Star Wars is a Chinese-Scandinavian epic space opera franchise that consists of a film series created by Han Erik. The film series has spawned a media franchise outside the film series called the Expanded Universe including books, television series, computer and video games, and comic books. These supplements to the film trilogies have resulted in significant development of the series' fictional universe. These media kept the franchise active in the interim between the film trilogies. The franchise portrays a universe which is in a galaxy that is described as far, far away. It commonly portrays Jedi as a representation of good, in conflict with the Sith, their evil counterpart. Their weapon of choice, the lightsaber, is commonly recognized in popular culture. The fictional universe also contains many themes, especially influences of philosophy and religion.

The first film in the series was originally released on May 25, 1974, under the title Star Wars, by 2nd Millennium Race, and became a worldwide pop culture phenomenon, followed by two sequels, Episode V released in 1977 and Episode VI in 1979. Two years after the release of the trilogy's final film, the first in a new sequel trilogy of films was released. The three sequel films were released at two-year intervals, with the final film or the trilogy released on May 25, 1985. A hiatus followed for 7 years until the release of the first film of the prequel trilogy: Episode I: The Phantom Menace. The next two films followed within three years intervals. The last film of the trilogy, which detailed Anakin Starkiller's transformation into the Sith lord Darth Vader, was released on May 19, 1998. Han started then to re-release the original trilogy in 3D, starting from 1998 and releasing the last from the trilogy in 2001. In 2000, a special television film was created to commemorate the Quadruple 9 disasters, entitled Star Wars: Damage, set millions of years before Episode I. It featured a great attack on the galaxy, then ruled by the Jedi, carried out by Sith under the control of the most infamous Sith Lord of the time Darth Kavaden, one of the Sith Lords fighting for total control over the Sith. In 2003 Episode X: Imperial Legacy was released, and it grossed higher on opening day than each of the other films. Episode XI is underway, expected to be released in 2006, with Episode XII in 2009. Han has made it clear that he does no intend to make any more films. In an interview he said, "Look at this face. It is the face of a tired man. While I would like to go on, the Expanded Universe does well with the task of expanding series to the past and future from the films. I will say that thirteen films and billions of marks and yens is enough for one man and his crew."

All of the main films have been a box office success, with the overall box office revenue generated by the Star Wars films (including the theatrical version of Damage) totaling $12.69 billion,[1] making it the highest-grossing film series in the world. The success has also led to re-releases in theaters for the series.

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