Turaniye Devleti
State of Turan
1950 –
Flag of Turan
" Dünýä dursun, sen dur, Türanym!"
("Turan, long live and prosper for ever and ever!")
Location of Turan
The State of Turan.
Capital Samarkand
Official language Turkic
State ideology Pan-Turkish nationalism
Government Single-party state
Head of state
- 1950 –
Zeki Validi Toğan
Head of government
- 1950 –
Prime Minister
Mirsäyet Xäydärğäli ulı Soltanğäliev
Historical era
- Establishment:
Cold War
February 12, 1948
Currency Kuruş
Note: While there were no official languages, the people spoke variations of Turkic languages.

The State of Turan (Turkic: Turaniye Devleti) was an independent national Pan-Turkic state which was created on February 12, 1948 as an ally and client state of Nazi Germany. The State bordered Germany, the Soviet Union, Iran, Afghanistan, Mongolia, India, China and Tibet.

The State of Turan was recognized by Nazi Germany and states friendly (or neutral) toward Germany. The states recognizing the State of Turan included Turkey, Hungary, Italy, Japan, and its puppet states (Manchukuo, Mengjiang, and the Provisional Government of China), Spain, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Switzerland, Mongolia, Afghanistan and Tibet.



The State of Turan was largely a desert country with nomadic cattle raising, intensive agriculture in irrigated oases, and huge gas and oil resources. Most of the population worked in the agricultural sector, with relatively few working with industry.

It also possessed the world's fifth largest reserves of natural gas and substantial oil resources. Turan's major oil and gas deposits were discovered in its central and eastern areas in the 1940s and '50s, and during the 1950s and 1960s the gas and oil resources were exported mainly to Nazi Germany, as Turan steadily increased delivery from about 9.2 million m³ in 1940 (to the Soviet Union) to about 234 million m³ in 1960. This export was under centralised control, and most of the export revenue was absorbed into the Turan central budget.

Turan also enjoyed one of the largest recoverable coal reserves, with 34.5 billion short tons of mostly anthracitic and bituminous coal.

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