The Great Republic of Alaska
Timeline: [[Independent Alaska]]
State of Alaska

Adapt and overcome (Alaskan English)

Anthem "The Fight Song"
Capital Juneau (est. 4.4 million)
Largest city Anchorage (est 7.5 million)
Alaskan English
  others Russian, Japanese, Alaskan Native
Demonym Alaskan
Government Unitary presidential constitutional republic
  legislature Alaskan Congress
Area 1,717,856 km² 
Population 84,244,800 (2010 est.) 
Established March 30, 1867
Independence from Russian Empire
  declared April 4, 1867
Currency Alaskan Dollar

The Republic of Alaska is a unitary constitutional republic founded by Archon William Seward and his supporters. Although Seward had originally planned for Alaska to become a US territory, the Johnson Administration pulled out of the deal at the last second. Pulling money from several supporters, Seward bought Alaska from the Russian Empire. In turn, he elected for total independence.

Alaskan citizens enjoy a high standard of living, and the country performs well in international rankings of education, health care, life expectancy, civil liberties, and human development.

List of Archons

  • William Seward (1801-1867-1872)
  • Arthur Harrison (1816-1872-1890)
  • John Henry Kinkaed (1826-1890-1904)
  • Frederick Seward (1830-1904-1915)
  • William Seward III (1864-1915-1938-1951)
  • Anastasia Domnin Therrien (1864-1938-1970-1990)
  • William Alan Egan (1914-1970-1984)
  • Frederick Seward II (1920-1984-2009-present))
  • Henry Lyon (1963-2009-present)

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