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Hamiltonian State of New York
Timeline: Days After Chaos

OTL equivalent: Upstate New York and western Vermont from Canandaigua to Bennington

"One Nation of Believers, Under God"

Capital Albany
Largest city Syracuse
Other cities Oswego, Utica, Schenectady, Auburn, Rome, Ithaca
  others New Yorkish
  others Various Christian sects (banned but still practiced in some areas)
Ethnic Groups
New Yorker
  others Pittsburger, Adirondiackian, several others
Demonym New Yorker
Government Monastic Feudal Monarchy
High Warden John Anderson
Population approximately 2,200,000 

The Hamiltonian State of New York, more commonly referred to as the State of New York or simply New York is a theocratic state formed by the Knights of Hamilton, a Unionist organization dedicated to converting the citizens of upstate New York to Unionism. Founded in 1935 in Albany, New York quickly expanded across what was once upstate New York to claim lands as far west as Canandaigua and as far north as Glens Falls, New York is a major force in the post-Chaos region.



See: History of Upstate New York 


Following the Great Chaos, most of New York was in chaos, however the upstate portion fared better than the downstate portion due to the high percentage of a rural population. The rural population that inhabited Upstate New York would play a pivotal role in re-establishing civilization in New York. Things began to stabilize when in 1903, an armed band of raiders from the south marched into the depopulated ruins of Syracuse and proclaimed it the capital of a "New Empire State" that would "eclipse the old". The New Empire State, however only controlled the area directly surrounding Syracuse, though they did manage to conquer the people of Fulton and Oswego by 1912 and the State had a port on Lake Ontario.

Erie canal 2

The Erie Canal in 2014. Red indicates areas that are still in use, brown indicates areas that are silted over.

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