, and we would have pardoned him like Grant.

A: Yeah, I thought keeping him alive for a bit would be fun. My plan was to kill him next year. B: He's just tired of bad things happening to his old Virginia so he leaves.

Mod Event 6: A rebellion begins in Australia, seeking help from any nation so long as it does not support Britain or any of its allies.

Mod Event 7: An ethnic group known as the Freedom for the Balkan Peoples moves begins a revolution.

  • CSA: More Industry is built in the nation as the cities are full of people who need jobs, and the Government begins a large project to build houses in the outskirts of the cities to help provide housing for these people.
  • Great Plains Republic: Because of the GPR's role in the War Civil Unrest begins to intensify and is met with unmerful and strict Military force causing revolts in all around the country. Military expands and technology research goes up but Infrastructure halts due to Civil Unrest.
    • FSA D: How did you get to Michigan without going through Federated territory with no permission.
    • A: Why are you attacking anyone? B: You can't through Michigan without going through other people.
    • Sorry I thought that the war was going and that we an alliance but I forgot the permission part. I removed it.-Ahistoryman11
  • FSA: The Federated Troops leave the FSS Enterprise and they are told to get ready to prepare to fight at moments notice. Also the FSS Enterprise leaves Prussia to head back to get new orders. The FSS Illinois and the new ship FSS Indiana has been launched with the orders to go the Caribbean. Meanwhile in Lake Michigan, the Federated Navy put a series of ships near the city of Chicago to protect the city when war starts. Also the Federated States ask the diplomats from France to leave.
  • Carolina: Carolina alllies itself with Prussia, due to their common enemy, Spain. The war in Cuba continues smoothly. Many private companies aid the Spanish, due to lack of support for the war.
  • Greater Colorado: GCS Lesser Germany and GCS Lesser Colorado are launched. They are immediately sent to guard trade routes.
  • New York: Offers the Pacific Republic an alliance.
  • ULRM: Pulls another 45,000 troops out of Europe and sends the remaining 100,000 back to France to aid the war effort. Downgrades the army back down to 168,000 men. Of the 68,000 at home, 18,000 are sent to aid NY due to the GPR's attacks. Sends 10,000 troops to Cuba to aid the Spanish. Blockades the Great Lakes by putting ships on all the rivers to the ocean. Ships are allowed to pass through so long as they are not warships from a country at war with the ULRM or the Entente. Sends supplies to Australia, but no soldiers. The remaining 40,000 troops at home do routine patrols of the entire East Coast.
  • New England: The RNE builds up its military, preparing for any invasions. The 1873 rifle is produced as is the new sniper rifle.
  • Manitoba: Manitoba improves their economy and military. Manitoba stays neutral during the European affair.
  • United States: The United states continues shipping to all countries in the war, although the people still favor Prussia and its allies. The navy is expanded by two plated frigates, and the navy is on high alert in the Great Lakes region.
  • Canada: Asks to buy Alaska for 17 million and Russia Agrees (1-7 No, 8-10 Yes, 8). It is incorporated into the Country and the military improves.
  • Pacific Republic: The Pacific Republic, in light of the assassination, does a thorough investigation. The man is found and excecuted in Seattle. As a precaution, questionable Yucatan refugees are to be investigated. Finally, the military is amped up.

Can we start the next turn? TacoCopper


  • Greater Colorado begins to create breech-loading artillery. Winchester 1873s are becoming a main part of the army. This calls for new military strategies and new uniforms to conform to the new tactics.
  • FSA: The Federated States finally enters the war against France. President Oglesby sent word to the French allies in America that we will not attack them unless you attack us. President Oglesby also gives permission to the GPR to send troops to Federated Michigan, however do not attack New York Michigan until there is military action. The first action that the Federated States did was to attack French shipping or any ships that carries the French Flag. All Army units is now on high alert and the Federated States gives permission for Prussia to station troops in the country if they want to.
  • CSA: The nation continues to Industrialize, and many people are "relocated" to the cities, and wide areas of land are declared National Reserves and cannot be farmed. This angers many Southeners, but many don't care anymore, as farming isn't profitable. Still, protests occur in the cities where Southeners are relocated to, and a few turn violent.
  • Arkansas: The Arkansans continue to expand their industry throughout their country. They officially recognize Cuban independance, though any aid they were giving had dried up months ago.
  • New York: New York asks Arkansas as to whose side it is on in the Great War. New York proposes to the FSA that it does not attack French shipping, as it will damage the international economy. New York maintains relations to both sides and will not enter the war unless provoked or attacked first. New York establishes a colony in Africa. New York's military is activated and
  • Following nations have colonial strength: Pennsylvania, New York, FSA, Mass, RNE, and California, if it tries hard enough.
    • Arkansas Diplomacy: The Arkansans are neutral in the Great War, as they do not feel any special ties to either Prussia or France. The main reason being that Arkansas wasn't reached by British forces during their brief attempt to reconquer the former American states, so the Arkansans do not have any form of gratitude for France "saving" them from Redcoats.
    • FSA Diplomacy: We reserve the right to attack anything that has a French Flag on it.
    • NY D: Again, the economies will collapse. Please leave alone passenger ships at the least. Wasting civilian lives is unnecessary.
    • FSA D: We will only attack Military ships.
    • NY D: Ok then.
  • Southwest Republic: The President of the Southwest Republic reforms the Constitution to reform the military in to the Southwest Defense Forces (similar to OTL Japanese Self-Defense Forces) and states that it will not attack any nation unless fired upon first. Research into new artillery and weapons begins, and new tatics are developed by officers, such as: indirect fire (meaning the use of artillery without a direct line of sight), camouflage, and no more row advances, which is replaced by the army being deployed in squads instead of mass numbers, and each soldiers may break off to find cover instead of marching into battle with no cover.Mining of silver and gold continues, agriculture and industry are expanded, and the prospecting for new minerals begin.
  • Canada: Improves infrastructure and expands military. Vancouver becomes a boom town.
  • The City of Vancouver belongs to the Pacific Republic
  • Vancouver Island Yes, Vancouver City is mine.
  • ULRM: Sends an expeditionary force of 25,000 men to Africa (in Angola). Withdraws troops from NY (that were sent in case of a GPR invasion), and puts them on defense patrol. War tactics are switched to guerrilla tactics, not so old fashioned, while they are also adapted to trench warfare. Several new weapons are adopted into the army, including the machine gun and tank, which are freely shared with France, the RNE, NY, and Spain. Develops 'Shotgun artillery', which break up into several shells in midair, which then explode on landing. Sends 3,000 more men to Cuba to aid the Spanish. (total troops: 168,000- 100,000 in Europe, 25,000 in Africa, 15,000 defending Mass, 3,000 in Cuba). Who's winning in Europe, BTW?
  • Tie.
  • Oh, good.
  • New England: The RNE supports France in the war, but won't do anything unless attacked. The RNE establishes a colony in OTL Ghana, Cote D'Ivoire, and Liberia. The RNE sets up a colonial government, that treats the native inhabitants freely and kindly. They set up farms, roads, mines, factories, schools and hospitals.
  • United States: Continues supporting Prussia and Allies. Explorers are sent around Africa, although they do not establish any colonies at this time. A new experimental rifle is produced.

The meeting in Denver. President Freitag is the man third from the right.


  • Mod Event 1: Russia leaves the Great War due to internal conflicts.
  • What internal conflicts were you thinking of?
  • Commies.
  • Greater Colorado: Officials meet in Denver to decide whether or not to engage French ships. Most of the population cries for war, to show the German states the helping nature of their North American ally. GCS Dallas (Named in honor of Texas) and GCS Pike's Peak are launched to guard Texas-Austria/Prussian trade routes. League of Nations ambassador, Klaus Rheinhardt, has died of dysentary. Markus Wulf has taken his place. Leaders of member states are invited to the funeral.
  • CSA: The nation continues to Industrialize. Meanwhile, more protests occur in the cities by Southeners forced off their farm. This has delayed the moving of any more Farmers to the Cities.
  • FSA: The Federated States stop targeting French civilain ships and target only the French Military. The goal is to do a hit an run and avoid allies of France and Spain on the ports. Meanwhile the FSS Enterprise escorts and ship to Africa for an expedition and setup an outpost in what in OTL Togo. The outpost is called New Chicago. New Chicago is guarded by a small contigent of Marines. Again the Federated States sends a diplomatic team to the NFR and again merge the two countries, and call it either Allied States of America or Union of American States. Another option could be that the voters from the two countries decide on the name.
  • Great Plains Republic: Social and Civil unrest continues Martial Law still continues., Aid continues go to Prussia. Everything is halted except Technology research.
    • FSA D: How about merging our countries and either call it the Allied States of America or Union of American States?
    • althistoryman11- I'm kind of curious how that would work, because Nippon on PM told me to this with another country but would be alliance or something else? Just curious.
    • I believe that he means a Confederation.
  • ULRM: With the 300,000 new citizens in Angola (now conquered by the ULRM, and yes, I win on algorithm, though I had to estimate their figures), it expands the army to 186,000 people (remaining at 6% of the population). The people of Angola are considered second class citizens, but they are able to vote for local officials, and no real segregation occurs as the two races do not speak the same language, and thus do not intermingle anyway. However, public works projects are created to decrease unemployment and to industrailize parts of Angola (the rest is used for farming land). 20,000 of the 25,000 troops in Angola are pulled back- they go to defend the ULRM. 35,000 troops are sent to reinforce the 100,000 in Europe. The 3,000 troops in Cuba (aiding the Spanish) are reinforced with 23,000 more soldiers. (total- 186,000; 5,000 in Angola; 20,000 defending the ULRM; 135,000 in Europe; 26,000 in Cuba). A new, experimental type of rifle is invented, that can shoot with accuracy up to 1000 meters away.
  • Uhh ... What's wrong w/ this? Angola's population was 300,00 at the time. Mass was far more powerful. They would have '''' easily conquered Angola since there was no central government. They are CITIZENS OF THE ULRM NOW, and thus count towards population. And they would certainly be drafted. So, why??
  • Have you ever heard of Europeans took most of Africa in the nineteenth century? Angola included.
  • Yes, the Portuguese took over Angola, but that had JUST started, in fact they probably hadn't even started yet, because full colonization was in the 1880s.
  • Carolina: Now with Cuban independence secured, Carolina begins to support Prussia. They don't send soldiers there, however. The reconstruction government is becoming more and more corrupt. The economy is also experiencing a downturn.
    • FSA D: Is it ok that companies from the Federated States setup shop. The companies will obey Carolina laws.
    • Carolina diplomacy: The Government will support it, and would greatly appreciate foreign buisinessess.
  • United States: The United States recognizes the Republic of Cuba as an independent nation. Explorers start to penetrate into OTL Zimbabwe through Portuguese Est Africa. Another route through Portuguese West Africa is also explored. Industrialization moves south into Virginia
  • New England: The RNE continues settling and modernizing its colonies in Africa. The peoples of the colonies are impressed and pleased with the new rulers, as their standards of living greatly increase, the colonies of Liberia, Ghana and Cote d'lvoire decide to apply for statehood, congress will meet on the requests, results will be posted later (Can a mod do an RNG). The RNE still sides with France, but still won't do anything until attacked.
  • Have you heard of European Colonialism?
  • OK
  • Great. Maybe you can find some other land in Africa.
  • Manitoba: Manitoba continues improving their military and economy. Manitoba is having a presidental election and the opposing politician wants to leave the League of Nations but the president in power wants to stay.
  • World Event: Wilhelm I assassinated by Polish nationalist. Frederick III takes his place as German Emperor.
  • Also, a news flash. Britain and France were really allies after the Crimean War! I'm considering that we should act like Britain never took part in the War.
  • Yeah, but France went to war with Britain to prevent them from dominating the Americas, so I think we don't have to edit anything.


  • NFR: With war looming ever closer Custer focuses purely on strengthening the military. The army is outfitted in gray uniforms with Prussian metal helmets replacing the cloth caps of the previous decades. Extensive research and study is put into developing more effective machine guns, and Custer, with deep regret, dismantles cavalry after it becomes evident that horse charges will be mowed down by machine guns. Instead more jeeps and military vehicles are built. Custer prepares a draft ready to be instituted which would call all men from 18-25 to fight.
    • WTF, mods, can't you see this? JEEPS? IN 1875????
    • WHOA! Thanks GRS. Didn't catch this one!
    • OH DANG! My bad! Guys, I honestly didn't catch this, sorry. I feel so embarrassed. I didn't mean to sabotage the game. Really, it just slipped past me.
  • Transmississippi: Military production is ramped up as the freed slaves now working in the northern region's factories. Total abolition is now being debated in congress.
  • Carolina: Citizens are anxious about the impending war. However, the government does nothing. Even though numerous advances in technology have happened, the Carolinian army is still outfitted with their tan "butternut" wool uniforms. The only advance in military technology used by the Carolinians is the lever action rifle, which is outdated by the bolt action guns used by the armies of Europe.
  • New England: The RNE continues to outfit the military with the 1873 rifle and sniper/speacial forces with the new sniper rifle. Military production is amped up and defenses stepped up.
  • FSA: The FSA Navy is still harassing the French Navy ships by making hit and run shots. The FSA is preparing to invade an island that is under French control in the Caribbean. In the OTL Togo, the outpost is growing into a colony. A deal was made with the locals: accept FSA rule and they will be treated as full citizens with voting rights and being able to participate in elections. Once they are a full state they will be able to participate in Presidental elections. The FSA army is sending an expedition to Texas to make sure everything is OK. The FSA notified the League that they are just going to investigate to see what is g

    Coloradan Trans-Atlantic shipping routes

    oing on.
  • Texas: Texas welcomes the FSA expedition. Meanwhile, factory output is increased and a military build-up begins, in case of war.
  • Great Plains Republic: GPR updates Military, infrastructure, tech and tech research and economy. Civil unrest goes away after attack on several farms by the Gov't, GPR military ask for permission to go to Michigan to Fight and if it's okay they will be sent.
  • What? Didn't we explain this to you? You're not going to Michigan goddamnit cause NY and FSA ain't at war!
  • ULRM: Continues fighting in Europe. Pulls out of Cuba, but assassinates the new ruler, throwing Cuba into chaos. Fights off A few Portuguese settlers in Angola- there aren't many, as full colonization hasn't occurred yet. Continues Urbanization projects in Worchester and Boston. Approval rating of the war drops to 52%, from the 89% pre-war. However, most people just want to bring some soldiers home, not all of them, so the war continues. A further 30,000 troops are left to defend the ULRM, another 5,000 in Angola, and the remaining 151,000 troops are fighting in Europe. Steps up raids of Prussian supplies and warships.


  • FSA: The Federated States as finally givne the troops in Prussia permission to engage the French. Just don't engage the ULRM troops. Meanwhile the Federated States told Prussia that the Prussian ships heading to North America that they can fly the FSA flag. Just as long they don't attack another North American countries. Meanwhile local politics the Union Party has control of both houses of Congress and may win the next Presidental Election. Fearing the party may push for a more aggressive unification, President Oglesby offers any country to join a North American Confederation. The Confederation will have rotating capitals, a single currency and a joint military.
  • ULRM: The elections, held a year late due to the war, come out with clear results, a LIberal victory, though with only a 53% majority instead of 78% as last time. Thanks the FSA for ordering its troops not to attack ULRM troops, and reciprocates. Also suggests that all Entente troops in the Atlantic fly the ULRM flag. Cuba's unrest causes 10,000 troops to leave the ULRM and go to aid the Pro- Spanish rebels there (we assassinated the Cuban President last turn). 2,000 troops leave Angola and go to Europe, leaving 153,000 troops in Europe, 10,000 in Cuba, 3,000 in Angola, and 20,000 defending the ULRM.
  • Carolina: The President attempts to send troops to Cuba to help out the Anti-slave government. However, the move is voted against in the Senate, and the troops stay at home. later in the year, the Anti-slave government is largely voted out of office, and many former plantation owners and prewar politicians regain their old offices. They decide to allow former slaves to remain free, mostly to get their support and their votes. They pass a law that gives former slave owners monetary compensation for former slaves. The government begins to balance the budget and pay off other debts. If all goes well, the debt should be paid off by 1885. Newly elected diplomats declare that Carolina is to be Neutral in the current European war. They ask for trade agreements and better diplomacy with the CSA.
  • Greater Colorado: GCS Utah and GCS Plainstate have been launched.
  • New England: The RNE continues building up the military in the event of war. The African Colonies expands their borders to OTL borders. They also establish a colony in Namibia. A peace delegation is sent to Europe, to help resolve the conflict between Prussia and France and other proxy nations. The RNE sends medical, food, and monetary aid to the anti-slavery forces in Cuba.


  • FSA: While the war in Europe is going on the division that is in combat is doing well. Meanwhile, with pressure from the Union Party. The FSA decides to invade the US. The main function is to attack key cities of the US (mainly Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Washington DC). They expect the war to go on for two to three years. Meanwhile the FSA Navy stops attack on the French and starts the blockade of the US. Once the US is captured there is talk that Washington DC will be the capital.
  • ULRM: Unsure of what to do in the FSA invasion, decides to support the US, invading the West Coast (of the FSA). Withdraws 51,000 troops to do this.

BTW, I feel like this is pretty much dead, so ...

That is why I decided to invade to see what happens ... I'm sorry about this, I thought game was dead so I decided to see what happens. Kdavis005 00:25, June 26, 2012 (UTC)

Guys, Sorry. Typo, I meant to attack the FSA... looks like I was wrong about death. :)

Really Guns? We can all tell that you have learned that you have lost, you have switched sides. Three ways to tell this: You invaded the FSA's West Coast when it does not have one. The USPA, however, does. Two: I said I have the full capability to destroy you. This scared you, yes? Three: I said that the FSA lost, and after that you switched sides.

No, really, I'm not kidding. Why would I do that? It is a game, I don't care that much, I barely even read what you worte, I saw what I had written, noticed the typo, fixed it, then saw what you wrote. Please don't accuse me of cheating. I can see the confusion, but here I'm afraid you are wrong. (US is part of the NA, remember). And, BTW, you may be able to defeat me- but I'm not sure. Our armies are both huge, and our stability algorithms are almost the same - I'm 5- 10 less than you. Why am I scared? Because I might lose a country after a lot of turns in a game that is practically dead? Sorry. I wouldn't do that.

Really? I'll take you word on that.

  • Carolina: Carolina asks to be annexed by the CSA, and is now part of the CSA.
  • New York: New York declares war on the FSA and ULRM condemning the invasion of an ally (Yes, you were both Pennsylvanian allies) and sends many troops defeat the ULRM (You have wronged me badly and I have the full military capability to overtake ULRM) and blockades the ULRM. All FSA and ULRM military ships are sunk on sight. New York troops move in from Michigan into the FSA and prepare for a great attack on the FSA.
  • Northern Federal Republic: The NFR supports the FSA invasion of the United States and declares war on New York, launching a massive invasion of the Upper Peninsula as well as shipping troops across the Great Lakes to attack Michigan Proper. Meanwhile the garrisons placed in Ohio are ordered to support FSA troops and participate in the invasion of the U.S. The NFR navy is ordered to sink any New York ships regardless of their class (merchant traders, civilian cruisers, military vessles).
  • Too late pal, an algorithm been done: see the talk page. Anyway, you support the FSA's invasion, but you don't declare war on the US, it's New York? Thumbs Up
  • Oh come on. Please, I want some land in Michigan! And I declare war on both nations, BTW.
  • OK. You still lost.
  • Really? The War's over already?
  • No, it'll still take a couple turns, but currently, whoever has a higher number is winning.
  • United States: The United States declares war on the FSA and the ULRM for their horrendous betrayal. The army is deployed to all conflict zones, and we thank New York for standing with us.
  • TYPO NOW FIXED. ULRM is behind US all the way.
  • Texas: Texas is severely torn. On one hand, the FSA and NFR have been good allies for a long time. On the other hand, Pennsylvania did not provoke the attack in any way. Texas will side with the FSA if they can justify the attack reasonably. If not, then Texas will side with Pennsylvania and New York. FSA has one turn to respond.
  • FSA D: The Union Party of the FSA has threatened Oglesby of a coup attempt if he does not do anything. They said either attack US or the NFR and there are elements of Unionist in the Military. Plus we had not heard anything from the US in a long time and thought it would be easy pickings.
    • New York D: New York tells Texas that FSA betrayed the US and it does not have a reason for this invasion. New York tells the Texans that this action by the FSA is uncalled for, and that they should either attack the FSA or remain neutral. You can have FSA Missouri if you want it.
      • Texan Diplomacy: Texas will agree to support Pennsylvania and New York if it has a say on the division of the NFR and the FSA after they are dealt with.
      • NFR D: On behalf of the FSA we would be happy to oblige your offer. The United States had already declared their expansionist ideals and had invaded Ohio, thus creating a border between the FSA and the USA. It is obvious that given the USA's better strategic position along the coasts as well as being a nation loaded with technology that they would have triumphed over us given enough time. Thus we decided our only option was a decisive pre-emptive strike. New York sided with the U.S. for its own diplomatic reasons and so we were forced to declare war on them as well. Note that if we fall, the USA and New York will have a foothold in the MidWest and be able to pose a threat to all nations on the West.
    • ULRM D: Though the above points are somewhat true, a) None of the nations attacked had any designs on the NFR or the FSA for quite some time- WW-I, remember? b) The FSA was an ally to the US and NY. (They pretty much attacked to revive this game, thank you Kdavis, BTW.) Neither state would attack the FSA. The NFR ... maybe in 10–15 years at the least, if ever ... but then the NFR did not begin hostilities. Finally, if the US/NY had attacked, both countries would have Texas and the Rest of America on their backs ... and the ULRM wouldn't approve, nor (probably) the RNE. Soo ...
    • NY D: NY tells the NFR that it was the FSA who asked the US to invade Ohio from the East so that they could both have the land. New York proposes this land division to Texas: NY gets Wisconsin and Dakota. Texas gets FSA Missouri and NFR Iowa. US gets FSA Ohio and Indiana. Illinois will be split three ways and Chicago will be split into three occupation zones. A new nation will be set up in FSA Montana and Wyoming.
      • ​ULRM D: Feels rather insulted that despite the ULRM troops fighting with NY, the ULRM gains no land -_- ...
      • NY R: You're too far away to effectively govern anything, however, we shall
      • divide Illinois four ways. (Like Allied Germany Post WWII)
      • ULRM D: Or NY could get the ULRM's share in return for some land belonging to NY near Mass.
      • NO.
  • Quebec: Quebec offers its loyalty to which ever side offers it the most.
    • Already claimed, Dean. Besides, I thought you left.
  • Northern Federal Republic: Custer pushes to support the FSA. However, his government is overthrown by the liberal party, who asks New York, Texas, ULRM and all other nations for an alliance against the FSA and forgiveness for the past government's actions. It offers to jointly invade the FSA and open a new front so long as it gets some of the land-spoils (Preferably somewhere in Illinois) The Northern Federal Army in FSA Ohio begins a mass migration into USA Ohio while the border is closed between the two nations.
  • You had a post this turn.

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