There are ten sovereign states in the modern world (2000 CE) of the Superpowers timeline. These countries are mighty regional polities or indomitable world powers that have avoided conquest by others and conquered many others themselves. The three largest states in the world, in descending order, are the Roman Empire, which covers a third of the planet; the Mongolian Yuan Dynasty of China, which is populated by a quarter of the human race; and the Maya Conglomerate, which has a uniquely homogeneous populace across its primary territories.

In this article, each extant country is organized according to its capital's home continent. For the most part, extracontinental territories are colonial, often holding minor political clout in the national parliament.

Sovereign states (2000 CE|2753 AUC)

2000 AD Superpowers Map
Maya Conglomerate
United Chiefdoms of Columbia
Mongol World Empire
Majapahijian Republic
Baytiyyad Caliphate
Japanese Shogunate
Europe & Africa
Imperium Romanum
Scandian Republic
Grand Zulu Republic

Historical states


  • Parthian Kingdom: 247 BCE-224 CE (conquered by Sassanids)
  • Sassanian Kingdom: 208-611 CE (conquered by Rome)
  • Fatimid Caliphate: 668-


  • Rashidun Caliphate: 632-668 CE (split by religious war)
  • Umayyad Caliphate: 668-

Eastern European

  • Hunnic Confederation: 371(?)-488 CE (destroyed by rebellion)
  • Germanic Confederation: 488-814 (disintegrated after a major war)
  • Kingdom of France: 681-
  • Kingdom of Lombardy: 664-
  • Great Sarmatian Empire: 681-
  • Three Kingdoms: 666-
  • Kingdom of Saxony: 681-774 CE (conquered by Bulgars)

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