The State Symbols of the Pskov Republic are the various representations of the Pskovian State, from flags, to coats of arms and seals, the Symbols embody the power of the Pskovian State and are a testament to its political independence.

Coat of Arms and Seal

Arms Pskov CoA PM3
Heraldic Description Azure a lynx passant or below a flat palm descending from clouds

The Pskovian Coat of Arms is based upon the ones used since its independence in the beginning of the XIV century. The Lynx is the symbol of the city, and stands for courage, strength, loyalty, and honour.


Flag Flag of Pskov (Pskov oblast)
Naval Ensign Naval Ensign of Pskov
Description core of the Pskovian Arms on a blue field

The Pskov Flag is used to represent persons or institutions of the state (i.e. the mint, the Veche, and any other dignitaries, administrators, generals, etc...), and is sometimes used instead of a naval ensign as there is currently none. In 1469 the Veche, after the construction of a larger fleet, adopted a new Naval ensign to be used alongside the national flag when Ships are at sea.

Personal Arms and Standard of the Prince of Pskov

Arms Pskovgfull
Standard Princely Standard of Pskov
Coronet Eight-point mural crow, 5 shown jeweled or on unsheathed crossed swords
Etchuson Azure a lynx passant or below a flat palm descending from clouds
Supporters  lynx Rambant regardant or gorged in argent coronets holding swords in azure sheaths
Motto Чести своей не отдам никому(I will surrender my honour to no one)

The Personal Arms of the Prince of Pskov, adopted in 1443 after the death of Knyaz Pavel Alexandrovich Petrov and the Ascension of Knyaz Artem Leonidovich Zaytsev to the throne, to be used as a personal coat of arms for the Prince and his family, to be used on all documents and seals of the rince of Pskov, and the standard to be flown wherever he visits, and on any ship he travels by. The Presence of the Mural crown on the Pskov Prince's coat of arms indicates the importance and centrality of the City of Pskov to the Prince and to the status as a city-state.

Personal Arms and Standard of the Posadnik of Pskov

There is of yet no Arms or standard to be used by the Posadnik, however the Prince has announced a contest to see who can create the best one

Seal and Standard of Princely Emissaries or representatives

Seal/Arms Pskov PM3 Princely Emissary Arms
Standard PM3 Pskovian Princely emmisary standard
Description The Pskovian arms topped with the Coronet of the Princely emissary

Whenever the Prince of Pskov can not attend foreign meetings or duties in person, he or she usually send emissaries or representatives, who are granted a set of arms and a coronet that they are granted permission to use during their tenure, and foreign offices where they are present (i.e. Muscovian mint) are encouraged to fly the standard of a Pskovian Princely representative during said emissary's stay and then change that to the Princely Standard if the prince replaces them.