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State of Jefferson
Jefferson state flag Seal of Jefferson (proposed)
Flag of Jefferson Seal of Jefferson
Nickname(s): State of Mind
Map of USA JF
Official language(s) English
Demonym Jeffersonian
Capital Yreka,
Largest city Redding
Largest metro area Medford
Area  Ranked in the US
 - Total  sq mi
(169,759 km2)
 - Width  miles (467 km)
 - Length  miles (182 km)
 - % water Unknown
 - Latitude 38°45'N to 43°57'N
 - Longitude 119°18'W to 124°25'W
Population  Ranked in the US
 - Total 423,004
 - Density 6.27/sq mi  (2.49/km2)
Ranked {{{DensityRank}}} in the US
 - Highest point Mount Shasta
14,179 ft  (4316.58 m)
 - Mean  ft  (2158.29 m)
 - Lowest point  ft  (0 m)
Admission to Union  {{{AdmittanceDate}}} ({{{AdmittanceOrder}}})
Governor {{{Governor}}}
Lieutenant Governor {{{Lieutenant Governor}}}
Legislature {{{Legislature}}}
  -Upper house N/A
  -Lower house N/A
U.S. Senators N/A
U.S. House delegation N/A (list)
Time zone Pacific: UTC-8/-7

The State of Jefferson, is a constitutional presidential republic located in the former states of California and Oregon. The capital of Jefferson is located in the city of Yreka, while its largest city is Redding.

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