Goa itself used to be part of a larger Indian colonial network run by the Portuguese empire in India. Goa as well as one of the major points of trade monopolization throughout India for a long time with this only ending with British, Dutch, and other colonial powers involvement in India. This greatly harmed and essentially ended Portuguese dominance of Asian trade routes and following this Goa eventually only became a small colonial state in India.

During the decline of Portugal's Empire the State of Goa became the head of most Asian colonial operations for Portugal essentially running Portugal's asian empire and trade. When the war of Succession happened and following Portugal's surrender Goa was officially transferred to the Empire of Brazil.

Current status

The State of Goa currently under Brazilian control has begun a major economical process as of late with Brazils attempt at colonial modernization going into effect and turning the colony once again into a prosperous and highly valued part of an empire.

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