(This is my first Althist, so I copied a lot of my formatting from Viva California- the first Althist I saw! S/O to them!)

The Main Points of Divergence in the State of Yukon Universe are:

State of Yukon
The War of 1812
The Mexican-American War
The Continental War
The Great War

  • The War of 1812 was a moderate success for the US, taking both Upper, then Lower Canada.
  • The Mexican War, while ending much the same way in OTL, has a different peace treaty which results in far warmer relations between Mexico and the US.
  • The Civil War (OTL) was transformed into a Continental War, as the British joined the side of the Confederacy, and the Union enlisted the help of Mexico.

The effects of a far larger and more powerful Union present before the turn of the 20th century affect both the Great War and the immediate repercussions of such. The US becomes determined to be more involved in Global politics, effectively becoming a super power far earlier.

This timeline explores the changes that occur from the success of the War of 1812.

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