WELCOME to the Second States of America Map Game! You may notice a few changes that I'm sure you may find enjoyable.


  • You may start out as a former state or province. Also, you may be a small Caribbean Island.
  • This starts in 1935. One turn is a half year.
  • Nations with nation pages get a bonus!
  • Be Plausible.
  • We start out in the Great Depression. You can not magically boost your economy to prosperity in six months (Yes, the US is sitting World War II out. Same with Canada!)
  • Each player can only control two states at most.
  • No multi-state unions until at least after the Great Depression.
  • No expansion until 1940.


  • If you annex/unite/conquer/etc a state please write its name down and cross it out and say what happened to it (i.e. New Mexico Annexed by the Great Republic of Obamastan)
  • Carolina- CrimsonAssassin 22:04, March 16, 2011 (UTC)
  • Alaska- CrimsonAssassin 22:04, March 16, 2011 (UTC)
  • South Carolina- CrimsonAssassin 22:28, May 12, 2011 (UTC) conquered by Carolina
  • Tennessee- CrimsonAssassin 22:28, May 12, 2011 (UTC) annexed by Carolina
  • Georgia- Bill Potter 15:08, May 9, 2011 (EST) Voted to join Carolina
  • Texas- PitaKang- (Talk|Contribs) 22:07, March 16, 2011 (UTC)
  • California- PitaKang- (Talk|Contribs) 22:07, March 16, 2011 (UTC)
  • New York- Yank 02:45, March 17, 2011 (UTC)
  • Virginia- Yank 02:45, March 17, 2011 (UTC)
  • Florida - Bobalugee1940 18:47, May 2, 2011 (UTC) conquered by the United Republic
  • Alabama - Bobalugee1940 18:47, May 2, 2011 (UTC) Unified into the United Republic
  • United Republic - Bobalugee1940 01:58, May 9, 2011 (UTC)
  • FSA 12:15, May 9, 2011 (EST)
  • Indiana - Bill Potter Formed the Federal States of America
  • Ohio - Bill Potter Formed into the Federal States of America
  • CRA - Bill Potter 15:08, May 9, 2011 (EST) annexed by the United Republic (with former owner's consent)
  • Bill, choose one state to join the CRA and FSA.
  • New Hampshire-Triangle21
  • Illinois- Annexed into the UFSS
  • Michigan- Annexed into the UFSS
  • UFSS- Ownerzmcown 20:45, May 10, 2011 (UTC)
  • Arizona - Kdavis005 22:05, May 2, 2011 (UTC)kdavis005 Turned into the Arizona Republic Now part of ASA
  • Nevada - Kdavis005 22:05, May 2, 2011 (UTC)kdavis005 Annexed in ASA
  • Connecticut Republic-octiman10 00:26, May 3, 2011 (UTC)- Renamed Federated Free States of America or FFSA
  • Federated Free States of America (FFSA)- octiman10 01:12, May 19, 2011 (UTC)
  • Rhode Island- Joined FFSA
  • Massachusetts- Joined FFSA
  • Vermont- Joined FFSA
  • New Hampshire- Joined FFSA
  • Maine- annexed by FFSA
  • WashingtonCheesyCheese 23:36, May 3, 2011 (UTC)
  • Mississippi Unified into the United Republic
  • Louisiana Unified into the United Republic
  • Pennsylvania Annexed by New York.
  • New Jersey Annexed by New York
  • Utah Joined into the ASA
  • New Mexico Join into the ASA
  • Allied State of America Kdavis005 02:35, May 9, 2011 (UTC)kdavis005
  • West Virginia Annexed by Virginia
  • Kentucky Annexed by Virginia
  • Wisconsin- Annexed by the UFSS
  • Colorado Annexed by the ASA
  • Oregon Annexed by Washington
  • Kansas Annexed by the ASA
  • Arkansas conquered by the United Republic
  • Missouri Annexed by the United Republic
  • Oklahoma Annexed by the ASA
  • Idaho Annexed by the ASA
  • Wyoming Joined the ASA
  • Montana Joined the ASA


  • Yank 23:20, April 2, 2011 (UTC)
  • CrimsonAssassin 16:23, April 26, 2011 (UTC) <<<<< Guy who made this game.


  • CrimsonAssassin will be unavailable after this Friday, due to finals. Wish him luck! Please don't attack my nations.
  • Go ahead and expand. However, anyone annexing multiple states in one turn will be removed from the game.
  • Bill Potter will be unavailable after this Friday, for around two weeks, Please don't attack my nations.
  • Kdavis005 03:48, June 3, 2011 (UTC)kdavis005 will be out of town and offline for the next two days.. Will be back on Sunday.

Wall of Shame

If you make a non-existent state, I will ban you IMMEDIATELY. We're tired of resetting the game. We're not resetting any more. It won't get crazy again. If you can't play this game right, GET OUT.


Communist Troops in DC

Communist protesters 22 days before the dissolution of the United States of America

The United States goes bankrupt and grants all states Nationhood. Canada soon does the same thing.

  • New York President Lehman embarks on a public works campaign. He takes steps in consolidating power in his own hands.
  • Ohio President John W. Bricker embarks on a program of smaller government and lower taxes.
  • Georgia declares its independence and with the help of the many refugees from Alabama begins to rebuild its economy under Eugene Talmadge. Georgia adopts a Coolidge-style economic policy which brings unemployment down to 15% by years end.
  • North Carolina works on fixing on their economy.
  • Alaska works on fixing its economy.
  • Virginia embarks on a public works campaign itself. Most of the political power resides in the hands of a small group of the elite. Most of the Federal Council's members run a portion of the country like their own personal fiefdom.
  • Florida secedes from the union and is able to keep most of its military personnel and seizes all but two of the navy and coast guard ships in port. The former US Governor is allowed to flee the state. President Christopher R. Smith is elected as the first President of the Republic of Florida. Florida adopts a constitution much like the US Constitution except that there is no House of Representatives.
  • Alabama declares its independence and kills the former governor of Alabama. Most of the military in Alabama flees to Georgia. The Alabama military is repaired using volunteers from all across the state and almost 1,000 from Mississippi. Chancellor Gabriel Ackerman is elected the first Chancellor of Alabama. Alabama adopts a series of bills called the Jim Crow Laws they outlaws all black people from voting, marrying a white person, hiring a white person, holding public office, attending a white church, protesting, speaking of the government in a negative way, serving in the military, and speaking negatively of a white person.
  • Illinois begins a series of economic recovery plans passed by the Congress of the new Republic of Illinois, soon a small amount of factories open and some businesses reopen as well.
  • Michigan holds a new national election and the Socialist Party of Michigan wins a super majority in the new Congress of the Federal Republic of Michigan. They begin setting forward a program by which all factories in Michigan will come under government rule.
  • Connecticut secedes. The governor is allowed to flee. John Wright is elected president of the Republic of Connecticut. They adopt a constitution similar to the US's.The president orders into effect a series of programs similar to the OTL New Deal and the economy starts to recover. Most of the former national guard and army units from CT are now part of the Connecticut Army, same with the navy were several subs, a battleship and some destroyers, and the air force with several hundred planes.
  • Arizona leaves the union in 1935 and forms a government similar to the US. The Government
    turns the county into states. Right now the military is weak and most of the troops is on the Arizona and Mexico border in case they invade.
  • Nevada leave the union in 1935. They form a unicameral Government.
  • California declares independence as the Republic of California and begins to build up its military, and offering Michigan a military alliance as well as New York.


  • New York President Lehman founds the Nationalist Party. He declares, with the help of the government-run media, that it is the only true "New Yorker" party. A group known as the "Blueshirts" is founded in order to unofficially "encourage" voters and politicians to change parties.
  • Virginian President Peery officially declares the Kingdom of Virginia, with himself as King George I. His councilors, dropping all guise of democratic rule, become the Dukes of Virginia. They pass decrees effectively legalizing the castes that had started to form since the former republic was founded. Communist ideas spread among the disenfranchised poor in secret.
  • Illinois sets forward plans to open more of their automobile factories as well as to produce a new series of medium tanks.
  • Michigan officially opens 25% of its closed factories for government-run automobile production.
  • Connecticut opens up its factories to produce automobiles, textiles and radios. The production of new subs, battleships and other ships, fighter and bomber planes, and a new medium tank called the Hale are immediately started. The President denounces New York's president's intimidation of its citizens.
  • North Carolina continues to work on its economy and infrastructure.
  • Florida adopts a bill which allows all residents of Florida to vote by simple showing proof of citizenship. Many colored people vote for the first time in Florida. The Florida Army captures KKK members and kills them as terrorists.
  • Alabama scorns Florida for adopting a "N****r loving bill". The Chancellor of Alabama starts a moderization program for the Alabama military.
  • Washington secedes and elects Democratic candidate Clarence D. Martin as its first president. Martin begins large scale construction projects, with new harbors in Seattle and Vancouver.
  • California congratulates Florida on outlawing racism within its borders and offers Florida a military pact


  • Alabama puts down a rebellion done by the colored people in Alabama. The January Revolution as it is called is put down in three months by the Alabama Army. As a result of the war the Alabama Chancellor decided to round up every single colored person in Alabama and officially re-institutes slavery and sells off the captured slaves and keeps the profit for the government which is used to pay off war debts. Three days later he enacts the Slave Tax Act which puts a 10% tax on every slave that is purchased. The result is many rich people buying slaves while the poorer can not afford it.
  • Nevada tries to setup an economy by having a low taxes and limited regulation. The Government also amps up the military by instituting a draft of males between 16 - 35.
  • Arizona amps up its military by creating a draft. The economy is still in glow growth. No movement from Mexico yet.
  • North Carolina amps up its military and economy.
  • Michigan's economy begins to recover and more and more factories come under their control, and a new act passes Congress that increases taxes on the upper class, bringing in much more money into the government's treasury.
  • Illinois begins to develop a sizable army with their new tanks going into production, their military designers begin to look to the skies for their next fighter plane.
  • After the New York Capitol was nearly burned down by supporters of the other major political parties, President Lehman has the excuse he needs. Both the Democratic and Republican Parties are banned, with the Nationalists being the only legal political party left in New York. President Lehman founds the National Guard, a separate branch of the military dedicated to the protection of New York soil.
  • In Washington, large highways connecting Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, and Vancouver are built, making the flow of goods in the state easier. Many farmers move to the cities to find jobs.
  • Floridian citizens who believed in slavery attacked the Presidential House in Tallahassee. The Floridian Army was able to attack and push back the rebels. The rebellion is put down in 13 weeks when the rebellion leaders were captured and shot. The President of Florida addresses the citizen's concerns for the future of Florida's colored people. He addresses this by disbanding the Florida Senate and creating a Junta composed of the Joint Chiefs and Secretaries of each of the four branches of the Florida military (Army, Air Corps, Navy, Coast Guard) and eight elected officials. This Junta violently puts down all racist groups and any dissenters.
  • Connecticut's economy is almost fully recovered. The military is getting extremely strong. Public schools are built and highway systems a constructed all over the country. The government adopts a policy of freedom, equality and choice. All racist groups suck as the KKK are banned and the borders are opened to immigrants and people escaping oppression, like Jews and Blacks. From this order the population explodes and the military and work force are flooded with workers helping further the recovery of the economy. The country spreads the word of freedom, choice and equality all over the former US. They applaud Florida's treatment of Blacks and denounce Alabama's re-institution of slavery and their cruelty to them. They also denounce New York's one party policy.
  • Virginian Communists kill the King and his Dukes with a bomb while they are in a meeting. Communist militias seize control of Virginia, and name their leader Joseph Steele as the first Premier of Virginia. Steele's first action as Premier is to nationalize the businesses formerly under the sole control of the King and the Dukes.
  • California asks Florida if it would like two battleships as a gift of friendship between the two nations.
  • In Ohio, unemployment has dropped to 12% and the Republicans win the election in the fall by a landslide.
  • In Georgia, President Talmadge's program of recovery has made him almost universally popular and he now begins a program to increase the size of the Georgia military by mandating that all men between 18-38 be own the latest military rifle and other essential military equipment. Within a few months, Talmadge's 'State Guard' has 350,000 members and is fast becoming a potent military force.


  • Alabama's slave market begins to bring a lot of money for the government with the 10% tax. Many people wish the tax was less but are glad to have slave labour farming for them instead having to hire them and continuously pay them. Alabama funds KKK groups in Florida to terrorize blacks and Hispanics in the nation.
  • Washington President Clarence D. Martin passes the Civil Rights Act of 1937, banning all of segregation. This allows more people to enter the workforce, and in turn helps the economy grow. Work begins once again on the Grand Coulee Dam, with a goal of ending construction in 1942. Several hydroelectric dams are built on the Columbia and Snake Rivers.
  • The Florida President is experiences a stroke that paralyzes most of his body. The Junta appoints his son Julius Smith to President. He immediately passes many reforms to the military dictatorship. He officially scraps the old constitution and creates a new one that has the Junta formed of 20 Generals appointed by the President and 20 elected by the people. The President is given near absolute power, the only thing he can not do is appoint his successor, the people vote for the President when the incumbent dies, resigns, or is incapacitated. Many Conservative groups in the state protest the sudden change to a military dictatorship. They are quickly and brutally silenced.
  • New York President Lehman travels to Berlin to try to get financial and military aid from Chancellor Hitler. The two dictators find that they have much in common, and a trade agreement is reached. Lehman leaves Germany with a thousand rifles and 20 German Panzers. He immediately brings the German weapons into production, and they soon become standard issue for the New York Army.
  • Virginian Premier Steele makes a similar trip to Moscow to meet with Joseph Stalin. They sign a trade agreement with the Soviet Union and, like Lehman, also leave with military equipment. Inspired by Soviet industrial might, Steele puts a similar five-year plan into action. Industry begins growing at a furious pace, and farms are concentrated into communities.
  • Illinois finishes the development of their newest fighter plane, the P-37 Eagle, developed by designers from Boeing and multiple other smaller aircraft development groups in Illinois, the United Illinois Aircraft Corporation. The new plane goes into production and brings Illinois into power with a new and effective air force.
  • Michigan develops their own tank, the M15 Custer, a medium tank with a new, powerful, four-inch gun. The new tank becomes a symbol of the powerful new republic, and after the first batch of 20 are finished. The army holds a parade, with the new tanks at its forefront.
  • The Connecticut president invites Washington and Florida's leaders to visit the country. Connecticut military scientists and engineers develop a new fighter plane the F-37 Mustang and a new bomber called the B-37 Thor. These are immediately put into production and instated into the armed forces.
  • The Arizona military is somewhat strong, they develop a division called the Scorpion division. The Scorpion division is the elite unit of the Arizona Military. The economy is slowing getting better.
  • In Nevada there is a leftist rebellion since the economy is not getting any better. They introduce gambling with hopes of jump starting the economy.
  • California puts troops on its border with Arizona, saying that war is not wanted, but we will defend ourselves if need be. Arizona assures California they will not attack, but they propose an alliance and free trade agreement as a measure of good faith.
  • Georgia's unemployment rate is now down to 6% and President Talmadge's approval rating rises to 89%.
  • In Ohio, President Bricker begins a program to increase the size of the Ohio National Guard (ONG) to 500,000 and also increases the size of the Ohio Air National Guard (OANG) from 80 aircraft to 500.


  • Florida protesters of the new government are gunned down by national guardsmen. This triggered a widespread revolt throughout Miami where the shootings occurred. The Miami Riots show President Smith that the people wish for a republic and not a dictatorship. He calls together a constitutional convention with people elected by the people out of the 50 spots 25 are military personnel who originally helped Florida capture the Navy and Coast Guard ships in port, 15 are scientist or philosophers, four are veterans of the Great War (WW-I) that are extremely popular in their area, and six are mayors from various cities. The convention draws together a new constitution that satisfies both the citizen's and the military's desires. It is comprised of one senator from every county (67), and the Junta is established by the Commander-in-Chief with 20 members hand selected from the officer corp of the Florida military. The President would serve as the President of the Senate, the Commander-in-Chief would serve as the Commander-in-Chief of the military and the Junta. Julius Smith becomes the Commander-in-Chief of Florida, Gerald McGee becomes the third President of Florida. The two agree to change the name from the Republic of Florida to the Confederation of Florida.
  • California offers New York, Texas, Michigan, Florida, and Ohio membership in the newly created International American Congress (IAC), which will also be a military alliance.
  • Arizona economy is getting close to full steam and the military is up to par. They build bases on the Arizona and Mexican border. They also ask for membership with the IAC.
  • Nevada puts down the rebellion in doing so the government declares martial law in the country. They round up anyone that was part of the rebellion.
  • Seattle is named the new capital of Washington after a vote took place in January. The merchant fleet is expanded, with the ships heading up the coast of Canada and Alaska. The large merchant fleet also heads to Vancouver. Docks and harbors in coastal cities are improved upon to allow the merchant fleet more access to coastal areas and more ships can dock.
  • Illinois puts its efforts towards rebuilding its economy and passes a bill in Congress by which the port of Chicago will reopen with government funds.
  • Michigan pushes through another series of economic bills, with the President of Michigan promising half of Michigan's closed factories will be reopened by year's end.
  • North Carolina's economy continues to recover, and the military is improved. The Navy is especially trained, since they regularly navigate the Outer Banks, which is known for as being the 'Graveyard of the Atlantic'.
  • Alabama slavers catch a group of almost 137 blacks living in a small settlement in the backwoods of the country. The settlement was called Hope but it was burned to the ground and the slavers are given a reward of $1,000 dollars each.
  • New York President Lehman officially places control of all local media in government hands. All news and entertainment has a pro-New York bias. The government imitates their German allies, and starts preaching racial superiority. All Jews are forced to carry special ID wherever they go. The Black population is rounded up and sold to Alabama as slaves. President Lehman officially chooses Seward Bishop Collins as his Vice President.
  • Preliminary results of Virginia's five-year plan show great progress in expanding the nation's economy. The nation's farms have been collectivized, destroying the powerful plantation owners who thrived under King George's rule. Virginian Premier Steele's diplomatic maneuvering helps give stronger relations with their Soviet allies.
  • The Connecticut military is expertly trained and is one of the best equipped and trained in the world. The president opens up the borders to the Jews and Blacks facing oppression in New York. Connecticut offers to join California in the IAC.
  • In Georgia, President Talmadge declares that "It was God's will that the South rise again". Talmadge calls for the other southern states to join with Georgia in forming a new Confederacy. With Georgia's thriving economy (96% employed) and strong military, Talmadge's words are taking seriously by many in the south.
  • Ohio's unemployment rate is now down to 6% and President Bricker and Secretary of War Robert Taft start to look to expand their nation. President Bricker also announces that Ohio will join the IAC.


  • The Commander-in-Chief of Florida is nearly assassinated by a KKK radical. In response, the Commander-in-Chief sends Florida Army groups into high KKK areas who attack and kill over 1,000 KKK members without a trial. The President disapproves of the violent methods but does nothing much more than talk with him in private about it, it seems to change nothing.
  • Connecticut's population grows with the influx of Jews and Blacks escaping from New York. Connecticut still offers to join the IAC. The President forms the International Freedom Organization (IFO), the organization is put forth to stamp out all racism, anti-semitism and other forms of hate/oppression. He offers membership to Florida, California, Washington and any other nation that will to stand up for equality and freedom.
  • Arizona requests membership in the IFO. They also offer the Jews and Blacks from New York safe haven. The Government also passes laws making segregation illegal.
  • Nevada is still in a state of Martial Law. During the Marital Law the congress gives more power to the President which will make the President a dictator. There is growing unease within the nation of Nevada. The President also orders all communication outside of Nevada to be illegal. Nevada closes off all roads and cuts off the rails that lead in. Nevada also blocks any phone wires. The nation of Nevada is truly isolated from the rest of the world.
  • Premier Steele requests membership in the IFO for Virginia, as he says that "everyone is equal in Virginia." He also passes a law making discrimination of all kinds illegal in Virginia.
  • President Lehman denounces the IFO as "a pack of idealistic fools." He signs a bill giving all law enforcement duties to the National Guard. The New Yorkers also heavily fortify their borders to deter any potential IFO expeditions against New York.
  • Washington requests to join the IFO, which most of the population supports. President Martin begins the Puget Sound Militarization Campaign, which would fully militarize the area around Puget Sound in case of a future Japanese attacks.
  • Illinois requests membership into the IFO, and as this occurs they begin to build a navy by laying down a design for a new class of battleships, the government plans to make eight of them, and makes a large contract with Federal Steel, a company made up of remnants of US Steel that existed with the state before secession.
  • Michigan lays down the parts for its first aircraft carrier, the MSS Detroit, its built upon the foundation of an ocean liner, and carries 50 aircraft. Michigan president, Frank Bohn, declares the finishing of the ship will mark a new era in Michigan's history, and make Michigan the premier naval power in the Great Lakes.
  • World Event: Germany invades Poland. France and Great Britain declare war on Germany. Poland falls quickly.
  • The Alabama Chancellor decides not to run for re-election after his second two year term. He retires to his estate in northern Alabama. Harold Richards is elected the next Alabama Chancellor. His first act as Chancellor is to drop the Slave Tax from 10% to 5%. He offers New York an alliance.
  • South Carolina holds a referendum on the proposal to join Georgia in forming the Christian Republic of America (CRA). 79% of the votes favor the CRA and the States will formally join in 1940.
  • Indiana holds a vote on joining Ohio in forming the Federal States of America (FSA). The vote is 56% in favor and the union of the two states is set for January 1, 1940.


  • World Event: France falls to Germany. British troops on Europe proper are forced to retreat back to the British Isles.
  • Go ahead and expand! Just keep it plausible. Also, please underline world events so people don't confuse them with out-of-game talk.
  • Connecticut accepts Arizona's, Virginia's, Washington's and Illonois's membership offers, they are now proud members of the IFO. The first order of business is what to do with New York's bigotry and fortification of it's borders. In response to New York's fortification Connecticut fortifies its borders, similar to OTL Maginot Line. It includes land and sea. Planes also patrol the borders.The Navy starts to build aircraft carriers and instate them in their fleets.
  • The Washington Air Force is greatly expanded, with the Boeing Company producing a lot of aircraft for Washington. Boeing also produces 30 civilian aircraft. The runways in major cities are improved upon. The merchant fleet is a great success, bringing Washington tons of money. Washington is nearly out of the Depression.
  • After a huge border dispute involving Charlotte and increased hostilities from South Carolina, North Carolina invades South Carolina.
  • Georgia declares war on North Carolina and sends 150,000 troops, 300 tanks, and 125 aircraft to aid South Carolina. Most military observers think that it will be a long war since Georgia has a better trained military while North Carolina has a larger manpower pool to draw from.
  • Illinois sends a message to every nation in former America, saying unless they united militarily some way, Germany may invade them. Meanwhile, they continue to make progress in building up their navy.
  • Michigan accepts Illinois' offer, and mobilizes their army with Illinois into what's called the Confederated American Expeditionary Force.
  • Alabama sends Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana a letter of unification. They all respond and meet in Montgomery, AL. Florida delegates say that Florida will only except if thier is a Junta and the abolition of slavery. Alabama refuses and Florida walks out. The remaining states form the United Republic. They quickly establish a constitution based on Alabama's that allows slavery and has a Chancellor with near absolute powers but that is elected every two years. They establish a capital at Montgomery.
  • Florida becomes worried of the new nation to their North and sets up a defensive line along their entire northern border, much like the Maginot Line. The Commander-in-Chief of Florida signs a bill that replaces law enforcement with the National Guard. The President of Florida condemns the action and tries to pass a bill in the Senate to overturn this new law but it doesn't pass by one vote. Julius Smith resigns 13 days later due to his deteriorating health. The upstart George O'Donald becomes the new Commander-in-Chief.
  • New York annexes the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey after the leaders of the two nations request annexation to New York. The New Yorkers work on improving the weakened economies of the two states. They build new fortifications on their new southern border, and leave the original southern fortifications in place as a second line of defense.
  • Refuges from Nevada have been coming into Arizona and putting a strain on the country. The refuges are telling stories of people disappearing which have become slaves regardless of race. There are also stories of people being forced into cities. Arizona may have to invade Nevada. The Government of Arizona contacts California and the IFO of the possible invasion into Nevada. Utah, New Mexico asks to be with Arizona. Arizona accepts. Arizona is now called the Arizona Republic with the capital in Phoenix. There is talk of changing the country name again if two or more states join the Arizona Republic.
  • Ohio and Indiana form the Federal States of America with John Bricker as President and James Watson as Vice President.
  • I had New York only annex Pennsylvania and New Jersey after their leaders requested it.
  • The Virginians choose a new Premier after Joseph Steele dies of a stroke. They choose Lithuanian immigrant Jacob Liebstein as their new Premier. He moves to establish closer relations with their Soviet allies.
  • In the FSA elections, Robert Taft is elected president with 56% of the vote and the Republican party wins wide majorities in the FSA Congress.


  • the United Republic invades Florida and quickly breaks through the uncompleted North Florida Line. Within 31 hours they capture all land west of the Appalachicola. The Republican Army quickly sweeps down the west coast and captures Tampa. The Floridian Army is forced to retreat to Miami as the Republican Army takes most of Florida. After four months of fighting the Treaty of Paris is signed with Germany as a neutral mediator. The Treaty of Paris says:
  1. Florida will be ceded to the United Republic
  2. Slaves within the United Republic shall be granted basic human rights.
  3. The United Republic will adopt a Junta in the way set out by the Florida Constitution.
  4. Florida citizens shall not be treated harshly by the occupying force.
  • The United Republic and Florida sign the Treaty of Paris. The Chancellor of the Republic is given a life long term much like the Commander-in-Chief of Florida. In response to the move to a seeming dictatorship Louisiana secedes from the UR starting the vicious Louisiana Revolt The Republican Army captures New Orleans in a Pyrrhic victory and the rebelling Republic of Louisiana capitulates to the UR. Formerly protected people such as Native Americans, Asians and free blacks are rounded up and sold as slaves. The Chancellor brings out the Bill of Reform which says that:
  1. All Slaves have the right to not be killed unless convicted by an unbiased jury of his peers.
  2. A master that beats his slave to the point of blood shall be held guilty for battery and the slave shall be granted freedom
  3. All free blacks in order to show their freedom must have branded into their right hand an F.
  4. Any child born to a free black shall be free.
  5. A free black has the same rights as a white man.
  6. A slave's family may not be broken up during selling.
  7. No part of the government may violate this bill.
  8. The Chancellor may not appoint his successor, after a Chancellor dies or otherwise leaves office or is incapacitated a new one shall be elected according to a popular vote.
  9. The Chancellor shall select 20 men from the Officer Corp of the Republican military to become a Junta which shall advise the Chancellor and take command in his absence, if a Chancellor becomes tyrannical it is the job of the Junta to take command of the military and oust the Chancellor and install a new one.
  • Connecticut almost finishes fortifying their borders. Rhode Island and Massachusetts have heard great things about Connecticut and hold a plebiscite. And in a unanimous vote they vote to join The Republic of Connecticut. The government integrates the citizens of Rhode Island and Massachusetts into the country and they are made citizens. Highways and other economic reforms are extended into the former states. The economy soars with the influx of new workers and factories. The military also swells with the influx of military personnel, planes, ships, and other military equipment and facilities including factories, shipyards and bases. The Fortification line is extended to fit the new borders. Connecticut proposes to create a military arm for the IFO to other member nations.
  • Arizona accepts Connecticut's proposal. Arizona also proposes of a free trade within the IFO with low tariffs. The Scorpion Division ranks increase with the addition of Utah and New Mexico. With more refugees coming from Nevada, Arizona draws up plan for a quick lighting strike. Arizona notifies California and the IFO in what they are planning. They insist that Nevada will not be Annexed into Arizona, but a new Government will be setup. Unless the populace of Nevada freely choose to do so.
  • New York starts expanding their military. The ports of New York and Newark begin building new warships to be the foundation of a New York Navy. The air force is massively expanded by fighters and bombers purchased from Japan. Each of the three branches goes into a massive recruitment drive. This is to prepare for potential New York involvement in the European War.
  • Virginia annexes West Virginia and Kentucky after they elect sympathetic (and Communist) governments. The new Virginian territories start to enjoy effects of the five-year plans.
  • South Carolina surrenders to North Carolina. They express wish to be annexed by North Carolina. The states join to become Carolina. Meanwhile, Carolina offers peace to Georgia.
  • Georgia launches a counter-attack that drives the Carolinians to within 25 miles of Columbia. President Talmadge's offers to have Carolina and Georgia form a new nation. Tennessee offers to join the CRA, but only if Carolina will join.
  • Alaska's military and economy improves.
  • Guys, please stop annexing two states in one turn please.
  • I'm done.
  • Illinois, seeing that Michigan is the only state willing to agree to an alliance with it, offers them the chance of a state union. They believe that only a combination of these two states will be able to create an effective world power.
  • Michigan agrees to the state union with Illinois, and the United Federation of Sovereign States is formed after a constitutional convention is held in Chicago. Meanwhile, Michigan completes its first aircraft carrier, as the first ship commissioned in the new UFSS, its is designated the FSS Detroit.
  • World Event: Japan launches attacks in the Pacific quickly capturing Indochina, the East Indies, and Singapore.


  • The United Republic captures many of the blacks in Florida. They sell them off as slaves to the highest bidder. The highest was a former professor and his wife who was sold off for $1,135,290.37 creating $56,764 in tax towards the government. The Republican Navy builds an aircraft carrier called the URS Republic. The Republican Army puts down several anarchist revolts in Louisiana with deadly force. Over 13,000 are killed when the army launches chemical warheads at the rebel.
  • Connecticut thanks Arizona for approving and agrees upon the free trade with low tariffs within the IFO they had. They approve of their dealing with Nevada. The president condemns The United Republic's capturing of many blacks and using chemical weapons on the rebels. Vermont is debating asking to join Connecticut, out of fear of New York, their government debates it.
  • Arizona launches an offensive against Nevada. Arizona launches the offensive from Utah and the state of Grand Canyon. The main goal is to capture Carson City and put the Government on stable ground and have the refuges return. They expect the operation to last at least a year. When the first unit of the Scorpion Division went in there was light resistance and making better than expected progress. The military of Nevada is weak or not willing to fight. They are making grizzly discoveries. Mass graves, small towns are gone. Factories with slave labor. Starvation throughout the state. While the war is going on there is a debate in changing the name of Arizona Republic either to Western States of America or Allied States of America. However, President Herbert B. Maw says no. Right now it is not the time to change the name. Colorado petitions to be part of the Arizona Republic. Arizona Republic accepts.
  • The UFSS annexes Wisconsin, and as this occurs, the first of the new battleships of the UFSS fleet is completed in Chicago harbor, and it is titled the FSS Federation.
  • Carolina politely declines the offer to join Georgia. However, Carolina offers a similar deal to Georgia. The Southern Alliance is proposed. It is an alliance with Carolina, Georgia and any other southern nation that wishes to join, while keeping the members as their own nation. Peace, again, is offered to Georgia. However, Carolina regains its hold on South Carolina. Meanwhile, Carolina offers to annex Tennessee. Tennessee will join only if Carolina offers protection.
  • Alaska improves its economy and military.
  • Arthur B. Langley is elected president of Washington. Similarly to Connecticut, Langley condemns the United Republic's treatment of blacks. The military is also built up, and the bridges, highways, and railroads all ease the transportation. Military exercises take place near its borders, practicing defensive maneuvers and invasions.
  • The President of New York orders their navy to travel to Germany as volunteers. A good portion of the Amy and Air Force are aboard the ships. President Lehman makes a statement promising not to "violate the national security of New York's neighbors".
  • The Virginians start work expanding national industry. The steel mills at Wheeling are expanded to cope with this increased demand. Virginian steel becomes renowned throughout the former United States as being of the highest quality. The Virginians also go through a military expansion. They intend to attack New York for their ally Germany's attack on the Soviet Union in the middle of last year.
  • How was Japan's conquest of Indochina more important that Operation Barbarossa?
  • The New Yorkers, alarmed by events in Virginia, recall their military from Europe. They post their soldiers on their borders in order to repel any potential invasion. They also make a plan called "Operation Revere". It entails a plan to invade Connecticut in order to deny the Virginians support.


  • Tennessee joins Carolina. Carolina amps up their military and economy.
  • Georgia votes to join Carolina.
  • FSA President Robert Taft signs a military treaty with Carolina. The FSA by now has nearly universal employment and its armed forces are arguably the largest and best equipped on the continent.
  • The CRA's government is overthrown by anarchist revolutionaries. The United Republic invades the now crippled nation and destroys any semblance of rebellion. The CRA leaders allow the nation to be annexed by the United Republic. The Republican Army quickly puts down the revolution with frightening power and speed. The Chancellor of the United Republic resigns from office stating that it is time for a change of power. The new Chancellor Christopher O'Reilly is elected in the nation's second free election. He was the head general in the invasion of Florida causing many in the state to become worried. His first ct as Chancellor is to round up the blacks in the new conquered CRA and he sells them into the slave market.
  • FSA President Taft calls on all the nations of the Americas to stand as one against the growing threat of Communism. Taft also warns that the evil of slavery in the South must be resisted. Taft calls for a united stand the twin evils of slavery and Communism. Taft's speech is well received in the FSA and the midwest, but in the south the response is surprising in that many southerners agree that slavery should not have been re-established. Many abolition clubs are formed across the old US (including the south) and Taft is considered to be a leader in speaking out for freedom and justice.
  • The Washington military rolls over the border into Oregon. 24 hours later Oregon surrenders and becomes part of Washington. Workers are quickly sent over to improve the ragged economy. Railroads and highways are connected to those in Oregon. Unemployment levels have greatly dropped, and President Langley declares that Washington is out of the Great Depression.
  • The UFSS moves into Minnesota, establishing the state as a military dominion for 9 months as the Occupied Territory of Minnesota.
  • Virginia officially declares war on New York. Virginian soldiers occupy Maryland in order to more easily access New York territory. The first major battle after breaking through New York's Mason-Dixon Line fortifications was the Second Battle of Gettysburg. The battle ended in a Virginian victory, as their soldiers had training from Soviet advisors, while most New York soldiers were still green troops.
  • 400px-States of America 2 1943
  • Connecticut's military is put on full alert after recent events. Vermont votes to become part of The Connecticut Republic. Their integration is swift and effective, highways and schools are built and their economy is fixed. The Freedom Line, as the defensive line is now called, is extended to cover the new borders. A railway system is started to be built to increase the economy and transportation of goods and people. Military scientists develop a new heavy tank called the H-1.
  • The New Yorkers while unable to defeat the Virginians, are able to fight them to a standstill. World War I-style trenches are dug across southern Pennsylvania. New York spies attempt to destroy Virginian morale by assassinating Virginian government officials.
  • The Arizona war against Nevada is over. The campaign took a year. After much debate with the support of the Nevada populace, Arizona takes over Nevada with the support. Arizona calls for a constitutional convention.


  • The UFSS sends a letter to the FSA, demanding that the FSA either relinquish their territory around the Great Lakes to the UFSS, or face military action. As a result of this, the Federation Armed Forces are put on high alert.
  • With Con Con in the Arizona Republic is over. The result of the Con Con is the following.. The name is Allied States of America. The Constitution is similar to the US Constitution but with a few differences. The Allied States will honor all treaties that was signed under the name of Arizona. President Herbert B. Maw is elected. President Maw offers to host a summit between UFSS and the FSA in Phoenix. Kansas asks to join the ASA. The ASA accepts. President Maw ask Washington a small piece of Oregon with access to the Pacific Ocean so the ASA can form a Navy.
  • The New Yorkers send an ambassador to the UFSS recognizing their right to the lands of the Great Lakes. They seek to gain an ally against Virginia.
  • The Virginians recognize the Federal States' right to their sovereign territory. Like New York, they too are seeking an ally in the "American War".
  • The United Republic condemns the Virginians for attacking New York with no provocation. The United Republic Chancellor condemns Taft for condemning their practice of slavery and he calls for Taft to be assassinated. The United Republic commissions the URS Victorious and the URS Courage which are both submarines based off of the German u-boat design. The Republican Army puts down a revolt by Communists in Georgia, it is viciously put down using chemical weapons.
  • The New Yorkers were intent on supporting Nazi Germany's invasion of the Soviet Union. And the last time I checked, it was the United Republic who allowed slavery, not the FSA. The United Republic is a gang of greedy evil slavers, and anything you say to the contrary is a lie.
  • Why are you in South Carolina? It was annexed by Carolina a while ago.
  • Sorry you didn't update the thing at the top of the page to show what you've got so I didn't know. Next time please update the top part so everyone knows who's got what.
  • President Taft announces that the FSA will not be held hostage by threats from the United Republic. In many large southern towns protests are held calling for the end of slavery. GA Governor Richard Russell calls for a constitutional convention to ban slavery in the United Republic.
  • Connecticut becomes an economic and military power in America. New Hampshire asks to be annexed. It is accepted. Schools, highways and railroads are built. The Freedom Line is extended for the new borders. Connecticut and the IFO calls for the end of slavery in America. The military is put on high alert after recent events. Planes, tanks, ships and weapons are being mass produced. The Allied States offers the Connecticut President a visit to affirm the alliance between Connecticut and the Allied States.
  • I will be gone until further notice after this Friday (finals week. Wish me luck!). Please don't attack my nation.
  • World Event: Germany launches Operation: Scimitar and and lands troops in Vichy France controlled Syria. Under Rommel's command the Ancient Front opens up and the Germans capture Trans-Jordan and Iraq before swinging down into Arabia giving them nearly unlimited oil. The British in Egypt are able to pull out in a Dunkirk-esque style and are able to escape to the last British possession in the Middle East. Palestine. Huge defensive fortifications are built around Jerusalem making the city nearly un-conquereble.


  • The United Republic sends the Republican Army to capture Arkansas. They quickly capture the bankrupt state. Missouri sends a letter of annexation to the United Republic and the Republican Army incorporates the Missouri Army and are greeted as liberators. The Chancellor of the United Republic denies the Georgian governor the constitutional convention. The Republican Army puts down illegal Communist rallies and protest in Georgia with harsh treatment, though no chemical weapons. They capture the leaders of the rebellions and publicly kill them via firing squad.
  • World Event: Rommel besieges Jerusalem and a blood bath ensues. Both sides lose up to 20% of their men and Rommel is hit with heavy artillery from Jerusalem and wounded. The Middle East Corp falls back to Beirut to lick their wounds.
  • Seriously? The dude just said he has to do his finals and to not attack his nation!
  • Oh sorry, I did not see that was his nation, I take back my post. :(
  • Washington becomes the premier power on the west coast. The Territory of Oregon is caught up to speed with the rest of Washington. It is announced by President Langley that next Oregon will be divided into different territories and each will receive statehood. The decision is praised by the people of Oregon.
  • The Virginians meet with the New Yorkers and succeed in signing an armistice to the American War. They turn their attention to the true threat to America: the United Republic. They request a meeting of the IFO to discuss how to deal with the UR menace.
  • The United Republic has gotten too big too fast. It's time to take them out before they go after our lands. Implausible (and not to mention evil) behavior like that done by the evil UR must be stopped immediately.
  • Name one, just one implausibility that would justify bringing the entire gang upon me. You and i both know that before Dr. King the South would've loved to bring the blacks back into slavery. If anything I've been nicer then what would've happened as I've at the very least given them decent human rights and made a free black the equal to a white man. And if you truly don't like it that much talk to me about it, don't just come out o' the blue and attack me and declare I'm the scum of the Earth. Seriously you talked about me being a bully for picking on Virginia because of its Communism yet you step out and "bully" me and to "taking the fun out of playing this game".
  • What free Blacks are you speaking of? Whenever your damn United Republic found blacks in its territory they immediately enslaved them. They didn't even blink an eye at enslaving a Floridan college professor! I could probably count the free blacks in the UR on one hand!
  • New York agrees to the armistice. Spies are sent to the United Republic's capitol in Montgomery. A bomb is planted in the Capitol Building. It explodes killing while the Congress is in session. The entire United Republic Congress is killed, as well as the Chancellor. The New Yorkers begin funding rebel groups in Georgia.
  • Pre-emptive strike. It had to be done. For the good of the freedom-loving people of the former United States.
  • New York don't say you're a high and mighty prince. #1 you sold slaves to the slavers, #2 you allied with the people who killed 11 million people in some of the most wretched ways possible, #3 you also implemented racial laws.
  • No one outside of Germany (especially in America) knows about the Holocaust. And with the war going the way it's going likely no one ever will know.
  • P.S. it's a Junta not a Congress
  • The United Republic is still an evil gang of racist slaveholders. If I had an atomic bomb I'd immediately use it on the cesspool of evil that is Montgomery.
  • My racial policies are at worst an analog for segregation. You, on the other hand, had the inexplicable (not to mention stupid) idea to turn the clock back to 1860. How the hell is that plausible in any way?
  • Ever heard of the KKK, or perhaps the numerous ways that the southerners tried to stop blacks from doing most anything from voting to using the restroom.
  • The ASA takes over Oklahoma. With what is going on with United Republics they send the Scorpion Division on the borders of Kansas and Oklahoma waiting for the United Republic to make the first move. The ASA also notifies the IFO that they will support any action against the United Republics. They also send spies to the UR with hopes so stirring up trouble within the country. The Government of ASA asked some people to form a professional baseball league and a professional football league. The Government figures it would improve moral within the country and to show there is some sense of normalcy within the country despite in what is going on with the United Republics. ASA asks a some companies to develop jet aircraft to increase the strength of the Allied State Air Force.
  • Thank you for not just coming out and attacking me, truly thank you.
  • The United Republic prepares for war and begins to install fortifications around border cities and call up the militia. The Chancellor appoints a new Junta with some of the smartest people in all of the Republic and military leaders from the invasion of Georgia and the invasion of Arkansas, it also includes men from the Florida generals who tried to defend Florida from the Republic. Spies in New York bomb the Empire State Building which falls and crush many people and other buildings, one of the men crushed was the New York Secretary of State who was vacationing in New York.
  • The Chancellor died with your damn Junta.
  • I think you need a hug.
  • I think the time for diplomacy ended when you bombed civilians. You destroyed a national landmark! I'm going to enjoy ripping your abomination of a country to shreds.
  • You pissed off pretty much half of the former United States. Your nation is going down.
  • So you don't want a hug?
  • The UFSS officially annexes Minnesota into the UFSS as a state, and moves up part of its military along the Mississippi River. Meanwhile, they also denounce their claim on FSA territory, at least for now.
  • Connecticut calls an emergency session of the IFO to decide what to do with the United Republic. Maine's economy just managing to stay afloat, collapses and the country goes into anarchy. Connecticut sends army and navy units into Maine to come the situation. Scientists start to research jet engines and rocket/missile technology.
  • ASA sends an envoy to the meeting with a proposal. The Allied States will support any action provided that they can keep Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana.


  • Allied States President Maw sends troops to Idaho and overran the state within 24 hours. Allied States offer Washington an offer. They can have the northern portion of Idaho and a treaty provided they give Allied States southern portion in what was called Oregon to the Pacific coastline. So far there has been rapid progress in jet aircraft development, but President Maw feels they should do it more privately. He opens a top secret military base on the border of Nevada and Utah. That is where all of the top secret development take place. On the UR and Allied State border it is rather tense. It is only a matter of when there is war between the Allied States and United Republic.
  • Connecticut captures all of Maine. The former state and its population is peacefully integrated into the Connecticut Republic. Schools, highways and railroads are built and their economy fixed. The Maine people love the republic. Connecticut asks the rest of the IFO member states what they want to do about the United Republic. Their jet engines are being developed well. The first rocket is developed and made called the R-1. It is tested successfully. The President orders the R-1 into production. But made sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.
  • The envoy from the ASA floats this proposal. The countries from the IFO will do a pre-emptive assault on the UR. The ASA will take over Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana while the UR will either be disbanded or a weaker state run by representatives from the IFO until a different Government is created.
  • A representative from New York crashes the meeting. They promise to stop their discriminatory policies against the Jews if they are allowed to fight against the United Republic. This was caused by the outrage created by the UR's dastardly attack on the Empire State Building. Which still stands, albeit in a shrunken state. The reconstruction of the Empire State Building started immediately after the evil UR's attack.
  • A United Republic representative also crashes the meeting by entering the room with 20 Republican Army troops for his protection. He states that the United Republic is prepared to abolish slavery if the IFO doesn't attack attack the the United Republic. The Republican Army on the borders of the country prepare for war and create huge amounts of defensive lines more impervious to the lines at OTL Kursk. The Chancellor mobilizes more troops to guard the border and allows thousands of 88mm anti-tank guns to the border as well.
  • How can we trust you to follow through if your representative has to come in with soldiers? I don't . And nothing will stop me from getting my vengeance for the innocent people you killed. None of your government officials were, by any definition, innocent.
  • He came with the soldiers so no wise guy will say that he was stabbed.
  • The Virginian representative flatly refuses the UR representative's offer. He states that the only way that the conflict will end is with the United Republic's leader on trial for crimes against Humanity.
  • The Allied States puts all military units on high alert.
  • Washington politely refuses the ASA's offer, and the statehood process continues. However, Washington announces it will support the ASA in any combat against the United Republic. Washington also begins a jet-fighter project, with several scientists working on it.
  • ASA is a bit upset with Washington's refusal but they will no longer press them on the Oregon issue. The Allied Government thanks Washington for the backing. The Allied Government provides the Washington Government an effective route by train to transport military units to the Oklahoma and Kansas border.
  • The UFSS moves its forces across the Mississippi River and into Iowa.
  • William E. Jenner is elected President of the FSA on a platform of small-government and strong national defense.
  • Connecticut proposes an offer. New York will stop persecution of all minorities and all United Republic officials will stand trial for crimes against humanity. And let the people of the UR vote to decide what to do with their country.


  • With the Allied Government getting desperate for access to the sea. They send an envoy to Mexico about acquiring the western part of Sonora and all of Baja California. They also ask California and Texas to join the Allied States. They offer Washington a treaty. The treaty will allow citizens of both countries to travel freely without a passport and low trade tariffs. They also offer the same treaty to UFSS. The Allied States is thinking about Connecticut proposal within the IFO about the UR issue. The first jet prototype was deployed called the X-1. The X-1 testing was successful, but President Maw thinks there should be more testing done. Wyoming asks to join the Allied States and Allied States accepts.
  • The United Republic begins a jet project and in 6 months have a working prototype of the F-87 Scimitar. The Chancellor of the United Republic to attempt to wean the country off of slavery gives a 20% tax on slaves and initiates popular sovereignty for slavery in each of the states. The states of Florida, Georgia and Missouri outlaw slavery and all slaves in those states are granted freedom and branded with F's on their hands. Many pro-slavery groups in the slave states complain about the Chancellor's taxes and re-initiating popular sovereignty which helped broke apart the United States of America in 1861. The Chancellor says that his decision was final and any more protest on the topic was illegal. The protest quickly stop.
  • Upon hearing the news, Allied forces is not on high alert. They also move some elements of the Scorpion Division away from the Allied and UR border.
  • Washington accepts the Allied offer. Once news of the UR reaches President Langley, military units at the ready are demobilized.
  • Connecticut military units start to stand down. Military scientists develop their own jet plane the J-1 Valkyrie. Connecticut and the IFO are glad that the UR problem is being peacfully resolved, but the top officials still need to stand trial.
  • The UFSS sends soldiers into Missouri to make it into a new Federation state.
  • United Republic occupies Missouri.
  • The results of Virginia's first five-year plan, delayed by the American War, come in. The nation's economic growth has exceeded all government expectations. Preliminary results of the second five-year plan are showing the same promise. Virginia's prosperity has resulted in Communist parties being founded in nations all over the former United States. Most of these movements support the democratic expansion of Communism. Members of the United Republic's (secret) Communist Party begin petitioning the government for a return to democracy.
  • The New York government agrees to officially end the persecution of the Jewish population of New York. Unofficially there is still a heavy air of antisemitism in New York, which is likely to continue for years to come. New York President Lehman officially resigns as President of New York. Vice-President Collins is sworn in as President of New York. Hamilton Arms unveils the HR-47 (Hamilton Rifle model 1947). It is a heavily modified form of Germany's STG-44 rifle. The rifle's simple design, high reliability and low cost of manufacture impress many nations (including the Germans).


  • The Allied States and Mexico is still in talks about buying some portion of Mexican land. More units from the Scorpion Division is moving away from United Republic and hopefully easing tensions. There are rumours that President Maw they may step down before his term expires in 1951. He stated that the only way he will step down is when he dies before the term ends. After many tests of the X-1 went well President Maw asks the Allied Congress to fund the new planes. It is called the F-1 Golden Eagle. Also the Allied States is getting close to develop a missile. President Maw would like to speak before the IFO to offer a proposal to the organization.
  • Connecticut puts to vote a new name for the country, since it no longer only encompasses Connecticut. The J-1 Valkyrie is put into production. It carries machine guns, rockets and primitive form of a guided missile. Connecticut civil scientists develop a new form of broadcast called television or TV. President Owens is the first world leader to have his image broadcasted. Engineers from Connecticut's leading auto manufacturer, Lowell Motors, start to research more fuel efficient motors.
  • The United Republic tells the UFSS to get out of Missouri as it is already a state in the "[G]rand and powerful United Republic...". The Chancellor of the United Republic ups the slave tax to 50%. The state of Louisiana declares slavery illegal and joins the free states. Slave owners in Mississippi and Alabama complain about the slave tax. No protest are held as the National Guard ups their patrols for any protesters. National Guardsmen from Mississippi and Alabama resign in protest of the tax.
  • The UFSS agrees and pulls out of Missouri, instead deciding to put its efforts into building up its force in tanks.
  • The Virginians open a research facility in West Virginia, in the hopes of bridging the gap between Virginia and New York. They unveil the Steele medium tank, which is a fusion of Virginian and Soviet designs. The Virginian Premier falls in love with the HR-47 after seeing a demonstration of it's abilities. They purchase enough to outfit a unit in the VWA.
  • The New York government offers to pay reparations to the United Republic in exchange for an apology for the destruction of the Empire State Building. The New Yorkers begin the process of rebuilding the part of the Empire State Building destroyed in the bombing.
  • I accept Bobalugee1940


  • The United Republic abolishes slavery within the nation. Slave owners in Alabama and Mississippi revolt against the order and the former Chancellor leads the revolution. The Republican Army attacks the revolters. After nearly six months of open fighting the revolutionaries mostly surrender but almost 10% retreat into the countryside to wage a guerrilla war. The United Republic calls on other nations to not let the guerrillas enter their nations and to if they can attack the guerrillas after getting approval from the government.
  • The Allied States tighten border security between the ASA and United Republics so the guerrillas won't get into the Allied States. Major League baseball is back and so is professional football. The Leagues are called Allied League (Baseball) and Allied Football League (Football). The Allied States and Mexico is getting close to a deal. Montana joins the Allied States. As the term ends for President Maw, he asks the Allied Congress to start a space administration. Also President Maw puts more troops near California and Texas. President Maw sends a proposal to the IFO. It is simple, the IFO is replaced with a North America Security Force. The purpose of the NASF is to protect the North American Nations from threats like Germany and Japan. This is to show the world that the US maybe gone, the nations of North America stand together united.
  • The reconstruction of the Empire State Building is completed. The top two floors have been turned into a monument for the over ten thousand people killed in the United Republic terrorist attack.
  • Connecticut Republic citizens vote to change the country's name to the Federated Free States of America or FFSA. The FFSA military develop a new rocket the R-2. It has a longer range and can yield a larger amount of explosives than it's predecessor. It can also be modified to carry heavy explosives, chemical weapons and biological weapons. The Freedom Line is completed. A new type of gun is made called the assault rifle. The FFSA version is called the AR-49, ( similar to OTL M-16). By the first few months after designing it is now standard in the army and marines and most units are equipped with it.
  • Why couldn't you have called yourself something other than that? How creative is it to effectively call yourself an heir to the United States when there are already half a dozen nations with similar names? The Republic of New England is a much more creative name.
  • Then I guess you don't like the name Allied States of America.
  • Washington begins to build several scientific research stations in northeastern Washington. The goal of the stations is to research into everything, from rocketry to rock formations. "This will propel our nation into the future. We will learn anything there is to learn" says President Langley, who is now in his third term as president.
  • The Virginians officially annex Maryland, after six years of military occupation. Delaware, though still technically independent, has adopted a Communist government. The Delaware Premier routinely calls the Virginian Premier for advice. The Virginians begin the creation of a network of highways running through Virginian territory.


  • President Maw spoke to the Allied Congress for the last time (Allied Constitution stipulates . He stated that the capital should stay in Phoenix Federal District. The reasoning is that the Allied States represents the legend of the Phoenix. A nation that came of out the ashes that was once the United States. He also stated that whoever wins the election moves the country in the right direction. Also he stated they must show goodwill to the other North American countries. He knows that in his lifetime they won't be united, but reminds the Allied Congress, they are still Americans. He also stated that the Allied States and Mexico did reach a deal to buy a piece of western Sonora and Baja California (if there are no objections) , all that is remaining is the final price. President Maw sends and invite to the leader's of Washington and FFSA to visit. He also is going to do a whistle stop tour of the Allied States. Nebraska joins the Allied States of America. The rocket is created called the Eagle 1. The next step is to create a rocket that can be suborbital. The Allied Congress creates the civilian space agency called ASA (Allied Space Agency). President Maw invites Washington to join. The Presidential election was held on November 7th. Edwin L. Mechem of New Mexico won the popular vote and the electoral college. President elect Mechem will be sworn in January 20th, 1951 to serve a 1 six year term.
  • Carolina offers trade with Virginia. They offer to annex parts of Missouri/Iowa.
  • Alaska's military is vastly improved. Vancouver offers to be annexed by Alaska.
  • The United Republic says that Carolina can not annex any part of Missouri as it is sovereign UR land. The Republican Army deploys the Army of Louisiana to Missouri and Arkansas. Guerrillas attack the Executive Palace and destroy it with a bomb. The Governor of Alabama and the Governor of Mississippi are forced to resign from their office by thousands of protesters. They are then replaced by the formerly largest slaveholders in those states and they declare their independence. The Chancellor and the Junta flee to Little Rock, Arkansas but on the way there the Chancellor is killed by an assassin. The Junta holds an emergency election in the remaining states and the new Chancellor, John C. Polk, is a former Kentucky lawyer but fled to the UR after it was annexed by Virginia. He is though a native born of Alabama. He quickly declares martial law and attacks the rebelling states. The Republican Army fights many former Republican Army troops but by September they reach Jackson, Mississippi and the state surrenders, its governor is killed via firing squad. The United Republic calls on other nations to help join in the fight against the rebellers. Unrelatedly, the new Chancellor appoints the first black cabinet member.
  • 'The Allied States offer to help by 'offering half the of the Scorpion Division to help the UR crush the slave holders rebellion.
  • Washington agrees to both of the ASA's offers, and technology from the labs in eastern Washington is sent over to the ASA. President Langley makes plans to visit the ASA. The first rocket is tests, known as the Martin-1. The second rocket, Martin-2, is in the building stages. Upon hearing the news President Maw offers President Langley to speak before a joint session of the Allied Congress two weeks after the election in November and a tour of the Allied States (a few select states of Langely's Choice). Also President Maw thanked President Langley and promises to share any technology that the Allied States discovered. He will make sure a law is passed to keep the promise. Also President Maw suggests in meeting with President Elect Meachem while visiting the Allied States.
  • FFSA President Owens gladly accepts the ASA's offer to visit. The FFSA Congress announces the creation of The Freedom Space Organization (FSO). Large amounts of money is put into the research for rockets that can enter the atmosphere and other space tech. President Owens and FSSA Congress offer the UR help in their conflict by providing air support and rocket attacks on the rebels.
  • Upon hearing this President Maw offers President Owens to speak before a joint session of the Allied Congress 3 weeks after the election. Also a tour of the Allied States (a few select states of Owen's choice).
  • President Owens agrees and gladly speaks to the Allied Congress about the importance of freedom, equality and unity. He is very impressed with is visit and offers a program were students from each country can visit the other, in an exchange of culture and education.
  • The Allied Congress agrees to the proposal. The Congress put up a Join Resolution to start sending students of the Allied States to Federated Free States of America.
  • The Federated Free Congress does like wise and puts up a joint resolution.
  • The Virginians accept the Carolina trade offer. Virginian Premier Lovestone hopes this trade agreement is the start of a healthy relationship between Virginia and Carolina. The Virginians import large amounts of machinery from Europe as part of their second Five-Year Plan. Much of this machinery comes from their allies in the Soviet Union.
  • New York President Collins offers a trade agreement to Connecticut, in hopes of moving past the disputes of the past. They discharge a good number of their soldiers. These former soldiers get important jobs in industry and business. Some of the more important officers are elected as Mayors or Senators.


  • Edwin L. Mechem is now the second President of the Allied States. President Mechem promises to continue the ideals of the Allied States and greater cooperation between the North American Countries. He also promised not to attack any other North American countries unless the Allied States is attacked first. He stated the "goal of the Allied States is bring cooperation among the states and a strong defense". Also for the price $50 Million Allied Dollars, the Allied States now owns part of Sonora and all of Baja California which finally gives the Allied States access to the sea. Upon this the Allied States immediately forms the Allied States Navy and the Allied States Marine Corp. They also laid the groundwork in construction of two aircraft carriers called the ASS Arizona and the ASS Enterprise. President Meachem orders the construction of the White Sands Space Center in White Sands New Mexico. The rocket Eagle 2 reached sub orbit for 15 minutes.
  • Washington second rocket, the Martin-2, is launched from a field outside of Seattle to fields in eastern Washington, earning success. President Langley declares that Washington will have a satellite in orbit by 1962.
  • In a sign of good faith and friendship, President Owens offers President Meachem, some FFSA Naval Engineers to help their ship building program. The FSO creates and successfully tests their first space rocket, named Comet-1. A separate department starts to work on a satellite. Lowell Motors announces they have created an engine that has over 40 Miles Per Gallon (MPG). Congress immediately orders thousands of them to be installed in all military and government vehicles.
  • President Mechem accepts the offer. He would like to have the Navy up fast to check out Hawaii, Philippines and former US possessions in the Pacific Ocean. He asked President Owen and Langley if Allied personnel can train aboard their ships.
  • Owens accepts, but under the rule that they must stay within set bounds and rules. Plus a stake in Hawaii or the Philippines.
  • President Meachem accepts Owen's condition.
  • The Army of Georgia and the Army of Florida successfully break the rebel lines and are able to strike deep into Alabama and force the surrender of the rebels. The Chancellor awards four Medal of Honor's. Alabama militia continues a guerrilla war against the United Republic and the state is put under martial law. The Chancellor makes the Junta a democratic organization and the Junta members are now chosen from any Generals or Admirals in the military. The capital is officially moved Little Rock, AK.
  • FSA President Jenner announces that the FSA now has the A-bomb and will use it if attacked.


  • President Meahem sends off the first wave of Allied students who is part of the exchange program. He tells the students to behave and represent the Allied States well. He also sends off the first wave of Allied citizens who is to be trained in the FFSA Navy. He told them respect the rules that has been set. Just because they are not FFSA citizens they are guests of the FFSA. The Allied Space center is almost complete. During the tour of the space center, President Mechem sets a goal of having a human in space in 1960, a space station in 1965, and a man on the moon in 1970. President Mechem also established an interstate highway system within the Allied States. The goal is move people faster to their destinations and move troops faster in case of an emergency.
  • In the FSA elections, former President John W. Bricker is elected over Democrat Frank Lausche.
  • President Meachem invites President Bricker to visit the Allied States.
  • Washington President Langlie sends the navy to the islands of Hawaii, and a base is established near Honolulu. Hawaii surrenders itself to Washington, eager to bring up its economy. Immediately, workers are sent to the islands.
  • The United Republic Chancellor is killed in a fire fight with pro-slavery terrorist and the Republican Guard. He is buried in his home state of Alabama and the people are respectful enough of the dead not to defile his grave. The new Chancellor is elected and he was a veteran of the Great War whom name is George S. Patton whom was originally born in California but fled to Alabama in 1936. He was a member of the Junta for two years before elected Chancellor. He immediately declares that all black men whom were former slaves had all the rights of a white man. He then hires 13 black people to be his advisors and a back women for secretary.
  • President Mechem invites the new Chancellor to visit the Allied States.
  • In the FFSA, George Williams is elected President. The Allied students are welcomed with open arms and given a meet and greet with the new president. The FFSA sends out its own students to the Allied States. The Allied Citizens to work on ships, to get them trained. President Williams is proud to announce that the FSO has created the first satellite (code named S-1) and is successfully launched in orbit. Research is started to create the FFSA's own atomic bomb. A naval fleet is sent to Puerto Rico. The struggling people of the former US territory. They welcome the FFSA with open arms and are eager to be annexed. This is granted and workers are sent to help rebuild the economy, build schools, roads, highways, ports and defenses.
  • President Mechem meets and greets the students of the FFSA with open arms.
  • Virginia's second Five-Year plan is a roaring success, like the last one.


  • The Allied States launches a satellite in orbit called P-1. As promised to Washington the Allied States sends the new rocket technology. President Mechem announces a proposal for all countries. A joint space program. He stated space should explored by all American Countries united. As proof, he offers other countries to use the White Sands Space Center which will be completed in 1954. The Navy is building up fast, and the Allied Marine Corp is training hard. President Mechem also announces the creation of the national parks. First it was the Yellowstone Park still untouched. President Meachem stated we do need to appreciate the beauty of the country and conserve some areas of nature. Allied States Military is seeing some movement by the Mexican military towards Texas... President Mechem sends a warning to Texas.
  • The United Republic battles several pro-slavery terrorist groups in Alabama and Mississippi. Chancellor Patton send the Army of Georgia into Alabama to crush the rebels whom currently have the public support. But that changes when the KKK plants a bomb under a black church and blows up the church whilst many children are in there. This sharply turns public support from the KKK towards the civil rights groups. Chancellor Patton offers all nations a space program called the American Aeronautics and Space Administration (AASA) and offers Cape Canaveral in Florida as a launch pad. The construction of the Canaveral Space Center.
  • The FSSA create a new bomber with jet engines, so that it can travel faster and further. The FSO builds and launches several new communication satellites. These satellites enable government members and military soldiers/officials to communicate from anywhere in the world. They are also equipped with color cameras, the first pictures of earth are beamed back planetside. The FFSA Congress, President Williams and the Free Citizens are outraged by the KKK's actions and offer the UR support in their fight against the KKK, rebels and other white supremecists.
  • Washington builds a new complex, in eastern Oregon, that becomes headquarters of the Washington Space Agency. Here, a new rocket, the Seattle-1, is launched into space. It falls back to earth and is destroyed. Two more rockets are planned two be launched in 1954, with the goal of staying in orbit. Also, military bases are built in Hawaii, mainly for the navy.
  • FSA President John Bricker calls for the formation of an "American Union" for the purposes of trade and multi-defense.


  • The Aircraft carrier for the Allied States is built and it is the ASS Enterprise. The Enterprise first mission is for the carrier group is go to the Philippines other former US possessions in the Pacific and see how far the Japanese Empire has expanded. Six months later the ASS Arizona and it is mission is to go to the Panama Canal and see if it is still going or who controls it. President Meachem sends a big thanks to the FFSA for helping to get the Allied Navy in full gear. He would like to visit the FFSA and speak before the FFSA Congress. The Allied States unveiled the bomber called the B1-B. The bomber is a flying wing and it is a long range bomber. The commissioner of the Allied League ask other nations to play exhibition baseball in their countries. The space center in White Sands is complete and ASO launches a satellite that stays in orbit. President Meachem also disbands the Scorpion Division. His reasoning is that the division had outlived its usefulness. He stated the main goal of the division was to defend the Allied States when it was just Arizona and a weak country. The Scorpion Division units will be absorbed into various Allied Army Units throughout the country. There was a terrorist bombing in Oklahoma City. The Governors mansion was destroyed and the culprits are unknown.
  • President Bricker condemns the Oklahoma City attack and calls for a continental effort to find those responsible. Bricker continues to call for an economic free-trade zone in North America.
  • President Mechem supports the idea of a free-trade zone in North America.
  • The United Republic catches whom they believe to be the Oklahoma City bomber and puts him on trial he is found guilty and is killed on live television via firing squad. His head is then removed and preserved by a taxidermist and is sent to President Mechem. The United Republic finds the leader of the KKK living in Mobile, AL. He is almost captured but escapes when a 500 pound bomb explodes and blocks his pursuers. The Republican Coast Guard captures a Cuban pirate who tells them he was hired by the Cuban government. Relations between the two nations chill dramatically.
  • President Mechem thanks the UR for capturing the person who did the bombing. President Meachem would have preferred to have the trial in Allied States, but he is dead.
  • World Event: The Treaty of Berlin is signed by Great Britain and Nazi Germany. The two agree for the UK to give up North Africa, and the Middle East besides the British Mandate of the Palestine.
  • World Event: The CCCP and Nazi Germany sign the Treaty of Moscow which gives all land west of the Ural mountains to the Nazis.
  • World Event: News of the Holocaust reaches American shores when a UR spy sends several pictures back. Even the Leader of the KKK speaks out via video against the Holocaust. The many factions of conquered people in Nazi German begin to squirm under the heavy hand of Nazi rule more then ever.
  • The FFSA condemns the Nazis for the holocaust. A Cuban fleet attacks the FFSA state of Puerto Rico. They make it almost half way across the island, before they are stopped and forced back. President Williams and Congress immediately declare war on Cuba. An army and fleet is sent to Cuba and Operation Thunder is enacted, the whole Cuban island is bombarded by FFSA battleships, bombers and rocket attacks.
  • President Mechem offers the FFSA support in anyway they need.
  • Allied States and the FSA condemns the Nazis for the holocaust.
  • Seeing that the FFSA would have a base only 90 miles from their borders the UR invades Cuba after Chancellor Patton declares war on the island nation. The Republican Army lands troops on the island while the Republican Air Force devastates the Cuban defences that weren't destroyed in the bombardment. The UR condemns Nazi Germany for the Holocaust.
  • The FSSA of the UR a deal, if we help each other out, The UR gets the western part of Cuba and the FFSA gets the eastern half.
  • The UR gets the Eastern half and you get the Western Half.
  • it's a deal, but why don't you want the part thats closer to your country?
  • Why don't you?
  • whatever, do you still want the east and I'll get the west?
  • yes I'll still except the offer I'll get the Eastern half and you get the western half.
  • When the ASS Enterprise reached the Philippines they saw Japanese aircraft flying near the Enterprise and warned to stay away, however, the Admiral in charge of the mission convinced they come in peace. The Japanese order the Enterprise to stay away from the Philippines to await docking instructions.
  • The ASS Arizona finds the Panama Canal under the control of Panama. However, when they saw the Arizona the Government of Panama thought the US came back. The admiral stresses the US is done for. The Government of Panama offers the Allied States an offer. They can run the Panama Canal for 60 years. The Admiral sends the offer to President Meachem. He accepts and sends the treaty to the Allied Senate for ratification.


  • After much debate the Allied Senate approved the treaty with Panama. President Meachem notifies other North American countries they can go through the Panama Canal for free. President offers to host a North American Summit to discuss security and economic issues. Also push for North American Union Free Trade Zone. After the ASS Enterprise leaves the Philippines and Australia they report that the Japanese can't be trusted. Australia is still free, but the Philippines is under Japanese rule. The Allied Government asks Enterprise to head for Midway and claim it for the Allied States of America. President Mechem announces the recruitment for the manned space program. A good portion of the pilots from the Allied States Air Force signs up regardless of race.
  • Hawaii becomes a state of Washington. The economy is pretty good now in Hawaii, and transportation has been made easier. More military bases are built, providing Hawaii with a suitable defensive system. President Langlie condemns the Holocaust.
  • President Williams condemns the holocaust. The FSSA lands troops on the western half of Cuba. With their military superiority, the FSSA troops make all the way to Havana within 4 weeks. They also take the little island belonging to Cuba, Isla De La Juventud. The FSO are on their way to completing a space shuttle, capable of carrying a person into orbit.
  • FSA President John Bricker issues a proposal to the American nations. Bricker proposes that an "American Union" with a constitution similar to the old US constitution be formed. The executive branch would consist of a “President” elected by popular vote for a 4-year term with a two-term limit. The legislature would consist of a “Senate” with each "nation" getting equal vote and a “House of Delegates” with each nation being represented according to its population. The judicial branch would consist of a “High Court” and one lower court for each nation. There would be one Bill of Rights and one currency as well
  • ASA President somewhat supports the idea, however he thinks it is too soon for an American Union. He thinks there should be gradual approach towards unification.
  • To UR, want to split Cuba at the bend right after the city of Ciego De Avila
  • No and thats final.
  • The UR troops land in the eastern half of Cuba. With in two weeks the UR conquers all of the eastern half of Cuba. The Chancellor calls the victory a great success. The United Republic finishes the Canaveral Space Center and launches the Liberty 1 into orbit. The Republican Army begins production of chemical weapons more feverishly then before.


  • In the Allied States election, Edwin C. Johnson of Colorado won the election, not by winning the popular vote but by the electoral vote. The quest for the space begins in full force. President Meachem announces the creation of the Mercury Project. "We are going to space step by step. We will make sure the Allied States of America has a permanent presence in space." There is a growing movement called the American Unification Front. The main goal of the AUF is to unite the North American Continent under one flag either by force or peace under the Allied States Flag. President Meachem dismisses the group. He stated that the goal of the Allied States is not to be the replacement country of the United States.
  • More of Canada is sold to Alaska. Alaska's military is improved.
  • Washington continues to launch rockets into space. The first Washington jet fighter is made, and are produced to be used by the military. The economy is continued to be amped up in Hawaii.
  • The United Republic announces the official annexation of East Cuba and incorporates East Cuba as the Republic of Cuba. The United Republic launches an assault from Cuba into Haiti and quickly captures the small nation then annexes the Dominican Republic. The two are incorporated as the Republic of New Florida.
  • The FFSA capture the rest of West Cuba. It is annexed as the state of West Cuba. Schools, highways, railroads, ports and defenses are built and their economy is boosted. The Canadian provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick are sold to the FSSA for a hefty 38 Million Federated Dollars. New schools, highways, railroads, ports and defenses are built. President Williams announces the successful creation of a space shuttle. It is name Shuttle Endeavour and is slated to launch next year.
  • President Bricker offers to form a free-trade treaty with the ASA. The ASA accepts.
  • That there is an awful large amount of land to sell for any amount of money
  • i can minimize it, if its to much.
  • yes please do
  • better ?
  • Still big by New England's standards but much better. I can't wait to see how the independence movement in Quebec is going to play out.


  • As President Johnson takes office again he makes the promises to the neighboring North American Countries that the Allied States will not take over or force unification under the Allied State flag. North and South Dakota finally joins the Allied States giving the Allied States control to majority of the western states that was once the United States of America. The space program is moving at a good rate. The Mercury project is moving faster than normal with good results. The first rocket is schedule to launch in 1959 astronaut unknown. The Allied States took over the Virgin Islands giving the Allied States an important access to the Atlantic Ocean. President Johnson contacted FSA President Bricker stating that he is "open" to his American Union idea but with some changes. The AUF is gaining strength. Reports are that there are members of the AUF in the Allied Military and the Allied Congress. The head of the Oklahoma City bomber has been buried in where the Governor's mansion was. It is now a memorial while a new mansion has been built elsewhere.
  • So what did you ever do with the head of the Oklahoma City bomber?
  • The FSSA takes over poverty and crime ridden Jamaica and the Cayman Islands from West Cuba. New schools, roads, railroads, highways, ports and defenses. FFSA Shuttle Endeavor lifts off and Alan Shepard becomes the first human in space. The Quebec Sovereignty Movement gains ground in the territory of Quebec. In order to try to quell it, the government grants Quebec, New Brunswick, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands statehood. But to not much avail. The military successfully develops and tests a nuclear bomb. They immediately order the production of several more of these atom bombs. They announce it to the world. Chemical weapons are being made and researched.
  • The United Republic invades the Bahamas and quickly wins the island campaign and turns its new territory as the Republic of the Bahamas. The United Republic begins a campaign against rebels in New Florida. The Liberty 2 is launched from the CSC. The United Republic proposes a treaty that will ban all nuclear weapons in North America called the American Nuclear Prohibition Treaty.
  • thanks
  • British Columbia asks Washington if it can be annexed. Washington agrees, and former British Columbia is divided into new states. As many workers rush over, American and Canadian cultures mingle, bringing the new states even closer. The workers improve roads, highways, schools, railroads, and defenses. Several new military bases are built. With this, the "Cascade Dream" is fulfilled, fulfilling a promise President Langlie made earlier in the year. President Langlie decides not to run for another term, ending his great presidency.


  • The United Republic captures the head of the rebels in New Florida he is tried for treason then killed by firing squad on national t.v. The UR then launches their first human into space. Buzz Aldrin successfully orbits the Earth five times before landing in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of New Florida. The Republican Army begins to build 100mm anti-tank guns to compensate for their lack of many tanks. The Republican Navy launches the aircraft carrier the URS Republic.
  • In the Allied States there was an attempted coup by the AUF. It was brought down quickly. President Johnson declared the AUF a terrorist organization. It clearly states that anyone that is a member of the AUF is automatically arrested. Meanwhile, Allied intelligence showed President Johnson that Mexico is moving troops too Texas and the Allied States. President Johnson ask the Allied Congress to declare war on Mexico. They did. The Allied States and Mexico is at war.
  • The Washington Presidential election is held, lasting for the entire year. The winner will be announced in 1959. The former British Columbia improves Washington's economy with a large timber business. Washington pledges to support the ASA in any way in the war against Mexico.
  • The FSSA pledge to help the FSSA in their war against Mexico. The FSSA pledge to get a man on the moon by 1960. Quebec Sovereignty Movement or QSM operatives set off a coordinated set of explosions in various government buildings across the province. President Williams and Congress condemn the attacks as acts of terrorism and the newly created Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are sent to find the perpetrators.
  • FSA President Bricker announces the FSA's support the ASA in its war with Mexico. In the FSA elections the Democrats win the presidency and the house of representatives while the Republicans retain the Senate.


  • The UR begins the construction of a 200mm anti-tank gun after realising 100mm wasn't enough. Chancellor Patton says it will help the ASA with their AUF problem and mobilizes the Army of Northern Florida. The Republican Military creates a new branch called the Republican Defence Force which is in essence a militia-like group which is enlisted by the Republics and can not be nationalized. Also the RDF can only be commanded by the Governor except when war is declared but they do not have to leave their individual Republics. Chancellor Patton creates a draft that all males that are not in the military once they reach the age of 18 they must register with the government and join the RDF for a minimum of two years. Many up-coming 18 year olds who were expecting to go straight into business are disappointed by the draft but are often proud to serve their nation. Immediately racial problems begin to arise and most RDF's create segregated units with all black and all white groups. Chancellor Patton decrees that all segregated units must be commanded by an officer of the same race as the rest of the unit.
  • The Allied States sends thanks to the United Republics for the assistance.
  • The FFSA develop a new flying machine called the helicopter. It is built for both military and civilian purposes. The company, Sikorsky, is in charge of building the helicopters. The civilian helicopters are for medical transportation, travel and various other tasks. The military helicopters are separated into two groups, gunships (attack helicopters) and transport helicopters. The gunships are used to cover ground troops and provide support from above, while the transports carry troops and cargo to different locations fast and without worrying about ground obstacles. They are immediately mass produced in both sectors. The FSO start researching ways to land and survive on the moon. The QSM agents responsible for last years terrorist attacks are found by the FBI. They are tried and found guilty, they are then executed by firing squad. The citizens of Quebec displayed outrage.
  • With the War in Mexico going on it is going slow. The Allied States decided on a different strategy. Bomb Mexico around the clock for at least six months until the Military of Mexico is weakend and have minimal Allied troops dead. The Allied States sends the ASS Enterprise, ASS Arizona, and the ASS Endeavour (the newest Allied Staes aircraft carrier) off the coast of Mexico to fly around a clock sorties along with the new B2 flying wing bombers with the range to Mexico City. The operation is called Operation Thunderbird. For the next six months the Allied States was flying bombing missions destroying anything that has to do with the Mexican military and the Mexican Government with minimal civilan loss. Then after six months the ground operations begin and overtaking what is left of the Mexican military. The war may take at least two more years. Scott Carpenter became the first Allied States person in space. Allied President Johnson warned other nations that elements of the AUF may go into other nations and commit terrorist activities and try to blame the Allied States.
  • Daniel J. Evans is elected president of Washington. The Langlie Memorial is built in Seattle, in remembrance of Langlie's long presidency. Washington continues to send more rockets into space. Hawaii becomes a vacation destination for Washington people, so new airplanes are created, the largest being the Boeing 676.


  • The United Republic sends the Army of Northern Florida into the ASA and assists the ASA army with its war against the AUF. The RDF becomes fully integrated into the Republican Military. The RDF of New Florida begins an anti-guerrilla war against rebels on the island. Chancellor Patton is almost assassinated by an AUF operative. The AUF is declared a terrorist organization and the Army of Western Arkansas is sent into the ASA to re-enforce the Army of Northern Florida.
  • The FFSA announces that they are ready to go to the moon, but before that, since the moon is Earth's moon and not just the FFSA's asks if any other country would like to send one of their astronauts to the moon with the FFSA's. Quebec declares independance and forms a military. They raid FFSA bases and steal weapons and vehicles. They attack all troops that are in the province. The FSSA troops fight bravely, but are outnumbered and forced to retreat. The air force starts bombing runs on the country and wipe out what planes the Quebecers had. Rockets are also launched. Trying to not destroy too much infrastructure, they aim for military concentrations, airports and shipyards. The navy blackades the Quebecker's ports and sink any ships that try to pass.
  • Could you send one of my (UR) astronauts?
  • Yes
  • The ASA war against Mexico is taking the turn for the better for the ASA. What is left of the Mexican military is in shambles. The ASA is going to send the marines to Mexico City and hopefully end the war (similar to what the USA did). First there was heavy boming of Mexico City. The goal is to destroy any Government infrastructure and avoid any civilian casualties at all costs. After the continuous bombing the Mexican Government asks for a cease fire and a general surrendar. ASA asks for the following states.. The rest of Sonora, Chihuahua, Nuevo León, Coahuila, and Tamaulipas. Mexico complies. This give the ASA access to the Gulf Coast. When the treaty was signed and ratified in the Allied Senate President Johnson sends a warning to Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany. Mess with any North American country prepare to be beaten. While in Kanasas there was an attempt on President Johnson's life. This was done by the AUF. There was talk of declaring Martial law in the ASA, but President Johnson said no, however now that the Allied - Mexican conflict is over he orders the Allied Military remove the AUF at all costs. The ASA offers to send an astronaut to the FFSA to go on the moon. Meanwhile, the Allied States forms the Allied States version of the FBI.


  • The Chancellor Patton says that the Monroe Doctrine is still in effect and any attempts by European powers to colonize the Americas will be taken as an act of war against what is left of the American powers. Chancellor Patton dies soon after he gives his Monroe Doctrine speech. The Patton Memorial is raised in Jacksonville, FL where he requested to be buried. General elections take place for a new Chancellor and the unlikely winner is Mohamed Omar, a General from New Florida, he had served in the Junta since New Florida incorperation. Mohamed Omar is the first Muslim Chancellor of any American nation. Chancellor Omar is also the youngest at only 22.
  • President Johnson supports Chancellor Patton in stating that the Monore Doctrine is still valid. Meanwhile, President Johnson asks UR to help take over Texas. The UR can have northern half and the ASA can have the southern part. President Johnson asks Washington the same about California. President Johnson proposes a Contiental Highway system that will people to move the around the North America Continet. The remain AUF forces has been wiped out. President Johnson dies of a heart attack. Nancy Barto (The Vice President) becomes President. As stated within the Allied Constitution if a Vice President becomes President, the person can not run. The person is only finishing out the term of the President.
  • The FFSA launch space shuttle Endeavor, with two FSSA astronauts, a UR Astronaut and an ASA Astronaut. They land on the moon and the FFSA Astronaut Neil Armstrong is the first human to land on the moon. He plants an FFSA Flag, then the UR and ASA astronauts plant their flags respectively. They then return to Earth with a heroes welcome. In the War of Quebec Succesion, the army is marching from the south taking back more land, but there is stiff resistance. Marines land in the north of the territory and start taking more land back up there, but yet again with stiff resistance.


  • The Republican Army invades the Lesser Antilles. The resulting island hoping campaign was relativley short and bloody. In 3 months the entire Lesser Antilles is taken by the United Republic. The Lesser Antilles is incorperated into the UR as the Republic of the Antilles. Chancellor Omar meets with the leader of Saudi Arabia and establishes a trade agreement with the Saudis. Huge amounts of crude oil begins to be shipped to the UR.
  • World Event: Germany annexes Vichy France. This proves to be the last straw for the oppressed peoples in France. Huge numbers of people rise up in France. Paris, Orleans, and Caen along with many other small pockets of resistance are liberated by the French Resistance Movement. The FRM request help from the world powers.
  • The Allied States answers the call and declares war on Nazi Germany. The war was authorized by the Allied Congress. President Barto explains to the nation that the Allied States must stop the Nazi threat from reaching the North Amreican shores. However some people pointed out that the Allied States should focus more on Japan than Nazi Germany. In the election Bonifacio Salinas Leal of South Baja won the election. This was a first time that someone who was not from United States was elected. It is figured in 68 or 74 that someone was born when there was no United States will be President of the Allied States.
  • The FFSA sends weapons, ammunition, tanks, planes and other supplies to the Free French Movement to help in their struggle against German tyranny. This helps them greatly and they make huge pushes. This aid has seemed to have calmed the Quebecers and they resubmit to FFSA control. To show no hard feelings the FFSA readmits Quebec as a state, with full rights. But their is a little larger military presence, in order to make sure this doesn't happen again. The leaders of the QSM are captured, after trying to run, and are executed by electric chair.


  • World Event: The French Resistance Movement, aided by many nations, liberate almost 100 square miles arond Paris. They loose Caen and some of the smaller pockets. Orleans is bombed to the point of being unrecognizable and dysentry runs rampant, but they do not surrender. The Luftwaffe beings a systematic bombing of rebel areas, but Hitler forbids the bombing of Paris for its historicness.
  • World Event: The Holocaust finally kills the last of the Jews in Europe and the Germans begin to dimantle Auschwitz. The Poles are soon killed at almost a faster rate then the Jews. Russians in occupied Russia are sent to work on fortifications along the Urals.
  • World Event: The United Mexican States disolves from a massive economic collapse not unlike the collapse of the USA. Many of the Mexican states disolve into small Rhode Island sized republics, autocracies, Communist democracies, etc.
  • The FSSA is horrified by Germany's actions in extermination of all of the Jews in Europe and the continued extermination of other ethnic groups. They join the Allied States and declare war on Nazi Germany. They land troops all over France and take large sections of land, while joining up with French Resistance groups. Bombing runs are commenced on Germany.
  • President Leal thanks the FSSA for joining the war against Germany. President Leal also orders all Allied forces in the Pacific on high alert in case Japan decides to do something. Meanwhile in Europe, the Allied bombers continue to bomb Germany from bases in England and parts of Free France with hopes of destoying the Nazi war machine. Allied troops is slowing trickleing into Europe. President Leal proposes the FSSA General will be the Supreme Commander while an ASA General will be the second in command. President Leal offers the Mexican states entrance into the Allied States. He promises them they will be all treated equally within the Allied States. The Allied Congress approves funds to finds way to make the deserts into good farmland. One of the ways is to create Desalinization plants and create canals from plants into the main areas of the Allied States.
  • The United Republic Junta after nearly 6 months of heated debate sends an article to Chancellor Omar requesting a declaration of war. Omar agrees to do so and declares war on Nazi Germany. The Republican Army Air Force of Alabama and the Republican Navy of Florida is sent to the Isle of Great Britain and with the Prime Minister's acceptance of their help allow UR ships to dock their and the planes to unload. The RAAF of Alabama begins massive assaults on into occupied Denmark and Norway. The Republicn Navy of Florida blockades many ports along the North coast of Europe. The reason for the RAAF for bombing the out of the way places is to avoid the casualties occuring in the mainland.
  • World Event: Great Britain declares war on Germany after being compelled to by UR diplomats and ASA diplomats. The Third World War began with an official declaration of war by Great Britain on September 22. RAF units begin bombing major factories in the Rhineland but many are killed by the Luftwaffe.


  • World Event: The USSR declares war on Germany and launches a massive invasion of Nazi Germany. The Wehrmacht easily pushes the Soviet back after they hit the defences along the Urals the Germans then push the Soviets back into Siberia and the whole Russian army turns and routs
  • World Event: The Luftwaffe breaks through air defences around London and bomb the city, Big Ben and the Parliament Building are seriously damaged.
  • World Event: The Soviet Air Force is crippled after almost 92% of the planes are destroyed in a massive air battle over the Urals. The Wehrmacht has near open reign over the vast Siberian tundra.
  • The FFSA step up attacks on Germany, aiming to take down the Luftwaffe. They succeed in significantly reducing their power. They send aid to war ravaged Britain and USSR. The Head FFSA General proposes and joint attack by British, FFSA, UR, Allied States and French to attack Germany from the West, in a wall of troops and the USSR in the East with aid.
  • The ASA also steps up attacks on Germany as well by increasing bombing raids on Germany. The ASA agreed with the proposal. ASA also suggests that they bomb Germany for at least one year to soften up the military. President Leal makes a surprise visit to Britain. During his visit, he visitted Allied Troops, British troops and the UR Troops. The Allied Space program begins construction of the Space Station called Libertia.
  • The Republican Navy of New Florida is sent to West Africa to blockade the profitable ports in Morocco and other areas along the Western coast. The RAAF of Alabama bombs Copenhagen and kill almost half of the civilians in the city and almost 72% of all of the military forces in the city. The city burns for almost 17 days before the Nazis are able to put out the fire. The Republican Army of North Florida and the Republican Army of Southern Georgia land in German occupied Casablanca and liberate the surrounding area. Rick's Café Américain is one of the many resistance centers that are liberated and the local leader of the resistance Rick Blaine joins the Republican Army of North Florida as a military advisor.
  • Alaska declares war on the USSR and invades.
  • Robert Taft Jr. is elected President of the FSA.


  • World Event: The German Navy is able to stop almost 53% of the aid going to the USSR as the German Army closes in on the Vladivostok, the USSR capital. The Soviet Army is all but broken and the capital is left wide open.
  • World Event: The Luftwaffe and the Allied Air Force continue to battle over Western Europe.
  • World Event: The German Army surrounds Casablanca.
  • The FFSA condemns Alaska's declaration of war on the USSR. The navy amps up attacks on the German navy. A special bombing campaign is run on various German navy bases, drydocks and shipyards, crippling their navy production and ability. The army takes huge ground in the German front. The marines make a landing at Cuxhaven and make a beachhead. Within several days they take the city and the surrounding countryside. It will be used as a staging ground for later troop movements. it is heavily repaired and fortified, with additional troops, shipd and supplies to reinforce it. Troopss are sent to the Soviet front to help their cause.
  • The Allied States condemns Alaska's war on the USSR. The Allied States decides to lauunch a risky bombing mission over a German fuel depot deep in German territory. If it is a success the German war effort will be crippled in the Western Europe theatre. During the night the Allied States uses the B5 Stealth bomber and bombs the fuel depot. This puts a cramp on the German war effort but not much. President Leal signs a non-aggression pact with Japan. With this agreement Japan promises not to invaded the Allied States or any North American country. President Leal hopes this cripples the Axis alliance. He was glad that Japan is not helping Nazi Germany. President Leal states a goal for the North American countries after the war. A goal for a more united military and a united commernce..
  • The Republican Army in Casablanca are able to break out of the Nazi encirclement and are able to liberate the rest of Morocco. Erwin Rommel is sent in to the front and begins a campaign against the Republicans. The Republican Navy in North Europe is destroys the port of Brest and the port of Amsterdam. The ports are burning hulks of what they had been by the end of the day. The RAAF of Alabama supports the FFSA invasion by relieving the FFSA Air Force by giving close air support. The Republican Army of Arkansas is deployed to the Cuxhaven Front and supports the FFSA assault on the Nazi menace.


  • World Event: The Soviet Union's capital is captured by the Nazi menace and the Soviet military all but crumples. Leonid Brezhnev is captured and sentenced to hanging. The Soviet Union officially surrenders the next day and is annexed into the "Great and powerful Third Reich"
  • World Event: The Luftwaffe begins a bombing campaign of the Cuxhaven front and massive air battle spring up as the Allies and Luftwaffe battle for supremecy.
  • World Event: The Afrika Korp is re-organized and is sent to the Morocco Front. The United Republic asks for help from the rest of the Allies to help beat off the Nazi menace.
  • World Event: There are rumours that the Third Reich has nuclear weapons pointed to either the Allied States, UR, and FFSA.
  • Upon hearing the events in Europe and with the downfall of the USSR and the Afrika Korp is back, the President Leal calls for an emergency war council with the remaining Allies. President Leal sends some of the Allied Air Force to Morocco. Upon hearing the hearing the rumours of about the Nazi nukes, he orders the Vice Preisdent and key members of the cabinent to go into hiding. There was talk about moving the capital, but President Leal says no. There was talk within the cabinent of using Nukes on Germany, but Leal says no. The only time we use nukes is then they nuke us first. There has been a decision to invade the German homeland next year. The Allied Air force launches an assault on Berlin. For the next five days the Allied States bomb the city. After the bombing the city was abaze.
  • The FFSA attends the war council with the other allies. Troops, ships and planes are sent to Africa to help the UR out. A huge push is made in the German front, huge swaths of land and troops are captured. A massive bombing campaign is made in the important German industrial region of Ruhr. The German war effort is heavily damaged. Upon hearing of the Nazi nukes the President and his cabinet and Congress are moved to two undisclosed bunkers. The run the country and the war from there, until the danger passes. The president also decides not to use nukes on Germany unless nuked first or the situation is dire enough.
  • The UR thanx the FFSA for sending troops to the Morocco Front. The Republican Army of North Florida and South Georgia continue to resist the Desert Fox's gains and it soon becomes a stale mate with the Germans increasingly sending more and more anti-air guns and advanced fighters and bombers to the Morocco front. In the Cuxhaven Front the Reepublican Army of Arkansas continues to push into Europe along with the rest of the Allies. The Republican Army of Louisiana lands in Denmark and liberates the country, they then sweep to the West and connect with the Cuxhaven Front.


  • World Event: There are rumours that Japan may join the war against Germany. Even though they where allies during WWII, they feel that Germany may invade Japan from Nazi Occupied USSR.
  • World Event: There are signs the German War Machine is showing strain from within. With the fighinting in Europe and Africa and the resistance from Nazi Occupied USSR is causing trouble. There are those from in the High German command to convince Hitler to end the war. Germany can conquer North America at a later time. Hitler says no.
  • World Event: The Allies meet in La Paz, South Baja. The Allied States propose to that they start a push on all fronts at the same time. They think this will catch the Germany army off balance.
  • The FFSA agree with the Allied States in the multi pronged attack. The army sends in several speacial forces units into Nazi occupied USSR. They help out the Russian partisans fight against the Nazis and are central points for resupplies of weapons and ammo. The military press their attacks and take huge amounts of ground.The Navy blocade several ports. Several bombing runs are made. The president gives several gifts to Japan to appeal them to join on the allied side of the war.
  • The ASA starts the attack from Free France. Before the attack the ASA sends special forces into German territory by doing the follwoing. Meet with local resistance and increase missions that will damage the German war effort. They are succesfull. Also before the attack the ASA increase bombing near the front. When the attack started it was a slow start, but it seems that the German resistance is not as strong as feared, however the Allied leaders are still cautious yet pleased about the progress. President Leal visits Japan with a special appeal to join the allied side of the war. President Leal addressed the nation. He stated that he knows the citizen of the Allied States is tired of war, but he promises the war will end soon. Privately President Leal has stated that he wishes the United States was still around. The old United States would have solved the Nazi problem sooner and quicker.
  • Chancellor Mohamed Omar sends the URS Patton and the URS Fritzgerald to the Eastern Coast of the former USSR. The Republican Armies in Morocco Front begin to push back at the Desert Fox but fail to break his brilliant tactics. In Europe the German Army is begining to fall back but there is still enough resistance to cause many casualties. protest against the "Foreign War in Europe" occur in Mobile and Tallahasse and seems to be spreading.


  • World Event: Islamic Terrorists in Berlin bomb the Große Halle (German Parliament Building), Adolf Hitler, already on his last leg, is severely injured by smoke inhalation. Himmler takes control of the Third Reich with Hitler's permission.
  • World Event: The German Army begins recruiting 16 year olds and incorporates Hitler Youth into the Army. The military size grows tremendously and becomes and effective 'killing mob' against the allies and begin to bog them down via guriella warfare and out right over whelming numbers.
  • World Event: An estimated 10,000 Poles remain in Deutschland and are being killed at a frightening rate it is estimated that by January of 1970 all the poles will be killed.
  • World Event: Japan enters the war against Nazi Germany. The reason is that they don't trust Nazi Germany even though they where Allies in WW-II.
  • In the Allied States there was talk of cancelling the elections but President Leal says no. He says it must go on. In the election Faustino Félix Serna of Sonora won the election. He promises to end the war by any means. President Elect Serna was put into hiding so the transfer of power will take place. Meanwhile, the war is taking the turn for the better. The Allied States has taken control of the Rhine Valley. The operation with the special forces is taking the toll on the German war machine. There are reports of factories being blown up. Fuel depots being destroyed.. Basically slowly destroying the German war machine. The Allied Air Force bombs Dresden for 6 days destroying the city.
  • Protests against the war continue in many cities experience protests against the war as its popularity continues to decline. The first riot occurs in Jacksonville but is harshly put down by the Republican Defence Force of Florida is deployed and uses chemical weapons and bullets, many, many bullets. Chancellor Omar declares that the protests can continue but if they become violent they would be put down with extreme prejudice. The army in Morocco continues to beat off the Desert Fox but is still unable to break the extremley smart man. In Europe the Army continues to fight the Germans but some of the troops even are beginning to question why they are fighting a 'foriegn' war.
  • The FFSA amps up their troop count in the war victory is near. With the FFSA, UR, AS, British and French attacking from the west and Japan and the Soviet Partisans from the east, Germany is straining. The Navy pushes the German navy off the oceans. An anti-war protest is held at Yale University. Elections are held and Joseph Miller of Vermont is elected President. President Miller gives Germany an ultimatum, surrender or be destroyed.


  • World Event: As the Nazis are losing the war, Himmler is thinking of either calling a ceasefire or launch a nuclear attack against the Allied States of America (since they were the first country to declare war against Nazi Germany).  But he realizes that if there is a nuclear attack the Allied States and the Allies will wipe Germany out. He calls for ceasefire instead.
  • For the first time in years, it is quiet. President Serna contacted President Miller of the FFSA and Chancellor Omar of the UR to discuss in where they should talk to Himmler. He offers Phoenix for the meeting to take place. He also offers a bold proposal. He calls for a North America Confederation or a North American Union. He stated that the war showed in how a united America could have won the war quickly if they where all united.
  • Chancellor Omar meets with the Junta whom agree to end WW-III. Chancellor asks the Junta where they should have peace talks. They agree that they should meet in Jerusalem as the Jews were the people who were killed by the Nazis. Chancellor Omar agrees and states that the state of Europe be reverted to 1933 borders. Also he agrees that a North American union of sorts should be made but it should be called the United States of America where the North American nations would agree to common protection but would have total sovereignty. He also says that a Senate should be created with two senators from every nation who would meet in Washington, DC.
  • President Miller concures with President Serna and Chancellor Omar about a United North America. Mostly with Chancellor Omar, except the name. Keep each nation sovereign, but protect each other. President Miller proposes the The North American Congress. Miller agrees with Omar about holding talks in Jerusalem. He immediately agrees with Himmler's ceasefire. Troops are stilled except for patrols, ships and subs are docked except for patrols, and planes are grounded except for patrols.
  • President Serna offers to hold a summit in Tucson with other North American Countries in 1970. President Serna likes some ideas of Chancellor Omar and President Miller. President Serna suggested that each nation sends a representative to Washington D.C. to check the condition of the city. The goal of the United America should be done before 1976. He also agrees with Chancellor Omar about having the peace confernece in Jerusalem. He will support the 1933 borders on one condition. The Nazi leadership must stand down and go on trial for crimes against humanity. 'There will be no call for reparations.
  • President Miller agrees with President Serna about North American Countries meeting in 1970. He supports the call for 1933 borders and the Nazi Leadership standing down and go on trial, but they should also have to pay for reparations to the people they killed/made suffer.
  • World Event: As the Allies and Himmler meets in Jerusalem. The offer Himmler. Total surrender. The leadership must step down and face trials against humanity at a location to be determined later. Germany will be occupied by Britain, Allied States, UR and the FFSA (in this time line USSR doesn't have the resources to occupy Germany or the other Eastern European Countries).


  • World Event: The world is watching in what happens in Tucson as the talks between the North American Countries about forming a new unifed country.
  • There is much antipiciation in the Allied States. As the unification talks opened President Serna stated that the goal is to unify the country so in case there is another war, the war will be run more efficient. Also to unify the country on the trade front so each goods can be moved more freely. He offers three proposals of unification. Proposal One starting right now there will be a unified military force and the unifed military force will be headquarted at a location to be determined. Proposal Two in 1971 there will be a joint currency between multiple nations. Proposal Three on July 4th 1976 thire unification shall be achieved. He proposes the name of Union of American States. President Serna visits Cologne Germany in the Allied States Occupation zone. He promises the people of Germany that the Allied States will aborb them into the Allied States. Once the country is back the Allied States troops will leave. President Serna also visits the Prime Minister in the UK. He sends a personal thank you to the people of Great Britain for helping the Allied States in the war. He promises that the Allied States and the UK will maintain a 'special relationship' with the UK.
  • People in the United Republic wonder what shall happen as the conference in Tucson begins. Chancellor Omar states that there should be a new United States of America that shall operate with the North American nations agreeing to provide common protection but would have total sovereignty. He also says that a Senate should be created with two senators from every nation which would meet in Washington, DC. Chancellor Omar is attacked by a German national in Tucson as he walks out of the first meeting he is not seriously injured. In retaliation the Republican Army troops in Europe kill 100 ethnic Germans in occupied Hamburg.
  • President Serna apologises to Chancellor Omar for what happened and he takes full responsibility for what happenend. However, he codemns the killing. The person was arrested and a sign of good faith he will deport the person who attacked the Chancellor Omar to the UR.
  • President Miller proposes merging both President Serna and Chanceller Omar's ideas. A North American Union, where each nation has sovereignty but sends two senators to a Congress of North American Nations, plus free trade between the member nations and not necessarily a unified military but a shared military responsiblity were if a certain event occurs each member nations military must help the other. Even though it is a terrible thing that Chancellor Omar is attacked, President Miller condemns the killing of the 100 ethnic Germans, for if we do that we are no better than the monsters who exterminated the European Jews and Poles. In the FFSA occupied zone, reconstruction is put in place and resources sent in.
  • President Serna offers a series of counter proposal. Proposal One a shared military will be OK provided that each nation share the technology so they can be on equal footing and shared military bases and shared command centers. As a sign of good faith he will give the FFSA and UR stealth technology. Proposal Two North America will be a free trade zone with a common currency. Proposal Three As for the name of the country will be left up to the people. There will be three names submitted by each country (only one) and the capital will be Washington DC provided the city is in good conidition if not there will be a temporay capital to be determined until the city is good condition again. Proposal Four: Each nation will still have sovereignty, but send two senators (appointed by the nations governing body) and a House of Representatives based on the population. Propsoal Five: There will be a President elected for one six-year term using an electoral college. The President will be the single voice.
  • The attacker of Chancellor Omar is taken before the Junta as a 'Jury' he is convicted of Attempted Murder, Attempted Murder of a Federal Official, Attempted Murder of the Chancellor, Treason, High Treason, Assault and Battery, Terrorism, and Disturbing the Peace. The attacker is identified as Adolf von Klein. Adolf is sentenced to execution. Twenty two days after his sentencing he is paraded down the main sreet of Little Rock and the crowds, in spite of the police trying to control the crowd, throw rocks and other things. The man is severely bruised by the time he reaches the execution place. He is then faced back-first towards the crowd and his hands are strapped to a metal pole. The guards/executioners then procede to beat him with a metal rod until his back is bleeding and bruised to a very severe point. He then has his hair pulled from his head by the guards/executioners. After the agonizing public torture he is finally unstrapped. He is then forced upon his knees in front of the crowd and is put out of his misery by being shot in the head. His body is then tied to a stake and burned. His charred remains stay there for nine days before being taken down and buried in an unmarked and shallow grave in the Alabama wilderness. Chancellor Omar states that he "...wished for a less torturous death but it is what the people wanted and who am I to ignore those whom I work for?"
  • President Miller agrees to President Serna's terms. President Miller sends his wishes and a gift as a get well package to Chancellor Omar. He agrees with Omar about the torture of his attacker, but what the people want.


  • World Event: Bubonic Plague strikes the coasts of America from troops coming home from Europe. It truns out the plague was lying dormant in Europe since the Great Plague looking for fresh victims. In America it finds the perfect hosts and decimates the nations of Carolina, Virgina, New York, and all other nations besides the Mexican States, ASA, the FFSA, and the UR. It doesn't affect the ASA, FFSA, Mexican States, and UR because of military vaccines being developed and quickly spread throughout the general populace only three weeks before because of fears of Nazi bio-weapons - namely ones using Smallpox and Bubonic Plague. Communications with the governments of the devastated nations are totally lost as most if not all of the government was killed along with thier constintuents.
  • Chancellor Omar agrees to all of President Serna's proposals. Chancellor Omar then proposes to re-organize the North American continent to protect the peoples that are curently under extreme duress. He proposes that the governments that are currently still operating take control of the destroyed nations. He proposes this new map. He also proposes a map for an occupied Germany.
    Germany aft&#039; WWIII 2

    Chancellor Omar's idea

  • President Serna sends the proposal to the Allied Congress. With much debate they approve the unification by passing both houses. There was an election in the Allied States for the Allied States name choice of the new American nation. The names where Union of American States, Confederation of American States, or United Federated States of America. The name United Federated States of America won. President Serna somewhat supports the North America map. He did remind that the Allied States controls all of Baja, Sonora, Chihuahua, Nuevo León, Coahuila, and Tamaulipas from the Allied Mexican war, however in the spirit of cooperation will offer some Mexican Terrorties to the UR. President Serna accpets Chancellor Omar's proposal for occupied Germany.
  • Chanecllor Omar apologizes for the misunderstanding and has his mapmaker fired for his stupidity. He then re-proposes his idea with an updated map.
  • President Serna told Chancellor Omar no need to worry. President Serna accepts the map. President Serna asks that they do the following steps. Start joint military training and implement the joint currency. He also feels that in 73 or 74 the american occupied zones slowly merge into a single unified zone. President Serna would like to visit Washington DC to check the condition of the city
    Map of North America (States of America 2)2

    Chancellor Omar re-proposed idea

    and visit the UR and speak before the Junta and visit the FFSA and speak before the FFSA Congress.
  • Alaska, despite not being hit with the virus too hard, begins to fall apart. Soon, it becomes the United States of the Yukon.
  • President Miller accepts Chancellor Omars terms on the map and incorporates all the new states. The changes to the occupied zones in Germany are accepted, changes are made and aid packaging and reconstruction started. Aid is sent to the virus ravaged states, and military units sent in to restore order. New ports, airports, defenses, roads, highways, railroads and schools are built. Aid is also sent to the United States of the Yukon in a show of friendship.
  • Following President Miller's example Chancellor Omar annexes the states alloted to him by the Reorganizing of the Norht American Continent Act. The new states are imeadiatley incorperated as Republics. The Republic of Deleware is absorbed into Maryland soon after it becomes apparent there is simply too little people to run the Republic. President Serna is officialy invited to speak before the Junta and the Chancellor on January 3, 1972. The Republican Army of North Georgia is sent in to restore order. Many un-employed persons in the new Republics are hired by the government and sent into DC and they procede in cleaning up the capitol.
  • President Miller invites President Serna and Chancellor Omar to speak before the FFSA Congress and for them to be on the country's most popular tv show, so that the entire country can here them speak.
  • Chancellor Omar accepts.
  • President Serna accepts.
  • The Chancellor's speech goes well and the Public would love to visit the UR.Ships and planes can go down easy, but cars can't. President Miller and Congress propose an Inter-Nation Super Highway, the highways will connect both nations most desired spots. He also believes that the tourism will make tremendous amounts of money for both countries.
  • The public public also seems to really like the Allied States, the offer for the Inter-Nation Super Highway is extended to the Allied States too. President Serna accpets the offer and the Highway plan is passed through the Allied Congress


  • President Serna visited the UR. During his visit he spoke before the Chancellor and the Junta. He said thank you for helping the Allied States during WW-III. He also stated that despite being divided, the war proved with a difficult crisis that we as Americans can stand united. We are all Americans and despite being from different American nations. President Serna vists Washington DC and is satified with the progress of the city being cleaned up.
  • President Miller in glad the allied states have accepted the super highway idea. The Super Highways are starting to be built inside the the FFSA, if aid is needed for the Allied States with thier effort, it will be sent. Congress and President Miller both realize the dire situation that is occuring in Mexico is terrible, they send troops, planes and ships to mexico to help the situation, by the end of the year the entire Yucatan peninsula is under control and away from anarchy.
  • Chancellor Omar thanks the people responsible for the Super Highways. He appears on public television for the first time in the UR since many people had only radios and not TV's but now finally almost 57% have a television and are able to see the Chancellor for the first time, he thanks them for there courage through the hard times and promises that there are more to come. Within the former US White House a body is discovered, being little more then decomposed flesh and bone. He is identified from dental records as the late FDR. He is given a proper burial in Montgomery, Alabama. Arlington Cemetery's cleaning begins and finds almost 1/3 of the tombs robbed. The body of the last Guard of the Tomb of the Unknowns is discovered to be dead where he stood, guarding the tomb. He is buried with full military honors.


  • The United Republic finishes the cleaning of the DC area. All civilians are forced out to the other side of the Potomac as Chancellor Omar passes a law that only government employees can live in DC. The
    Flag 44

    new UR flag

    United Republic moves its capital to Washington DC. In response to several protest in northern states because of 'occupation' by Southerners the Chancellor expands the Junta to 30 and appoints ten Officers from the Northern states he also has a general election for a new flag and a new flag based on the old American flag is selected that is made up of 13 stripes of red, white and blue but with no canton.
  • The Allied States starts up some ambitious projects that was put on hold due to the war. The Allied Congress approves construction of desalinization plants so to bring in water into the desert areas to make the land useful. They promise the UR to send fresh water to Southern Texas as a sign of goodwill. They also restarted the space program by restarting the space station. The old Space station was burnt up after the orbit decayed. In order to save time and money they convert some of the highway to the new intraNation highway. There was talk that President Serna was going to run for President of the new Unified America, but he says no.
  • The FFSA announces that the Inter Nation Highway Systems are complete. Now the FSSA, Allied States and UR are connected to improve tourism, commerce and friendship. Each section of the highway will be labelled win IN then a number (ex. IN 1). President Miller announces the complete overhall of the Federated Space Organization (FSO) and the plan to create and launch a massive new space station within a couple years. As the flag of the FSSA hasn't changed since independence, the president starts a contest to create a new flag. The winner will have his/her flag be the new one for the nation and meet President Miller. The Mexican Campaign is going well. A huge amount of land is pacified of anarchy and under FFSA administration.
  • New Hampshire declares a monarchy. Our capital is Hampshire West city. A major German firm opens six car factories, boosting our economy massively. We allow Native Americans to live on their ancestral land, and respect their customs. We design a new flag for the state.

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