State of Burma
Flag of British Burma (1937-1948).svg
1943–1992 Flag of Myanmar (1974-2010).svg

Flag of Burma 1943.svg<p> Flag

Burma location in Asia
Capital Rangoon
Official language Burmese, Japanese
Religion No official religion
Government Presidential republic
 - 1943—1968 Ba Maw
Deputy Minister-Chairman
 - 1943—1982 Kyaw Zaw
Legislature National Assembly
Historical era World War II, Cold War
 - Declared 1 August 1943
 - Dissolved 26 March 1992
The State of Burma was a puppet state established by the Empire of Japan on the territory of British Burma, following the 1943 conquest of Burma. It was led initially by Burmese nationalist Ba Maw, and his former top general, Kyaw Zaw.

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