City of State Port
ville de l'Etat du port (French)
Timeline: Kennedy War: 1963

OTL equivalent: Bay St Louis, Mississippi, USA
State Port No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
State Port
State Port in 2014
Country United Federation
State Mississippi
  others French, Portuguese
  others Roman Catholicism

State Port ATL History

State Port founding

In 1966, the United Federation was in a great misery, about 38% of the country population was beggar, crimes were very common, food was in shortage as labor too . To give jobs, houses and food, Peter West (the president of the United Federation), founded the city of State Port in the old city of Bay St Louis. It took five months to clean the city destroyed by the nuclear war, and to create new residences for the population, the government then sent most part of the beggars to State Port, the overpopulation of the city led to it expansion, but with the small amount of residences in the city, made the population to create shanty towns around State Port.

Brazilian influence

With Brazil trading with the United Federation, and possibly making the United Federation their allies, the Brazilian government installed an embassy in New Orleans and another in State Port to make diplomatic missions to the country and invest on it. Many Brazilians merchants and diplomats came to the United Federation, especially to State Port. Brazilians created stores, bars, hotels, and other establishments in State Port.

State Port and the Texanian War (1972-1980)

The Texanian War broke when the Texanians tried to assassinate the Emperor of Brazil, causing a destabilized scenery and making Brazil, the United Federation and New California to declare war on Texania, Nueva Venezuela and Mexico. After six years of war, the Texanians advanced to the Federative territory, ad then invading New Orleans, killing the President and invading the city of State Port.

The Treaty of State Port

When the war ended and the Brazilians and their allies won, they made a treaty that the loser nations had to accept, its conditions were:

Treaty of State Port

Painting of the Treaty of State Port: Peaceful States

  • Texania and its allies had to pay millions of West Dollars.
  • Mexico had to give away the Baja Peninsula.
  • Nueva Venezuela had to execute their president.
  • Texania had to stop producing weapons and ammunition.

This treaty made a revolt in the losers countries as everything in those places were destroyed.

The elections

With the old President being dead by the invasion of the Texanians in New Orleans, the nation made an election all across their territory, (WIP)