Fascist Russia

Flag of the State of Great Russia

State of Great Russia (Fascist World)== The State of the Great Russia is the largest country in the world, but the Germans did not envy them that Russia is a puppet state of them. The government is headed by Supreme President (mixture of the President and the Chancellor, as in Germany), appoints his ministers. The great country, with respect to the territorial organization, was once divided into Soviet Socialist Republics (during the communist regime), but after the fascist victory in the Great War Russia (1941-1946), the new fascist government dissolved the Soviet Republics and transform them into provinces: Province of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan Province, Province of Georgia, Province of Armenia, Province of Ukraine, Moldavia Province, Province of Lithuania, Latvia Province, Province of Estonia, Belarus Province, Province Taykistán, Province of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan Province.

All provinces are grouped to form the great country. Russia is also divided in provinces (see Territorial Organization of Russia (Fascist World)). The state has a one-party regime, headed by the Russian National Party (Fascism, Neoliberalism, Anti-Communism, anti-parliamentarism, Homophobia, Rascismo, Extreme Right)
Fascist Russia Coat

Coat of the State of Great Russia

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